Thuan An Beach


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Thuan An Beach

Too much time in the imperial city of Hue. Now it’s time to go to the beach. Thuan An beach is a great idea to escape of Hue City.

Located about 14 kilometres from Hue is the nearest Thuan An beach. Even though Thuan An Beach is one of Central Vietnam’s most gorgeous beaches. It is ridiculously undeveloped with only a scattering of huts in a variety of phases of decline.

How Thuan An Beach is unique?

Sunrise on Thuan An Beach

The latest addition of Beach Bar Hue might begin to change the scene. This understated chic place is well on how to being probably the most famous day trips from Hue. Infact, it is well worth heading out of town for if you feel in need of escaping the town heat from May through until September. The owners have hooked up with Hue Backpackers to provide a minibus service from city to the beach. It is every morning at 08: 00 am and another at 11: 00 am, with reunite runs at around 17: 00 pm.

Thuan An Beach

The bar includes a really cool fishing boat bar, beach cabanas and a basic restaurant. Plus there is several dorms and a number of private rooms. Entrance to entry and relax on Beach Bar Hue is 100, 000 VND. It is fully refundable with drink and food purchases.

At nearby locations you will pay 50, 000 VND to rent a beach umbrella and a chair for the day. Plus, it charges 5, 000 VND to park a motorbike. In addition, the Ana Mandara, a five star luxury resort, is located further north of the beach bar. It welcomes outdoor guests looking to dig their toes in the sand for the day for a little charge.

It is classy resort with a single pool along the beach, but it is let down by the food. Fortunately the village encompassing it’s some brilliant local sea food restaurants. It is well worth checking once you have had your fill of beach or pool time.

Beach of Thuan An

How to get there?

Start from Truong Tien Bridge, it is easy for you to travel along Le Loi street. Then continue travel Hue along on the south bank of the Huong River. And ride plus follow on the main road of downstream National Highway 49. The road eventually crosses an inlet over a bridge to Thuan An island. Drive through town, bear right, and you’ll see signs for the beach on your left.

Quick tips:

  • By car/taxi/motorbike: It is about 30 minutes by car and 40 minutes by motorbike
  • Resort nearby: luxury Ana Mandara Hue resort right in Thuan An beach. Moreover, there are other resort and have BBQ on Thuan An beach for relaxing and staying. For example, they are Beach Bar Hue resort, Bavico resort & Spa, Tam Giang Resort & Spa, Villa Louise Hue Beach.
  • When people love shooting photo, it is wonderful to combine Tam Giang Lagoon with Sam and Chuon islet on a boat trip. Surely, what amazing it is for sunset over the lagoon bring to you!
  • You may have quick read reviews about this beautiful beach.

Best time to visit Thuan an beach

  • On summer time: April to September is nice for swimming

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