Trinh Temple In Trang An
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Trinh Temple in Trang An

Trang an Hanoi tour gives you a chance to discover many beautiful places in Vietnam. And especially this is an opportunity to visit Trinh Temple in Trang An, where it is a huge symbol of value as well as religion, culture and history.

How Trinh temple is unique?

way to trinh temple

In a trip from Ha Noi to Trang An, Trinh temple with its unique architecture and history, will be a stop not to be missed. You will have chance to explore many interesting things about the formation of cultural and historical value of this place. Beside you can explore and learn more about the traditional customs and practices of local people.

In terms of culture, Trinh Temple in Trang An play an important role in religion and beliefs of Vietnamese people. Discovering the beauty of culture at Trinh temple in Trang an Hanoi tour will help you find peace of mind.

Trang an Hanoi tour to discover the beauty of nature and culture

Amazing landscape at Trinh temple

Trang An eco-tourism complex is located in the complex of Trang An scenic area, Ninh Binh province. This complex covers an area of 2168 ha. The distance is more than 90 km south of Hanoi. This beautiful place has long become one of the most anticipated for visitors both at home and abroad.

The site is home to word- famous architectural work. And it hold so many geological, geomorphological, archaeological and aesthetic values. This is the reason why it has been honored by UNESCO as a World Heritage and Natural Heritage.

It is worth a visit Trinh Temple in Trang An

The landscape of this destination is truly something to behold. The eco-tourism complex is a majestic mountainous region. It is a land of grandiose mountains, with many pure, wonderful small streams. The streams entourages the caves and the air is always pleasant with fresh breezes. This is the land of the wild, from plants to various species of animal, all are exotic yet beautiful.

Visiting the Trang An eco-tourism complex will be a special, everlasting experience for any visitor on a Vietnam tour. Here is where you can discover the historic origin of mankind. And explore the purest, most magnific form of natural beauty.

Some of information about Trinh temple through trang an Hanoi tour

Scenery of Trang An - Ninh Binh

Trinh Temple in Trang An is located at the foot of the mountain. This is a temple of more than a thousand years old. Through the weather, rain and sunshine, the transformation of history, of time, now the temple has been restored and repairs numerous time. Now it is quite spacious and beautiful. Even though it may not be as large as other temples in the country, it is certainly one of the oldest and most sacred.

The temple was built in the shape of a nail, in the main palace of the temple of the four imperial court of the Dinh Dynasty (four foundations). These were the four priests with King Dinh Tien Hoang who had pillaged 12 warlords, reunified the country, and established the Dai Co Viet nation.

The architect of Trinh Temple in Trang An.

The temple was built in Dinh Dynasty, consisting of 2 floors with 8 roofs. However, the temple was rebuilt in 1998 on the old foundations. The temple also holds the ancient bell with the words “Phu Nghi Tu Chung”. This was cast in the second Thiệu Trị era (1842). Next to the corridor of the temple grounds there is a stone tablet.

This is called the Four Stone Pagodas inscribed in the Le dynasty, the fifth mandarin (1723). In front of the temple are two hundred-year-old flowers reaching out. The beautiful scenery is like the temple welcoming thousands of visitors to the Buddha.

Through the ups and downs of time, the temple still retains the majestic, solemnity of the sacred place. Trinh Temple is a famous pilgrimage site and is the place of worship for many tourists on a Vietnam short trip, especially the domestic ones.

Some tips when visiting Trinh Temple in Trang An

Woman rowing boat wait visitor visiting Trinh Temple

  • Remember to wear sensible clothes. Temples in general are considered a really sacred place, where you present yourself before the Gods. So short provocative clothes won’t be appreciated
  • Wear light clothes and light footwear. Something that is easy to put on and take off. The temple can be quite crowded. So if you put on a big complicated pair of shoes it would be quite inconvenient
  • Remember to stay quiet. Don’t make too much sound when walking. And if you have to talk, be as soft as possible. Making too much of a scene will make people feel disturbed.

Here are what you need to know about Trinh Temple in Trang An. Especially you can have an amazing experience at Trang An through Trang An Hanoi. Along with the discovery of the natural beauty, and also you can understand clearly about the culture and history of this place.

Trinh Temple in Trang An is a highlight of this tour. And if you want more information about this place as well as other Vietnam vacation spots, you can contact Origin Travel.

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