Tu Duc Tomb
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Tu Duc Tomb

Tu Duc Tomb is widely famous as one of the most beautiful works of royal architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. It is located in the ancient capital, this is also the resting place of King Tu Duc.

Moreover, possessing a charming, elegant and very Confucian landscape. The Tomb of Tu Duc promises to be a memorable destination in your journey to explore Hue. Let’s explore this wonderful destination with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Tu Duc Tomb?

Tu Duc Tomb was built on a peaceful piece of land, It is to the right of the romantic Canh Vong hill. Located in Thuy Ba village, Thuy Bieu commune, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam. About 6 km southwest of Hue city center and about 100 km northwest of Da Nang city.

Tu Duc Tomb

2. How is Tu Duc tomb unique?

The architecture of Tu Duc Tomb clearly reflects the personality of the Nguyen Dynasty king. It is full of majesty but still somewhat gentle, uplifting and poetic.

The land to build Tu Duc Tomb is up to 12 hectares wide, featuring poetic and charming scenery. This place is divisive into two main areas including the palace and the mausoleum.

There are nearly 50 large and small projects, most of which have the word Khiem in their names. Tu Duc Tomb is one of the most beautiful tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty.

3. Opening hours and ticket prices for Tu Duc tomb

Tu Duc tomb ticket price is definitely something that many tourists are interested in. Specific entrance ticket prices are as follows:

  • Ticket price: 150,000 VND/person/trip.

Opening hours:

  • Summer: from 6:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Winter: from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Based on this time frame, visitors can allocate reasonable time for their visit to Hue tourist attractions.

Tomb of Tu Duc in Hue

4. History of the formation of Tu Duc tomb

Known as the most beautiful architectural work of the Nguyen Dynasty. This place is the resting place of King Tu Duc – the longest-serving king among the 13 kings of the Nguyen Dynasty. Becoming king in a difficult social context, with foreign invaders attacking and chaos within the family. In order to escape this harsh life, Tu Duc King built this mausoleum as a second royal palace.

Construction of King Tu Duc’s mausoleum started in 1864 with the participation of 50,000 soldiers at that time. When it was first time, the mausoleum was called Van Nien Co, then it was renamed Khiem Cung. When the king died, the mausoleum was renamed Khiem Lang.

Up to now, Tu Duc Tomb is one of the four most beautiful mausoleums on the Hue tourist map. It is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. At the same time, it is one of the first historical relics in Vietnam to be included in a 3D digital museum within the framework of the Google Arts & Culture project.

IMG 2360005

5. When is the best time to visit Tu Duc tomb?

The appropriate time to visit Tu Duc Tomb will be from January to February. In addition, you can still arrange to visit the mausoleum on sunny days and good weather throughout the year.

Besides, you should visit the mausoleums in the morning or early afternoon to have nice sunny weather and be able to take great pictures at Tu Duc Tomb.

However, you should avoid October to December because the weather is not good at this time, there are often floods and heavy winds, making it difficult to travel.

IMG 2360001

6. How to get to Tu Duc tomb from Hue city center?

From Phu Bai airport to Hue city center is not too far, about 15 km. Travel time to Hue city center only takes about 25 to 30 minutes. You can choose from many different forms of transportation such as taxi, bus or you can use Origin Vietnam’s airport shuttle service.

Tu Duc Tomb is about 6 km from Hue city center, so moving to the Mausoleum is quite convenient and easy. Tourists can travel by taxi, motorbike, cyclo and motorbike.

Starting from the city center, you can follow Bui Thi Xuan street (the section starting from Hue station). After that, you turn onto Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, go a little further and you will reach Tu Duc Tomb.

7. Activities and experiences at Tu Duc tomb

IMG 2360003

7.1 Admiring the unique architecture of Tu Duc tomb

The architecture of Tu Duc tomb is the most beautiful among the system of tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty kings. Nearly 50 works in the Tu Duc tomb area on both sides of the palace and the tomb include: Vu Khiem Gate, Khiem Cung Mon, Luong Khiem Palace,…

In particular, all the names of these works contain the word “Khiem” – meaning reverence and humility – one of the virtues valued by Confucian scholars at that time.

Tu Duc Tomb stands out with 5 subdivisions, specifically as follows:

7.1.1 Khiem Cung Mon

Khiem Cung Mon is a two-story gazebo-like structure, an area for the king to rest every time he visits Tu Duc tomb. In the middle is the Hoa Khiem palace, the left and right sides are Phap Khiem Vu and Le Khiem Vu respectively.

7.1.2 Luong Khiem Palace

Located behind Hoa Khiem Palace, Luong Khiem Palace is now a place to worship the ghost of Tu Du – King Tu Duc’s mother. Located on the right side of the palace is On Khiem Duong, this is the place where ancient royal documents are kept.

7.1.3 Minh Khiem Theater

If located on the right side of Luong Khiem Palace is the storage place, on the left side is Minh Khiem Theater. This is the area where the king often visits to enjoy singing. Currently, this location is considered one of the oldest theaters in Vietnam, and is also a place imbued with cultural imprints of the Nguyen Dynasty.

7.1.4 Tinh Khiem Island

Tinh Khiem Island is located in the middle of Luu Khiem Lake, this place appears with poetic, clear and romantic scenery. This area is used to grow flowers and houses a few rare animals.

In addition, around the island area there are also Pulse Khiem Ta and Du Khiem Ta, these are places to view flowers, write poetry, read books… often visited by kings.

7.1.5 Tu Duc Tomb area

Leaving the shrine area, visitors follow the path gradually leading to the mausoleum area. Moving to Bai Dinh, visitors will see with their own eyes two rows of towering statues of civil and military officials. Right behind is Bi Dinh with a stone stele weighing more than 20 tons engraved with the poem Khiem Cung Ky drafted by the king. This is considered the king’s autobiography about his own ascetic life.

IMG 2360002

7.2 Enjoying the cool, quiet atmosphere in the mausoleum grounds

The area of ​​Tu Duc tomb is covered by an extremely cool green tree system. Not only does it exude the solemn and majestic appearance of the emperor, this place is also dotted with strangely romantic and poetic features. Visiting the mausoleum, visitors will enjoy fresh, clean air right in the middle of the charming landscape of Hue’s mountains and forests.

Besides, the address of Tu Duc Tomb is also built next to Vong Canh hill. This place has a harmonious appearance between trees, mountains, and charming rivers, helping visitors experience the most memorable moments of relaxation.

Image of Tu Duc Tomb

7.3 Posing at the ancient check-in corners of Tu Duc tomb

Hue mausoleums often possess beautiful architectural works, a harmonious blend of Vietnamese tradition and classical French architecture. Therefore, these locations often become famous check-in places for tourists.

Tourists should choose quiet hours to get the most beautiful “virtual life” photos. With the scenery at historical sites, you should choose ancient costumes or ao dai and conical hats to fit the space here.

Some famous check-in corners you can refer to include Ky Van Cac Palace, Hoa Khiem Palace, Luu Khiem Lake… In particular, you need to pay attention to complying with regulations to protect cultural heritages when traveling. taking pictures now.

IMG 2360004

7.4 Watching Royal art performances

Every day, the Hue Royal Traditional Arts Theater still organizes performances of Hue songs at Cung Nghiem Ta (a place for the king to rest, admire flowers, write poetry and read books). This is said to be an activity that imprints the cultural imprint of King Tu Duc’s period, making many tourists feel extremely excited.

Photo of Tu Duc Tomb

8. Enjoying Hue specialties when visiting Tu Duc tomb

Because Tu Duc mausoleum is very close to the center of Hue city. Therefore, after visiting here, you return to the city to enjoy lunch with Hue specialties.

Cuisine in Hue has its own unique characteristics. The dishes are not too sweet or too spicy, rich in Central flavors and are prepared very skillfully and delicately. It makes you remember them forever after eating once.

8.1 Hue Beef Noodle Soup

Beef noodle soup is a famous specialty of Hue. When traveling to Hue, you definitely have to wake up early and eat a delicious bowl of beef noodle soup here. The broth is carefully simmered from beef bones, onions, and other traditional spices to create a delicious, attractive flavor. Hue beef noodle soup is large and soft, served with pork patties and a little blood and fatty pork hoof. Before eating, add some fresh lemon, a few pieces of chili and raw vegetables and mix well. The delicious taste of beef noodle soup in Hue is hard to compare anywhere else.

8.2 Nam Pho Noodle Soup

A delicious bowl of Nam Pho noodle soup, mixed with rich shrimp and meat filling and green onion stalks, sprinkled with a little green chili sauce, who can refuse this unique dish when traveling to Hue.

8.3 Hue Duckweed Cake (Banh Beo)

A hot cup of Banh Beo with sweet and aromatic filling comes with a bowl of slightly spicy dipping sauce. When eating, pour fish sauce over a bowl of Banh Beo, enjoy the soft, flexible taste of the dough, the aroma of fried onions, and the sweetness of the shrimp and meat filling.

8.4 Hue Sweet Soup

Hue is famous for many types of sweet soup, each with its own delicious taste such as lotus seed sweet soup, floating sweet soup, taro sweet soup, roasted meat sweet soup. No need to go to big restaurants, just sit next to street vendors or small alleys, order a cup of sweet soup, and you can enjoy the sophistication of Hue’s snacks.

9. Accommodation when traveling to Tu Duc tomb

Hue is a famous tourist city in Vietnam, so you don’t have to worry about where to stay when traveling here. Below are some hotels that you can refer to:

  • Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa. Address: 112 Minh Mang, Thuy Xuan, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Meliá Vinpearl Hue. Address: 50A Hung Vuong, Phu Nhuan, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue
  • Azerai La Residence Hue. Address: 5 Le Loi, Street, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue.
  • TTC Imperial Hotel. Address: 08 Hung Vuong, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Silk Path Grand Hue Hotel & Spa. Address: 2 Le Loi, Vinh Ninh, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue.

10. Some other famous tourist attractions near Tu Duc mausoleum

Around Tu Duc tomb area, there are many other attractive tourist attractions, attracting tourists to visit. Some typical places include:

  • Vong Canh Hill: is a famous tourist destination in Hue. Looking down from the top of the hill, visitors will admire the beautiful natural scenery, along with many other surrounding ancient architectural works such as Tu Duc mausoleum, Thien Mu pagoda,…
  • Thuy Xuan Incense Village: is an eco-tourism area that attracts a large number of visitors. This place owns many homestays and resorts, along with other outdoor fun activities such as elephant riding, boating, and fishing for visitors to rest and entertain.
  • Dong Khanh Tomb: this place was built to commemorate and protect the relics of King Dong Khanh – the 9th king of the Nguyen Dynasty.
  • Huong Lam Pagoda: is an ancient pagoda to preserve treasures and scriptures. This place possesses traditional Vietnamese architecture mixed with unique Chinese style.

11. Some important notes when traveling to Tu Duc tomb

Before visiting Tu Duc mausoleum, visitors need to pay attention to the luggage they need to prepare such as:

  • Costumes: Visitors refer to some images of Tu Duc mausoleum to choose polite, discreet costumes, suitable for the nature of the historical monument and the architectural colors at this location.
  • Snacks: prepare food and drinks to be able to “recharge” energy during the tour.
  • Sun protection items: sunscreen, jackets, hats, sunglasses… are all necessary items to help tourists protect their bodies when traveling.
  • Maintaining general hygiene: Tu Duc Tomb is a long-standing historical relic, so visitors need to be conscious of protecting the landscape and environment here.

Tu Duc Tomb is one of the most beautiful architectural mausoleums in Vietnam. The landscape here is both majestic and solemn, but no less romantic and poetic. With a history of more than 150 years, along with narrative writings on tombstones. This place has left the next generation with many reflections on the life and career of a king. It is associated with the period of the country’s many centuries. change.

Are you planning your upcoming trip but don’t know where to go? Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – a professional tour operator. We are willing to share useful information about destinations in Vietnam and accompany you on your Hue tour to explore the treasure of Tu Duc tomb with the most interesting experiences.

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