Thuy Bieu Village


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Thuy Bieu Village

Although located in the middle of Hue city. Thuy Bieu village has the appearance of a peaceful village with a fragrant tea garden and hundreds-year-old houses. The village ward, Hue City today is the merger of two ancient villages, namely Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan.

Thuy mean water and Bieu is the election should be able to understand. Perhaps this name comes from the three-sided position of Thuy Bieu which is surrounded by the poetic Huong River?

How Thuy Bieu village is Unique?

With that location, perhaps nowhere in Hue city has the luck to approach the Perfume River from many angles that are as beautiful and strange as in Thuy Bieu. Up Vong Canh hill – a hill in the middle of the bend of the Perfume River. It will give you a beautiful view of the lyrical nature of Hue. From here looking across the river is the Hon Chen Palace, Thien Mu Pagoda and Trang Tien Bridge.

About 4 km southwest of the city center. Thuy Bieu village today still retains many ancient and unique architectural works, including the Ho Quyen Voi Ré arena. Over the course of 183 years. This ring-shaped arena remains intact with the inner citadel, the outer citadel, the bleachers, the entrance and the stone steps. All making it possible for visitors to imagine some of the vital matches between elephants and tigers in the past.

But the highlight of Thuy Bieu is probably the system of ancient houses over 100 years old. This type of house has many pillars, rafters and inside without partitions with the architecture in the words Dinh, Khau or Cong. Most of the communal houses in Hue are located in the south, made from solid wood, wood or jackfruit.

Architecture house in Thuy Bieu village

As a typical architectural feature of Hue, coming to Thuy Bieu village. You will be able to see firsthand the images of rolling clouds, flowers or delicate decorative fringing lines on the beams, trusses, rafters, columns like float paintings.

To combat the harsh climate of the Central region. The communal houses in Hue were covered with paralyzed tiles, with two layers of thick overlapping layers. As a result, summers always cool and winters will warm. The roof has a steep slope so it can withstand storms without breaking the tiles. Malformed, simple, but anyone who enters a house in Hue can easily see the solid architecture and comfortable design of each house. Especially the indispensable garden in front.

It is worth a visit Thuy Bieu Village

The gardens in Thuy Bieu are almost fence-free, with only rows of low-trimmed trees distinguishing one garden from another as a symbolic meaning. Among the fruits here, the most attractive is the bar of tea – a specialty of Hue grapefruit.

Pomelos are not big and heavy. But peeled, sweet and without a bitter aftertaste after drinking water. Despite harvesting only one season, pomelos of Thanh Tra pomelo bring year-round beauty to different villages in Thuy Bieu.

Best time to visit Thuy Bieu village

Spring is the white color of fragrant grapefruit inflorescence. But summer is the green of young grapefruit. In autumn, Thuy Bieu invites with fruit-laden tea trees, stretching branches to cover the village roads, dangling and swinging over the heads of tourists. Winter, trees cherished waiting for the spring sunshine to shine.

At any time, just stepping into the famous tea plantation gardens in Thuy Bieu. You can immerse yourselves in the cool, peaceful atmosphere of Hue countryside. And it will never be forgotten if you once felt the aromatic, sweet, cool taste of the famous fruit.

Travel to Hue, take the time to visit Thuy Bieu to immerse yourself in the romantic scenery with tree-lined village roads, dotted with tiled roofs, ancient and peaceful wooden houses dwelling in a nature of fresh fruit.