Mau Son Mountain
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Mau Son Mountain

Mau Son mountain is known as a resort from the French colonial era with dozens of old houses built. Now abandoned. The French are quite selective in the resort destinations in the mountains like Tam Dao, Sa Pa, Mau Son, Da Lat, Ba Na hill…

Mau Son Peak

How is Mau Son mountain is Unique?

While other tourist destinations are invested and attracted tourists. Mau Son “boring” , so many people do travel Mau Son wallet as “princess” sleeping in the forest. In the last few years, Mau Son regularly appears snow and ice when the air is cold so this place attracts quite a lot of tourists in the middle of winter.

Mt Mau Son has a distinct climate. In the winter of November to March of next year, the average temperature is 7-13 degrees. Summer from April to October. There are often heavy rain, the average temperature is about 16-17 degrees.

In winter, the temperature of Mau Son below 0 degrees and often appearing in snow. This is also a feature attracting tourists to Mau Son for Vietnam winter holidays in recent years.

When is the best time to travel to Mau Son?

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Should visit Mau Son in the summer, around September. Weather on Mau Son is always cool, suitable for a vacation with friends or family.

For those who like the cold of winter or simply curious about the ice phenomenon, please select the time around January every year, pay attention to combine the weather forecast view to see when the cold air overflow.

How to go to Mau Son Mountain?

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Mau Son is located 30km north-east of Lang Son city. You can travel by car from Hanoi to Lang Son, rent motorbikes from Lang Son city to move to Mau Son or travel by taxi.

What kind of food should try in Mau Son?

Mau Son attracts tourists with attractive charms and soulful mountain cuisine, deep colors. Here, in addition to the cool climate, poetic beauty also has a myriad of products from the mountains that seem to stick with the name of Son Son, from roasted duck breast, baked chicken, digging advanced king.

What to see and where to go?

Although only a small commune near the border with China, Mau Son also has some interesting destinations that when you go to Mau Son should not be overlooked. Most of these destinations are not far away so you can fully walk the day.

French Villa in Mau Son

Mount Mau Son is still present values of cultural identity pure, diverse ethnic people. Among them are Khuoi Cap village, a place where the Dao people live. The livelihoods of local people depend on livestock production and cultivation.

In Khuoi Cap, the identity of culture, customs, habits are kept intact, not mixed with the way of eating, folds, costumes, customs worship, festivals … Therefore, Khuoi Cap is a very popular cultural tourist destination.

Long Dau stream

Long Dau stream

Long Dau is one of the most famous eco-tourism spots of Lang Son province. It’s a large stream about 10km long flowing in the territory of two communes of Mau Son and Yen Khoai.

Long Dau features very typical features of scenic Mau Son Mountain. The stream originates from the majestic Mau Son mountain range with the height of over 1000 m flowing in the north-south direction through the sloping slopes, the old forest of Loi Pia village to the lower area. Streams are narrow and steep for many streams.

Mau Son Ancient Communal house.

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Mau Son is located at an altitude of 1,190m above sea level, distributed on the steep slopes of Mau Son Range, in Loi Pia hamlet, Mau Son commune. The temple was built to worship the god of Mau Son Mountain.

The ancient temples and graves on the ancient spiritual site exist with the full meaning of the religious. Special it’s a religious relics, as well as the worshiping place of Mau Son Mountain. Which is also home to large stone monuments.

However, it is merely a place of worship, tombs, ceremonies, but also a symbol of the cultural strength that represents the rich spiritual life of the Tay people in this area. Linh Son ancient still has the mystery of history and the secret of the master has built it.

Phat Chi Mountain

Mau Son in winter

Phat Chi Mountain is one of the three large mountains in the mountain range south-west of Mau Son Mountain. With an average elevation of about 1,000 meters above sea level. It’s covering about 100 hectares. The entire Phat Chi Mount area is covered by green lawns curving between hillsides, intermingled with primitive forests with abundant flora and fauna, many flowers, Thousands of years old … create the beauty of wild, airy and romantic.

Coming to Mau Son now is the best time to go. Because it’s still unspoiled destination in Vietnam for oversea visitor. Just at weekend there are some young people of Vietnamese visit. It’s only peak time in this area when it get snow.

Itinerary suggest

Mau Son mountain is a place not too far from Ha Noi so you can flip a trip to Mau Son within 2 days.

It’s great for

  • Family private tour, young couple, nature lover, photographer hunter

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