Ly Hoa Village


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Ly Hoa Village

Ly Hoa village – Once traveling to Quang Binh region full of sun and wind. Visitors would like to admire the wonders of Phong Nha – Ke Bang. The soulful in the mysterious beauty of Tien Son caves or happy joke. In the Sea of ​​Nhat Le is full of poetic.

Ly Hoa village

How Ly Hoa village is unique?

But Quang Binh has a land that is more interesting, a land perhaps few people come. But sure that just a glimpse, visitors will be fascinated with such elegance. It’s the village of Ly Hoa, a place of many sobs on the legendary River Gianh that people want to find on the summer tour.

Ly Hoa village is located on the north-south paradise road. It’s about 9 km south of Gianh river and 12 km north of Dong Hoi city. Ly Hoa Village, Hai Trach Commune, Bo Trach District. The village was founded in the year 1705.

When some people in Cuong Gian, Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh could not bear the rule of Trinh lords. Then they had to leave their homeland. They go to the south, meet an estuary, discover a land with favorable terrain and stay anchored settlement, formed Ly Hoa village today.

Ly Hoa village

Once Quang Binh travel, visit Ly Hoa village. You will really surprised with the beautiful terrain of this land. Someone once commented that Ly Hoa “mountain on one side, water triple”. The village is like a small peninsula, southwest, the east is the river and the sea, the north with the Ly Hoa Pass connected to the mainland.

Ly Hoa Pass is also poetic. Coming from the Truong Son mountain range crossing the sea to cross. The terrain of Ly Hoa village, the pass is not very high. But continuous hundred tops, looks extremely impressive. Standing on the top of the mountain, admiring the panorama of the village from above, visitors like falling into a fairyland, dreaming. It’s will be one of the most

From Ly Hoa pass, visitors will have the opportunity to visit many historic villages in Quang Binh, Hy Duyet village in the west, where ancient tower and statue Ancient river, the historical Gianh river in the north, Ly Hoa River in the south. If you have chance to visit this village sure it will be more memorable. Because it’s one of the most travel specialists in Vietnam.

Ly Hoa village

There are four large wells were built of calcareous shale and Bat Trang brick: Dau Gieng, Chua well, Dinh well and Eo well appeared with Ly Hoa family, the predecessors. It is a cultural structure bearing the Vietnamese family architecture in the Nguyen Dynasty. Where opening the career for descendants, worship the honor of the village and the place associated with patriotic activities during the resistance period.

From above looking down. Ly Hoa appears as a large dragon is flapping it’s self in the middle of the giang river. On trip in Quang Binh to admire a picture full of natural colors in Da Nhay beach. With white sand, blue ocean.

Each stone is small, low, hundreds of jagged shapes so that whenever the sea waves flutter the shore, the rock is lifted up, leaping and looking extremely love the eyes. Don’t forget to visit all things need to know before travel Quang Binh article here.

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