Muong Hoa Valley


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Muong Hoa Valley

If you have the opportunity to explore the famous tourist sites of Sapa. Sure you can not ignore the Muong Hoa valley – which owns beautiful terraced fields, unique ancient rock and cultural diversity. Discover what Sapa – Muong Hoa Valley has attracted so many visitors?

Visit Muong Hoa valley by cable car

Where is Muong Hoa Valley located?

Located about 10km southeast of Sapa town, Muong Hoa valley in Hau Thao commune is famous for its green rice terraces or golden rice paddies, along with majestic mountains and forests.

Not only the beautiful natural scenery, Muong Hoa valley has many cultural characteristics because this is the place where the Mong people, Tay, Ta Van…

Come here, visitors will be sightseeing, relax; enjoy special dishes, chat with ethnic people and participate in special cultural activities such as singing, dancing.

Discover the charm of the Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa valley is famous for its wide and beautiful terraces. Here, each season brings a beautiful romantic dream.

If you come here in summer. Visitors will admire the terraced fields stained blue mellow, stream flowing mild flowers and wild flowers are racing blooming.

In the fall, the valley of Muong Hoa is covered with a bright yellow color. The color of rice is mixed with the fragrant aroma that makes the soul more relaxed. In particular, near the valley, there is a garden of roses that are blossoming in a large area.

In addition, Muong Hoa valley also owns a beautiful small stream about 15km long. It’s flowing through the villages of Hao Thao, Lao Chai, Ta Van and ends in Ban Hu. That is Suoi Hoa – a tourist destination. Sapa is quite famous. There are 22 small springs flowing from the ravine, the forest makes the stream flow throughout the four seasons.

In the harvest season of rice. The visitor will have the chance to see yellow color from terraced fields to shade down the stream of green flowers to highlight the magical beauty of Muong Hoa valley. For easy travel, people here have built a cloud bridge over the stream and attract a lot of tourists to take a scenic, photographed.

Muong Hoa valley

On the weekends. Visitors often come to Suoi Hoa to enjoy themselves in the flow of green flowers, enjoy the comfortable, and listen to the murmuring streams.

Especially, around February, March of the lunar year. Boys and girls go to Suoi Hoa to catch fish and talk together, laughing throughout the valley. They throw rocks to the stream so that the fish panic to escape into the rock, then down the stream fish. But this is just the reason for boys to hold hands and exchanges passionate girl.

It is worth a visit Muong Hoa Valley

Besides the romantic. Muong Hoa valley also attracts visitors by the mysterious ancient rocks lying between grasses and terraced fields.

This ancient stone field is over 4km long, 2km wide and owns. There are at least 159 stones with many shapes, sizes and many different motifs, mysterious characters. Such as. parallel, circular… There is no explanation yet. Therefore, Sapa Ancient Rock has been the focus and research of many famous scientists not only of Vietnam. But also from other countries in the world such as France, Russia, Australia…

The ancient rock is most concentrated in Ban Pho village. With the stone carved extremely meticulous and various shapes, different looks. In particular, the most prominent is the human form with many poses such as hand-held figure, circular head radiating aura, human figure upside down, human expression of faith…

The ancient stone slope in Muong Hoa Valley is not only of great value in aesthetics. Also deeply spiritual. As a result, Sapa ancient rock has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as one of the national historical monuments in 1994.

After admiring all the wonderful beauty of Muong Hoa valley during Sapa tours Vietnam, visitors can choose to walk to discover the life and culture of the ethnic minority in Lao Chai, Ta Van. That why the valley listed on the top attraction in Sapa.

The people here are very hospitable, they will lead you to visit some terraced fields and learn the traditional farming methods.

In particular, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy specialties with bold flavors of mountain forests. Such as barbecue meat stew, grilled broiled fish, pork steak armpits, corn wine… and buy Give gifts to friends, relatives. If you come here early in the new year, visitors will be lucky to participate in the festival Pooc Roong welcome the new year with the people of Ta Van.

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Hope that with Sapa tourism sharing – Muong Hoa valley on here, visitors will have a very interesting and memorable experience in the journey to explore the beautiful land.

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