Che Cu Nha Village
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Che Cu Nha Village

Situated in Mu Cang Chai Distr, Yen Bai Province. Che Cu Nha village is one of the 3 villages with the most beautiful terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai. The main population in Che Cu Nha village are Hmong people. Most of them they are farmer. But they can do only one crop a year.

Che Cu Nha village

How Che Cu Nha Village Special?

The terrace rice fields in Che Cu Nha were known as a National landscapes the Ministry of Culture – Sport and Tourism. There were Yen Bai festival Mu Cang Chai Terrace Rice Fields. And attract more and more tourist to Che Cu Nha also Mu Cang Chai.

This area of northwest Vietnam is poor and comparatively undeveloped, but very full of natural beauty. Che Cu Nha’s terrace rice fields extending across the mountainside, layer by layer reaching up as infinite, with about 2, 200 hectares of rice terraces, of which 500 hectares of terraces of 3 communes. Such as. La Pan Tan village, Che Cu Nha village and Ze Xu Phinh.

Terrace rice field in Che Cu Nha

Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace was known as one of the distinctive landscapes of Vietnam. It’s in one of the most ranked national landscape. Because of the landscape’s steeply sloping topography, the terraced fields are rather narrow. The distinction between the terraces to the terraces is from 1 to 1.5m, demanding to maintain the water resources on the soil and earth for developing rice on the slope of the mountain.

Come to Che Cu Nha on May or September. You will have chance to se the most beautiful terrace rice field of the year. It’s a great idea to do Homestay tour spend a night with Local host. You will have more chance to exchange culture with local people.

Thus Hmong people think to keep water by make the earth shore on the mountain to make the leveling rice terrace fields.

Stunning view rice field from Che Cu Nha

How to get to Che Cu Nha village?

From Hanoi:

  • Travel with Car/Taxi > 7 hours ~ 327km
  • By train (Hanoi – Yen Bai ~ 247 Km) then from Yen Bai you can go here by taxi or motorbike

From Sapa:

  • It’s better to use private car(~ 4 hours for 150km) – Local bus available but not comfortable bus service

What can do here?

  • Treking and homestay.
  • Visit local family to know authentic of Hmong people daily life.

Quick tips:

  • If do biking and visit family in this area. Visitor should book private tours in advance
  • Best time to visit (from April, May, June, Sept, Oct)

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Amazing Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai tour 3 days will be an amazing journey for you to discover the beauties of rice terrace fields with different picture which both nature and local people built as a spectacular scenery for this land. Don’t miss it once you visit Vietnam to discover its beauties all year round from March to November yearly.
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