Suoi Giang
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Suoi Giang

Go through the winding road, hugging the mountain slopes, take a deep breath to enjoy the fresh air, and take in the view of colorful flower hills and hundreds of years old tea hills. years old, or sitting next to a flickering fire enjoying a cup of fragrant Shan Tuyet tea,… Those are wonderful and unforgettable experiences when coming to Suoi Giang.

1. Where is Suoi Giang?

Suoi Giang is a highland commune in Van Chan district, Yen Bai Province, Vietnam. About 79 km southwest of Yen Bai city and about 212 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

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2. How is Suoi Giang unique?

Located at an altitude of nearly 1,400 meters above sea level, Suoi Giang has a cool climate all year round. The average temperature is usually 8 – 10 degrees Celsius lower than Van Chan district and Nghia Lo town.

One day in Suoi Giang, we can feel all four seasons of the year. At night, the weather is cold; Early in the morning, clouds cover the villages; At noon, the sky is clear and windy, and in the afternoon – golden sunshine spreads smoothly across the hillsides.

Therefore, the climate in Suoi Giang can be compared to Sa Pa and Da Lat. Not only does it have a cool climate, Suoi Giang has majestic natural landscapes and unique cultural features of the H’Mong, Dao, and Thai ethnic groups here.

Coming to Suoi Giang, visitors cannot help but be surprised by the hundred-year-old tea hills, whose fragrance is famous both at home and abroad.

Hmong people in Suoi Giang

3. When is the best time to visit Suoi Giang?

Suoi Giang is located at an altitude of about 1400 m above sea level so this place is cool all year round, the climate can be compared to Da Lat or Sa Pa. Therefore, visitors can come here in any season of the year.

However, according to the experience of traveling to Suoi Giang of previous people, you should travel to Suoi Giang in the spring, in addition to the extremely beautiful and brilliant natural scenery with very pleasant cold weather, this It is also the time when the H’Mong ethnic people organize a festival honoring Shan Tuyet tea, along with many unique culinary and cultural activities.

What’s better than waking up in the morning to enjoy a delicious, rich cup of Shan Tuyet tea and besides, you can also admire the spring sunrise amidst the vast mountains and forests of the Northwest. Furthermore, a trip to the mountains and nature after a year of hard work will be an extremely worthy reward for yourself and your family.

Below is the scenery of Suoi Giang in specific seasons that you can refer to as follows:

  • Spring (March – May): Suoi Giang in spring brings a new vitality to this place. A lush green landscape and blooming camellia flowers are extremely poetic. The temperature at this time is warm and cool. So it is also the deciding factor for many tourists when traveling to Suoi Giang in the spring. Such temperatures also make walking and exploring more comfortable. In the spring, you will have the opportunity to visit the tea garden, which is in the beginning stage of harvest, and people are busy harvesting in the fields. In addition, you can feel the unique flavor of Suoi Giang tea.
  • Summer (June – August): Summer in Suoi Giang can be warm and the temperature will be higher, sometimes the sun is quite harsh, but this is a great time to participate in outdoor activities and exploration. . For those who like to explore, they can choose summer to go to Suoi Giang.
  • Fall (September – November): Suoi Giang in the fall brings a quiet, gentle and extremely poetic space. Blending with the bright yellow color of fallen leaves, a special tree species in Suoi Giang. This is also the time when you can enjoy the scenery of the tea hills before winter comes when the tea trees are showing off their cool green color.
  • Winter (December – February): Winter in Suoi Giang has low temperatures, sometimes there will be white snow covering the mountains and hills, creating an interesting experience. The scenery of Suoi Giang appears extremely poetic and is popular with those who are passionate about watching snow and can come here from December to February.

image of Suoi Giang

4. How to get to Suoi Giang?

Currently, there are many ways to travel from Hanoi – to Suoi Giang you can choose a bus, motorbike or rent a car. There are many different routes and means of transportation for you to choose from

4.1. Traveling by bus

Traveling by bus also has many advantages. This is also a way that many of you are applying to your travel, not only economically but also safely. You can move to My Dinh bus station, from there you can buy a ticket to Nghia Lo, then continue traveling by car or choose a motorbike from local people to Suoi Giang. Travel time by bus is quite long and can take about 6-7 hours, depending on the schedule and weather in Yen Bai.

4.2. Traveling by motorbike and personal car

For those who are passionate about exploring, motorbikes will be the ideal choice. When traveling by personal vehicle, you will have freedom of time, extreme comfort, on your roads and have time to take photos, admire the scenery and capture wonderful moments of the natural scenery. What you need to keep in mind when traveling by personal vehicle is to have a solid driver, have experience going through many mountain passes, and prepare excellent health for the trip. To have a smooth trip, you should have clear plans and see the route in advance. The Giang stream is becoming an interesting retreat for many visitors on the way travel to Mu Cang Chai.

5. Activities and experiences at Suoi Giang

Suoi Giang is an extremely attractive entertainment destination. Coming here, you have the opportunity to participate in many interesting activities, as well as admire the wonderful natural scenery that Mother Nature bestows on this place.

5.1. Visiting and taking virtual photos at the tea garden

Suoi Giang is located in a famous tea growing area of Vietnam. When mentioning its name, everyone knows it with the desire to set foot here even once. You can visit and admire the beauty of the vast surrounding green tea gardens and learn about the tea production process from planting, harvesting, processing to packaging.

These are the meticulous steps of the indigenous people, to create a unique finished product, bringing a drink that makes many tourists fall in love with its unique flavor. This is also a great opportunity for you to buy fresh tea as souvenirs for relatives and friends.

5.2 Exploring the beautiful nature

Offering a vast landscape of mountains and forests, Suoi Giang has made many tourists fall in love with the space and people here. You can do activities like mountain climbing, hiking, and even conquer the peaks around these. The paths move through the poetic streams of the mountains and forests. The beautiful and colorful natural landscape in Suoi Giang is a paradise for photographers hunting for lifelong photos.

5.3 Visiting ethnic minority villages

Around Suoi Giang, there are many ethnic minority villages such as H’mong, Dao, and Xa Phang so you will see the diversity of traditional culture of the people when coming here. Visiting these villages to learn about their culture, lifestyle, and unique arts and crafts is also one of the interesting activities loved by many tourists. You can buy traditional handicraft products and chat with local residents to bring home as gifts for relatives.

5.4 Participating in many fun activities

If you love sports activities, are active, want to explore a new place, Suoi Giang also offers opportunities for activities such as cycling, fishing, and even relaxing by the stream. This movement will help you have extremely relaxing moments. With the quiet and tranquil space of the mountains and forests, it will help you have more interesting things. In addition, when you come to Suoi Giang you can practice meditation and yoga because this place offers a fresh, peaceful atmosphere that is very suitable for meditation. This can be a great opportunity for you to find relaxation and peace of mind.

6. Specialties when traveling to Suoi Giang

When traveling to Suoi Giang, you cannot miss the Vietnam unique dishes of the indigenous people with unique flavors. Below are some dishes you must try when coming to Suoi Giang:

6.1. Suoi Giang frog hotpot

This is a unique and famous dish of Suoi Giang that is loved by many tourists. In forests and streams, frogs live and grow. The frogs here are very delicious, with firm meat and moderate seasoning, making the frog hotpot even more attractive. Frog hotpot is often cooked with many different vegetables and unique spices, typical of highland people. Some local restaurants have very attractive frog hot pot dishes that you should try.

6.2 Steamed fish with tea leaves

This is a traditional dish of the Dao ethnic people in Suoi Giang. When you come here, you will be treated to this special dish. Fish is often marinated with spices and rolled in tea leaves and then steamed. The aroma of tea leaves along with many other spices create this special dish. This dish is often served with white rice and special spices of the Dao people, which will make the dish even more interesting and visitors will remember this flavor forever.

6.3 Grilled bamboo chicken

Bamboo grilled chicken is usually very delicious and fragrant. When hearing the name of this dish, it seems that many tourists will find it strange, but when coming to Suoi Giang, grilled bamboo chicken will be indispensable in the meal. The chicken is grilled in a bamboo tube, retaining its deliciousness and aroma because of the bamboo scent, creating a unique flavor for the dish. Grilled bamboo chicken will be served with special spices and sweet and sour fish sauce for the dish.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Suoi Giang

When traveling to Suoi Giang, visitors can refer to a number of accommodation facilities in Nghia Lo town, this will help tourists conveniently move between different tourist destinations. Furthermore, the distance between Nghia Lo and Suoi Giang is quite close.

7.1 Hotels:

  • Muong Lo Hotel. Address: House No. 93, Dien Bien Street, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Nghia Lo Hotel. Address: No. 232 Dien Bien Street, Tan An Ward, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Hoa Ban Hotel. Address: Trung Tam Ward, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Bao Son Hotel. Address: SN 49, Nam Thia Street, Cau Thia Ward, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Bao Son Hotel. Address: SN 49, Nam Thia Street, Cau Thia Ward, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • Hoa Yen Guest House. Address: 12 Thanh Nien, Central Ward, Nghia Lo, Yen Bai.
  • Hoa Tay Bac Guesthouse. Address: Group 22, Pu Trang Ward, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Linh Giang Guesthouse. Address: 12 Ban Ve Street, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Bao Long Guesthouse. Address: Tan An Ward, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Thien Kim Guesthouse. Address: Group 3, Central Ward, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.

7.3 Homestays:

  • Binh Nga Homestay. Address: Tan An, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay Luong Thi Hong Chung. Address: Ban Chao Ha 1, Nghia Loi, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Homestay Tong Poong. Address: Tan An, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Nghia An Homestay. Address: Deu 1 Village, Nghia An Commune, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.
  • Lan Rung Homestay. Address: Thanh Luong, Nghia Lo Town, Yen Bai.

Traveling to Giang stream will definitely bring you new emotions and inspire new inspiration. Coming here, visitors can enjoy a fresh, peaceful atmosphere that cannot be found in the city, which is busy but noisy and full of dust.

If you are planning to find a tourist destination amidst the mountains and forests for your memorable tours in Vietnam, experience the indigenous culture and enjoy the specialty tea, Suoi Giang will definitely be a destination. Please contact Origin Vietnam travel team – a professional Vietnam tour operator, with a team of experienced and dedicated consultants, tour operators and local guides. We will take you on a journey to discover the travel beauty of Yen Bai with unforgettable memories.

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