Tu Hieu Pagoda


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Tu Hieu Pagoda

Situated behind a vast pine forest. Tu Hieu Pagoda is located in Thuy Xuan Ward, Hue City. This is known as the temple associated with the story of the filial piety of the son with the elderly mother. Also it’s the only temple currently resting of eunuchs of the eunuchs under the Nguyen Dynasty.

How Tu Hieu Pagoda is Unique.

Tu Hieu Pagoda was originally just a Thao Am with the name Am Duong. It’s founded by monk Nhat Dinh. He was originally a Sangha of Giac Hoang Pagoda in the royal palace. After retied he returned to the forest to look after his old mother and practice spiritually here.

Legend of Tu Hieu Pagoda

Legend has it that because the old mother was seriously ill, she had to foster fish meat. So the monk had to cross the road more than 5km every day to find fresh fish to cook for his mother. People see this so the gossip is monk but salty. But he ignored his ear to take care of his mother.

The story spread to the ears of King Tu Duc. Then the king went to the new learner or Zen master to cook porridge for his sick mother and still fast, a spiritual practice.

The king heard that and was touched by the filial piety of the Zen master in the place of painting and cup.

Later, in 1848, a year after the death of Zen master Nhat Dinh, perhaps, he was moved by the virtue of the old monk whose construction and expansion of Thao Am into Tu Hieu Pagoda was always imperial. eunuchs and Buddhists interested in helping. When the pagoda was completed, King Tu Duc remembered the ancient story and named it “Tu Hieu Tu”.

With a touching story, Tu Hieu Pagoda has become a symbol of the place of meditation on filial piety for centuries. It is not known since when the temple became a symbol of filial piety of the children to the parents. That has penetrated the cultural life of the people here as a beauty.

Bold the beauty of Hue architecture

Not only associated with the heartwarming religious story. But Tu Hieu Pagoda is also highlighted by the harmonious combination of architecture and poetic natural scenery that makes many people feel like they are lost in the semi-real world of the dream. lush green pine forests. This is also one of the highlights of the temples in Hue, always immersed in the natural scenery.

Special cemeteries of eunuchs

Coming to Tu Hieu pagoda, many tourists curious about a cemetery located within the temple’s own campus. Few know that this is a unique cemetery, a resting place for more than 24 eunuchs.

According to legend, after Zen master Nhat Dinh passed away. Thao Am Duong was remodeled and expanded into Tu Hieu Pagoda with the help of a eunuch named Chau Phuoc Nang. He was the one who realized the fate of eunuchs like himself when he was old without relatives and helplessness.

So that when he died, it will be a place of worship, He called the eunuchs in the court to donate to expand Thao Am Duong to have a resting place later. This action was later approved by Emperor Tu Duc. Because of the contribution to building the temple, after the death, the eunuchs were buried in a small hill next to Tu Hieu Pagoda. This temple is also known as the eunuch pagoda.

How to go to Tu Hieu Pagoda?

Tu Hieu Pagoda is one of the famous temples in Hue. It’s about 5km from the city center, keep going along Le Ngo Cat Street, looking to the right. You will see the temple board of Tu Hieu Temple, after 500 meters, you will see.

Private full day tour in Hue

Leaving behind the worries of the mundane life. The local people often come to Tu Hieu Pagoda to find the peace in the heart and the tranquility of everything. Perhaps because Tu Hieu pagoda is tinged with the mysterious wild color between religion and life, over time. This place has become one of the famous landscapes of the ancient capital.

With the harmonious beauty of architecture and romantic space. Today the ancient temple is also a destination that attracts many tourist come to visit. Wishing you have a wonderful time in Hue.