Eastern Point of Vietnam
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Eastern Point of Vietnam

Mui Doi or Eastern Point of Vietnam located on Hon Gom peninsula, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa. It is the eastern point on the mainland of Vietnam. This is one of the 5 destinations (4 poles, 1 peak). There are many young people love to conquer it.

Eastern Pole Vietnam

How The Eastern Point of Vietnam is unique?

It is called Mui Doi because of a location with two rocks and jutting out into the East Sea. Mui Doi is also known as Mui Ba Dau, which has a beautiful natural landscape with stone structures that make up various rock formations.

Including the area at sea, Eastern Point of Vietnam is located on Tien Kien rocky island of Truong Sa archipelago at the coordinates of 8,855 ° North 114,655 ° East. However. Within the scope of this article, the same term refers to the landmark of the easternmost land of Eastern Point.

When is the best time to travel to Eastern Point of Vietnam?

Being in Van Ninh district, the weather in the easternmost part of the country will be characteristic of Khanh Hoa province, with two rainy seasons and one sunny season. The rainy season is usually short, lasting from September to December, but mainly in October-November.

From January to August is dry, the weather is coolest around January 1-5, the remaining time is hot, the temperature can reach 34-38 ° C.

If possible you should arrange time to conquer the Eastern Point of Vietnam around the beginning of the year, cool weather, less rain will not make you too tired and hard.

View from Mui Doi

How to go to Eastern Point of Vietnam?

From Dam Mon you can choose to head to the East Pole on your feet or choose to rent a boat straight out there. However, most of you will choose the option of moving the road, the boat only in the case of health and you do not guarantee the time when the sea is not very difficult to reach the boat. Mui Doi is a pretty area of reefs.

You also refer to the way to move to Dam Mon, usually depending on the location you can choose one of two destination is Tuy Hoa City or Nha Trang City. You want to visit this interesting site? let take Nha Trang boat tours sure you will like it.

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Travel by train

If you want to go by train you can choose Tuy Hoa station (from here to Dam Mon 60km) or Nha Trang station (from here to Dam Mon 135km). Using the train will be more suitable. If you start from the north should choose Tuy Hoa station. But if you come from the south should choose Nha Trang station. For more information on vessel transshipment refer to the table below:

Train SE1 & SE2

  • [Hanoi 19h30 Tuy Hoa 19h18] [Saigon 19h30 Nha Trang 3h13]

Train SE3 & SE4

  • [Hanoi 22h00 Tuy Hoa 20h11] [Saigon 22h00 Nha Trang 4h52]

Train SE5 & SE6

  • [Ha Noi 9h00 Tuy Hoa 9h40] [Saigon 9h00 Nha Trang 16h21]

Train SE7 & SE8

  • [Ha Noi 6h00 Tuy Hoa 6h15] [Sai Gon 6h00 Nha Trang 13h18]

Train TN1 & TN2

  • [Hanoi 13h10 Tuy Hoa 15h16] [Sai Gon 13h10 Nha Trang 21h17]

Train TN3 & TN4

  • [Hanoi 14h30 Tuy Hoa 19h28] [Sai Gon 14h00 Nha Trang 0h22]

Train SN3 & SN4

  • [Sai Gon 21h25 Nha Trang 8h19] [Nha Trang 18h30 Sai Gon 5h51]

Train SNT2 & SNT1

  • [Sai Gon 20h00 Nha Trang 5h10] [Nha Trang 7h00 Saigon 3h56]

By Publish bus

From Hanoi you use the bus to Nha Trang or bus to Saigon , from Saigon you use the route to the central and northern provinces such as the bus to Hoi An, to Da Nang… to Van Gia Town, you are down (this 3 km away from Dam Mon to the city but the center of the district should be available taxi and taxi).

IMG 36388980574

Accommodation in Eastern Point of Vietnam

Often the time to conquer the Eastern Point of Vietnam will take a whole day, morning, the afternoon to arrive. To prepare for the day trek, the night before you can go to Van Gia and then the next morning to Dam Mon near or to sleep in Dam Mon. In Dam Mon, there is only Hai Ha Guesthouse.

Important notes before arriving Eastern Point of Vietnam

As a trip will be quite hard so please prepare carefully, this will help yourself encounter fewer obstacles on the road to conquer the Eastern Point. Some of the things you should bring are as follows:

  • Tents, sleeping bags, knives, flashlights, lighters (if you camp overnight at the beach)
  • Food (if you go during the day, just bring moderate amount of food for lunch or snack on the road)
  • Drink, very important by going trek with hot weather you body will need a lot of water. Each person needs at least 2 liters (daytime) or 3 liters (overnight). It is possible to bring some glucose into the drink (sugar is not very sweet, to drink to reduce muscle fatigue)
  • Sports shoes, trousers, sunblinds, wide brimmed hat, mask, sunscreen (weather will be very hot so protect yourself only)
  • Medicines and medical devices. Bring mosquitoes, insect repellants
  • A rain suit, large plastic bag to wrap in the rain case
  • Swimming goggles and swimwear
  • Electronic devices (phones, GPS monitors, cameras) and spare batteries if you want to stay in the Far East.

Keep reading all things need to know before go to Nha Trang at Origin Vietnam.

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