Fansipan mountain


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Fansipan mountain

Fansipan mountain – the roof of Indochina has long become a “mecca” that tourism lovers wish to once conquer. However, 3,143 meters above sea level is quite dangerous, so you need to study carefully before starting the journey. Be sure to read the entire Fansipan travel guide experience below for a perfect and safe trip.

How Fansipan mountain is unique?

The higher the air becomes thinner, the cold days can have more dew, causing limited visibility so visitors note the weather to be able to enjoy the beautiful Sapa scenery from above.

It is called the journey to conquer Fansipan mountain, it is indispensable for the mountain climbing steps, right? From the station, you only need to climb about 600 steps to reach the roof of Indochina – the desire of many tourists. The journey is not short and easy to go. But to ensure the best you should still prepare personal belongings. Especially remember to wear warm clothes because the temperature difference is very large.


How Experience with Fansipan mountain cable car?

For newcomers, the cable car will help the journey to conquer Fansipan become “softer”. Open to visitors since February 2016, the cable car system is widely welcomed and loved by people. Thanks to the cable car, many people have realized their dream – touching the roof of Indochina. Moreover, the 15-minute journey promises to bring users a very interesting experience.

Hoang Lien Son mountain range

Cable car ticket fees

Round-trip cable cars are priced at 600,000 VND / adult and 400,000 VND / child. Note that tickets are only valid for the day. So you should not buy in advance. The 1,400m long cable car route follows the crow’s-sky route with the starting station in Muong Hoa valley and the station to the top of Fansipan mountain about 3,000m. Each cabin can accommodate from 30 to 35 people.

How to go to Fansipan Cable car station?

The cable car station is located in Fansipan Legend area. It’s 3km from Sa Pa Stone Church, to get here, you can choose from the following two ways: Rent a taxi (cost 40,000 – 50,000 VND) or walk about half an hour according to the route you travel.

What is the time time to visit Fansipan mountain?

Nice sunrise in fansipan mountain

Tourism Sapa is the most popular from the end of September to the end of April every year. But if you only come here for Fansipan, you should go in October, November. Sa Pa climate at this time is relatively comfortable, not too cold and sunny, suitable for panoramic views from above.

Conquering Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan climbing experience

Since the cable car, trekking in Fansipan is no longer as popular as it used to be. However, for those who are adventurous and passionate about traveling, this fun has never seemed to ease. Note for those who want to make this journey need to equip themselves with full protective gear, climbing techniques, essential equipment and professional porters to master the terrain and the ability to handle agile.

The journey to Fansipan can last from 2 to 7 days depending on the condition of each person, but the majority of people in good health take only 2-3 days. From the beginning until going into the forest at an altitude of 2,000m, the road is not too difficult to go, you just need to pay attention to some slippery high slopes.

When reaching the height of 2,m is the most difficult, rugged road but offset the beautiful scenery to the heart. Mountains stand majestically in the wind despite floating clouds drifting like caresses and pats. About 300m from the top of the mountain – the most wonderful route in the journey when before your eyes is the roof of Indochina, is the achievement of your efforts.

Although the journey is arduous and dangerous, in return, the moments are full of satisfaction when conquering the “holy land”.

Sapa Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan trekking routes

To climb Fansipan mountain, you need to get a passport and it is only suitable for people with good health because the journey can take up to 2 days of continuous travel.

To ensure safety, you can buy Fansipan mountain climbing service in the center of Sa Pa for from 1,200,000 VND/person. At that time, you will have more local guides throughout the journey, fully prepared with tents, permits and food for the whole group.

In fact, when climbing Fansipan mountain, you only climb less than half because you will need to take a car to Tram Ton at an altitude of 1,900m. That’s why you don’t have to conquer Fansipan peak, you have to complete the whole distance higher than 3,000m, so don’t worry too much.

Currently, you can challenge yourself in climbing Fansipan mountain through 3 main routes: Tram Ton, Sin Chai – Tram Ton and finally from Cat Cat village.

Easiest arc from Tram Ton:

At an altitude of 1,900m, you will go straight to the top and only stop at the station at 2,200m and 2,800m.

Sin Chai – Tram Ton road with the second difficulty level:

Those who climb this route will take more effort to pass, but in return the scenery is also very beautiful.

The most dangerous and most beautiful route comes from Cat Cat village:

This route is considered to be the arc with the highest slope and dangerous shutters, not suitable for those who intend to climb the mountain without a guide. But this is also the palace with the most beautiful scenery.

Note to have the perfect trip at Fansipan mountain

Based on the experience of going to Fansipan of Origin Vietnam to have a happy trip. But still ensure the safety, you should carefully prepare the following factors:


Conquering Fansipan successfully depends on the weather a lot. If you go on a rainy day, slippery, muddy roads will cause you a lot of “trouble”. Especially if there are too many clouds, you will not be able to see the majestic, dreaming scenery of Sapa from above. Health:

Whether on Fansipan by cable car or road, you still have to climb a range of 600 steps so if your health is a bit “weak” then you should practice before making the journey.

Essential equipment:

If you’re planning on climbing, you can’t afford to lack specialized insurance. In addition, you should also bring warm clothes because the higher you go, the lower the temperature in Sapa. Lastly, there is a porter and a map so you don’t get lost.


You should prepare your own food because the way to Fansipan is very scarce. Especially for those who intend to climb, the prepared food needs to be instant food and for a long time. Remember to bring enough water for the journey. Because it is difficult to find fresh water here.

The last thing to remember is that you remember to clean up your garbage to keep the natural scenery beautiful. After climbing a fansipan, if you fall in love with Sa Pa, who is dreamy and wild, do not hesitate to hire yourself a small “nest” to linger to continue exploring here.

If it is too urgent and you do not know how to arrange trip, remember to go to to book a quality room with super lovely price.

Above is the whole safe and attractive Fansipan experience that Origin Vietnam wants to send to readers. If you do not know where to go on the upcoming holiday, quickly pack your bags and go straight to Sapa.

Please drop an email to or call direct to +84829098686. For all things need to know before travel to Sapa. Fansipan mountain is a must try adventure in a Vietnam tour. Let’s contact Origin Travel and prepare for the great holiday in Sapa. Take your bag, prepare your feet, and be on your way!

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