Ninh Van Bay

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Nha Trang city always takes visitor’s hearts poetic landscapes with familiar images of sunshine, white sand, blue sea and clear water. Not only that, many people also come to Nha Trang because of the peaceful and wild nature.

In the famous vacation spots. Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang is the place that attracts many visitors to explore. Come here to visit and relax because of its unspeakable romance and wildness.

How Ninh Van Bay is Special?

Ninh Van Bay is a “hidden place” to leave the noise of the city life. It’s about 60km from Nha Trang city, located in Ninh Van commune, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province. This place is considered a “hidden” place ideal for those who want to escape the noise of the city to find peace, deep in the soul, to be calm and immerse in the nature of heaven and earth most complete way.

It will take you about 20 minutes to go by speedboat to the island, all you see in front of you will make you just “stumble” surprised and stunned by peace and beauty in Great tranquility of this place.

The beautiful scenery of Ninh Van Bay is beautiful like the picture with the drawings and colors mainly created from the immense green of the water, the smooth white of the sandy beaches, the green of the trees or the dots. some red colors of the stones lie sprawled and piled up.

Although the point of tourism in Nha Trang is famous. But come here, you will be surprised by the stark contrast. A quiet and peaceful life, where you can hear the whispering waves, the wind blowing and rustling, breathing a fresh air…

Activities at Ninh Van Bay

1. The game at sea

IMG 1197743989

If you want to experience Nha Trang tourism in Ninh Van Bay. This place will provide you with many interesting services. Such as diving to see the coral reefs, it’s very beautiful sea creatures or participate in games. Such as surfing, fishing on a small boat … These exciting games will make you truly immersed in nature, the feeling of being found the most impartial part of life.

In addition, for those travelers who like strong feelings they can sea balloons … or a rather strange game that is transformed into the heroes in the game.

2. Enjoy the seaside meals

IMG 3405437

Every one must have dreamed of a dinner on the beach, to hear the whispering waves and enjoy the delicious food and romantic candlelight. That feeling becomes even more special if you enjoy dinner in Ninh Van bay. Because it’s a peaceful, poetic pearl island and possess a rare tranquility.

If not for dinner, lunch also has its own interesting features, without a luxurious candlelight dining table. But simply spreading a carpet and setting up food, watching the sea and leaving it alone.

3. Watch the sunrise and sunset

Dawn or sunset both bring you sobbing emotions, enjoy that beautiful moment of harmony in Ninh Van, where you seem to be separated from the world to see the most beautiful beauty of nature. Ninh Van will create memorable moments, even if you simply walk on the sand, watch the sea and the sun gradually or drop down in the middle of the same water.

What’s specialities at Ninh Van Bay?

1. Bun sua Nha Trang

IMG 679261692

Vermicelli is a specialty dish of Nha Trang beautiful land, and cannot missed. This dish is also served at restaurants in Ninh Van bay. This is a sea food dish because from jellyfish material, broth is not a bone-stewed water made from paralysis fish, a small boneless fish that is abundant in Nha Trang.

2. Fish ball soup cakes

IMG 679261691

This is another very famous dish in Nha Trang. The soup is not strange, but the fish cakes here are more attractive. Because the fish cakes are made from fish caught right here in the sea, so Fresh and tastier.

3. Steamed squid

IMG 679261690

If in the North, you will know this dish when traveling Ha Long Bay. But this dish is also a specialty of Nha Trang. The freshness of the squid is not controversial but the way of processing with the lining of the bottom layer of guava leaves to steam and add some fresh juice or tamarind to stimulate the taste is even more unique. If you come to Ninh Van Bay, don’t miss this seafood.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of your current life, look to Ninh Van Bay to regain your health and spirit. Looks beautiful, romantic scenery, peaceful location Nha Trang tourism at Ninh Van will help you regain your balance in life.

IMG 3405435

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