Coc Ly Market


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Coc Ly Market

Being a province in the Northwest highlands. Lao Cai is famous for its unique markets bearing the national identity as well as the beauty in the culture of the people here. Coming to Lao Cai, you will hear the name Coc Ly market.

It’s a famous and interesting market that certain tourists should not miss the opportunity to explore.

Why Coc Ly Market is unique?

As usual, Coc Ly market will be held on Tuesday every week. Although the scale of the market is not too big. But this fair is very meaningful and quite important for the ethnic people living here. This market is not only a place for trading and exchanging but also a meeting place for Mong Hoa, Black Dzao, Nung people, etc. The goods sold are mainly local products directly produced, one a bit is the goods brought from the plains and a few are imported from China.

It is worth a visit Coc Ly Market

Located next to the poetic River, Coc Ly market is full of bustling, bustling features of a highland market. The name of Coc Ly also means Root Plum, which still carries many wild features and has not been affected much by tourism. Ethnic people here go to the market not only to trade but also to meet and exchange after a week of not seeing. Perhaps because of that, different from the fair in the plain.

Coc Ly market session for people feels like participating in a festival of ethnic people in the Northwest mountainous region. Being able to participate in the Coc Ly highland market will give visitors the opportunity better understand the daily life of the people in the highland of the Northwest. Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to shop and enjoy specialties here.

From near and far, Coc Ly fair market is like a vivid picture of life and poetic beauty: the river flows smoothly, surrounded by a transient northwestern forest with a thin mist covering covered. Each group of Tay, Nung, Dao or Mong ethnic people loomed in traditional costumes with patterns, delicate motifs that tugged at each other to the market.

Coc Ly Market is a ethnic minority market. But is quite specifically divided into separate trading areas. Products of forest products are concentrated into a zone, household utensils or jewelry into a separate area. The most prominent area is still selling cattle and poultry.

The atmosphere in this area is quite bustling and crowded. What is special when participating in this fair that visitors should not miss is the vibrant dining area.

How to go to Coc Ly Market?

Want to reach Coc Ly fair market, from Lao Cai city, along National Highway 4D. You will reach Phong Nien commune in Bao Thang district. After that continue down the provincial road 153, to Bao Nhai bridge, downstream.

Following the Chay river for more than ten kilometers by boat. Then you will reach Coc Ly market. The first thing that impresses visitors is the ethnic boys and girls are the turn of the colorful traditional costumes. The Hmong girls often stand at the bridge to show off their dresses and find friends.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the unique highland market that takes place every Tuesday only.

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