Tan Lap Floating Village
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Tan Lap Floating Village

Tan Lap floating village ecotourism area is being nominated as one of the top 10 most popular eco-tourism areas in Vietnam. If you are planning to explore this floating village. But do not know how to go, what to do…

Let’s find the experience of floating tourism village of Tan Lap below for your trip to Mekong delta.

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How Tan Lap Floating villages is unique?

Where is Tan Lap floating village? Located in the center of Dong Thap Muoi. Tan Lap floating village eco-tourism site in Tan Lap commune, Moc Hoa district, Long An province. It’s about 15km south of the Cambodian border.

With an area of 135ha, a buffet area of 500ha is planned to build a typical tourist area of Long An in particular and the wetland of Dong Thap Muoi in general. Visiting this floating village you will be immersed in the unique nature of the Southern Vietnam River. The Tourist area with works of about 5ha, rest houses and management houses, parks and wharf areas. The remaining is 130ha of Melaleuca forest, including 5km of cement road. You can enter the forest by canoe or walk. It’s a great place for rest and fishing. If your Vietnam tours January so let come here to enjoy. Because Janurary is one of the best month of the year.

How to go to Tan Lap floating village?

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Below, the road to Tan Lap floating village is convenient, you can refer to:

First: From Saigon, you go towards National Highway 1A to Tan An city (Long An) about 40km -> continue to follow National Highway 62 to Moc Hoa district about 62km to Tan Lap floating village. Second: Starting from the center of Cu Chi town in the direction of Ben Luc district (Long An) about 70km until reaching the junction at the end of the right turn, adding 35km to Tan Lap floating village.

Sightseeing Tan Lap floating village

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What’s good about Tan Lap floating village? This is an appropriate destination for those who love photography and want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. If you plan to visit some other locations, you can combine with Floating Pagoda, medicinal garden or Tan Hiep border gate to shop.

After buying a sightseeing ticket is 50k (including rowing boat) or 130k (including motorboat or martial arts). The boatman will always guide the tour, bring you to crept to discover and learn about the giant swamp, green vegetation or can take a boat watching the blooming lotus pond, though not as much as in Tram Chim (Dong Thap)…

Admission fee: Free (free parking)

Tickets to the combo include lunch buffet, canoe, 370k tram / ticket The highlight of the Melaleuca forest is the 38-meter-tall watchtower, where you can see and admire the grandeur, vastness of the forest and the cement road through Vietnam’s longest melaleuca forest about 5 km.

At the turn of the road through the forest, there will be a boat to welcome you to visit the next point, which is the lotus lagoon area. You can travel to Tan Lap village in October and November. That you can admire the lotus swamps blooming.

Where to stay in Tan Lap floating village?

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Travel to Tan Lap floating village usually go back in the same day, do not need to rent rooms. But if you like to stay overnight to continue exploring more places. You can rent a guest house in Kien Tuong commune area. It’s about 5km from this Eco tourist area.

In addition, if you travel with groups. It’s very good ideal to make camping here. Sleep overnight between melaleuca forests, enjoy barbecue, picnic,… Camp can contact the tourist center for rent.

Notes when going to floating village of Tan Lap?

  • During the flooding season, water will flood the roads through the forest so you should not go at this time. If you want to visit this season, you can contact the garden center to see if this season is big or small, whether it is appropriate to visit or not.
  • Prepare your own food before you go.
  • Remember to bring mosquito repellent, bed nets… if staying overnight to prevent mosquitoes and insects.
  • If only going and going back in the day, it costs less than 200,000 VND / person.

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