Bong Lai Valley


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Bong Lai valley

Bong Lai Valley is a fantastic rural valley in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park area. It's located interwoven with farms and small villages. It's a great idea for 1 day relaxing or just half day in the countryside atmosphere.

Road to Bong Lai Valley

How Bong Lai Valley is Unique?

Just a map and a bike, you can spend the whole day exploring Bong Valley. Follow the trails that just fit the mountain bike, explore the indigenous villages. And enjoy the poetic, peaceful scenery of the mountains. After hours of continuous biking, enjoying the traditional grilled chicken and beer will close your day. It’s can be at Phong Nha Ke Bang tours from Dong Hoi city

The Bar with Cold Beer, is the original watering place in the valley to get thirsty tourists. The beer is, as advertised, cold, and everything you consume there’s grown in the village. Chicken is the specialty of the farm to table experience, with poultry so fresh. Whenever you arrive it’ll still be scratching around the skillet. As you wait around for your lunch for cooking you can lease a tube away them and float down the river. Then simply lie in a hammock with a cold beer or you may get as involved as you want with the preparation of your chicken. The Bar with Cold Beer, was hailed by the Huffington Post and New York Times travel sections.

Bong Lai - Quang Binh

If you would like to get further “off the beaten track”, head a couple more adventurous kilometre down the dirt track of Bong Lai Valley of the Bar with Cold Beer. At the Wild Boar Eco Farm. At the same spirit of the bar with cold beer, they serve cold beer and tasty freshly cooked pork along with other options, but at a more rural setting with views across the river. That is a good place to swim or hang out in the enormous Vietnamese houses.

Bong Lai valley, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Moi Restaurant is friendly place which also provides some fantastic food options, including pork cooked in bamboo. It’s a rural setting from the Bong Lai Valley, located on a small farm which develops pepper, watermelons, cassava, corn along with other crops. Stop in the Duck Stop on your way back from the Bar with Cold Beer to get a last piece of refreshment and feed the ducks to get a few fantastic photos. Pick some Phong Nha Black Pepper while you’re there.

How to go to Bong Lai valley?

The Bong Lai Valley is best seen on a bike or motorbike. Take a bicycle, rent a motorcycle in town or head outside easy rider style on the back of a bike with a licenced aide to get a stress free and secure way to travel. There are no entry fees to any place in Bong Lai Valley. It’s best seen throughout the day in order that you return before sunset.

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