Thanh Toan Bridge
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Thanh Toan Bridge

The Thanh Toan bridge is one of the ancient architectural relics containing ancient beauty, tinged with time. And it is also a bridge with unique artistic value in Vietnam today. This place not only has artistic value but also spiritual value, a historical witness to the transformation of the ancient capital of thousands of years of civilization. Let’s learn more about this unique bridge with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is the Thanh Toan tiled bridge?

The Thanh Toan bridge is located in Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy town, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam. This bridge is about 8 km east of Hue city center and about 90 km northwest of Da Nang city.

Thanh Toan Bridge

2. How is Thanh Toan bridge unique?

The bridge is built over a ditch running from beginning to end of Thanh Toan village. They found the village at the end of the 16th century. Most of the village’s patriarchs were from Thanh Hoa. Who followed Lord Nguyen Hoang here to expand their territory and establish their businesses.

The bridge was built in 1776 thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Tran Thi Dao – the 6th generation grandchild of the Tran family who donated money for construction. At that time, people in the village who went to work in the fields had to row boats extremely hard when crossing the ditch. Witnessing that, with a kind heart, Ms. Dao spent her own money to build the bridge.

Thanh Toan Bridge not only has artistic value but also spiritual value and is a “historical witness” to the transformation of the ancient capital of Hue. In 1990, the bridge was recognized as a national monument.

IMG 0559

3. Architecture of Thanh Toan bridge

Thanh Toan Bridge has extremely unique and impressive architecture. This is one of the few bridges in Vietnam built according to the architecture above the house and under the bridge.

The bridge is divided into 7 compartments, the roof on the bridge is designed in the form of glazed tube tiles. On both sides of the wall are wooden platforms and railings so people can fish or rest.

They decorated two ends of the bridge with many unique patterns. The roof is decorated with winding dragon details, and the middle is embossed symbolizing the dragon’s head. They made the entire bridge deck, railings and frame of natural wood, so even after experiencing changes over time, they did not damage much.

Although it has undergone 5 restorations, Thanh Toan tiled bridge still retains its old architecture and inherent ancient beauty. It is this old beauty that has attracted many tourists to come here to check in and experience.

4. How to get to Thanh Toan tiled bridge?

From Hue city center, go east to reach Thanh Toan tile bridge. The distance is quite close, you just need to follow To Huu route, then turn left onto Hoang Quoc Viet and go straight about 5km to get there.

You can follow the google map to get to the Thanh Toan tile bridge or ask local people for directions. The road is quite empty so you can move with peace of mind. In addition, you can also combine visiting Perfume River, Dong Ba Market, Hue Citadel, Thuy Tien Lake, Khai Dinh Tomb,…During your trip to save time and have a full day of exploring Hue. intact.

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5. Activities and Experiences in Thanh Toan tiled bridge

5.1 Exploring the ancient beauty of the 240-year-old bridge

The Thanh Toan bridge has the architectural style “above is a house, below is a bridge” very typical in Vietnamese history around the 17th – 18th centuries. We can easily see this architectural style in works. Such as the bridge. Khuc Thoai, Phu Khe Bridge, Luong Pagoda Bridge in Northern Vietnam or Cau Pagoda in Hoi An,…

The Thanh Toan bridge was built on a ditch – a small branch of the Nhu Y River, with a length of 18 meters. The main material that makes the bridge is very sturdy wood, surrounded by many cool trees. The bridge architecture is quite simple, standing on the bridge you will feel the cool space thanks to the steam rising from the ditch. And the insulating glass tile material is also very good.

5.2 Checking-in for virtual living at Thanh Toan bridge

The Thanh Toan bridge relic has an ancient beauty, tinged with time. Along with that, the surrounding village space further accentuates this simple, peaceful, rustic beauty. The peaceful river flows lazily, the village atmosphere is no longer noisy, no longer dusty. Therefore, you will enjoy moments of rest, letting your soul relax and soar.

You can check-in with the unique temple architecture, take pictures next to an old tree or take a distant view of a peaceful village in the pale sunlight. With just a little photography skill, you will capture the soul of the scene. It leaves behind impressive photos for your trip to explore the ancient capital with impressive historical relics such as the Thanh Toan tile bridge.

5.3 Participating in the festival held at Thanh Toan tiled bridge

Every year, during the festival season, everywhere in Hue is filled with festival atmosphere, and Thanh Toan tile bridge is no exception. People here have a tradition of holding a procession to process the spirit of Mrs. Tran Thi Dao – the person who contributed to the construction of the Thanh Toan bridge. The festival comes with worshiping rituals and also organizes folk games such as boat racing, tug of war,…

Immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere, you will understand more about the cultural beauty of the people of Hue. Not only that, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties of the ancient capital, make new friends. And it creates unforgettable memories.

5.4 Visiting Thanh Toan agricultural implements display house

Next to the tiled bridge is a house displaying agricultural tools, which fully recreates all agricultural and fishery production activities of the village in the ancient capital. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition house to better understand the lives of the people here.

In addition, the house displays agricultural tools. There is also an area introducing handicrafts and local specialties. Such as wickerwork, banh tet,…

5.5 Exploring Thanh Toan bridge night market

Tourists cannot miss exploring the Thanh Toan tile bridge night market. The night market here displays, introduces and buys and sells local products. Such as: ant chicken, Thuy Thanh fragrant rice, perch, copper snakehead, copper frog… and many souvenir products.

In addition to the abundance of activities, the walking routes along the tiled bridge area are also extremely impressive and beautiful. This place has become an ideal stop for tourists to check in and save beautiful photos as souvenirs. In particular, coming to the night market, you are not only visiting and shopping for local products. But you also have the opportunity to enjoy many rustic dishes.

Image of Thanh Toan Bridge

6. Specialties when visiting Thanh Toan bridge

Delicious food in Hue has been famous for a long time and makes everyone who has the opportunity to enjoy it excited. And coming to Thanh Toan tile bridge, you are not only enjoying Hue specialties, but you will have the opportunity to eat typical village dishes.

Based on available clean food sources, such as duck, chicken, vegetables, shrimp, fish, etc. Under the skillful processing hands of the chefs here. You will experience many attractive dishes, such as: braised ant chicken with pepper, stir-fried squash flowers, sour shrimp, duck mixed with bamboo shoots,…With a very unique flavor that cannot be mixed anywhere else.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Thanh Toan tiled bridge

Because the Thanh Toan tile bridge is very close to the center of Hue city. Therefore, when traveling here, you do not have to worry about where to stay. You can refer to some accommodations below:

7.1 Resorts::

If you are looking for a perfect tour in Hue, relaxing amidst beautiful nature. Moreover, if you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere without any problems, the resorts in Hue will be an irresistible choice.

  • Lang Co Beach Resort.
  • Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa.
  • Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort.
  • Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa.

Above are all names that satisfy your dream vacation. Choose one of the luxury resorts in Hue for a vacation in the tropical paradise of the ancient capital.

7.2 Hotels::

Hotels in Hue are of great interest thanks to their affordable prices, plus beautiful locations. Most of them are located in the central area, or near famous tourist destinations:

  • Golden Star Villa Hue.
  • Cherish Hotel Hue.
  • Thanh Uyen Hue Hotel.
  • Villa Hue.
  • Cherry Hotel Hue.
  • Rosaleen Boutique Hotel.
  • Indochine Palace Hotel.
  • Imperial Hue Hotel.
  • Eldora Hotel.

7.3 Homestays::

For young tourists who travel in the form of discovery, want to save money but still like a great place to stop, go straight to the hostels and homestays in Hue. What’s better than staying at a very affordable price, you still have the opportunity to own a lovely, small but cozy place to rest, right in the center of Hue city.

  • Deja Vu Homestay.
  • Mosaic Garden.
  • April Hostel.
  • EMT Homestay.
  • Branchiee Homestay.
IMG 0757

8. Some other famous destinations near Thanh Toan bridge

8.1 Trang Tien bridge

Trang Tien Bridge is one of the familiar bridges, located in the city center, and is also a symbol of tourism in the ancient capital. Up to now, the bridge has formed for more than a century, witnessing many ups and downs of Hue’s history. Coming here, you can admire the bridge architecture, admire the romantic Huong River and take check-in photos.

8.2 An Dinh palace

If you are looking for a building with unique and strange European architecture, come to An Dinh Hue Palace. This is also a palace with cultural, historical and architectural significance. Not only that, the campus of An Dinh Palace has also appeared in many famous music videos, you can come here and save for yourself cool photos right away.

8.3 Phu Cam church

Phu Cam Church is just over 7 km from tourist destination Thuy Thanh commune. With an age of more than 400 years, this is a project that possesses ancient Western architecture, and is also a check-in point that “fascinates’ ‘ many tourists when coming to Hue.

If you like ancient architectural works, or want to enjoy the romantic atmosphere when sitting on the bridge and enjoying the wind. Furthermore, you can also admire the ancient beauty and peace of the villages in Central Vietnam.

If you are planning your upcoming trip to Hue, don’t miss visiting this unique Thanh Toan tiled bridge. Please contact our team right now – a professional tour operator, we will take you on a tour in Hue to explore this unique tourrist attraction with unexpected and memorable experiences.

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