Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village


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Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village

Blue, green, red, yellow / Every month until December, the village makes flowers. That knife song partly depicts the cultural beauty of a paper making village nestled on the Huong River which has existed for hundreds of years.

Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village was recognized as a traditional trade village by the People’s Committee of Thua Thien – Hue Province in 2013.

Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village is located along the south bank, downstream of the Huong river, near Sinh commune. It is a famous place for paper flower making. Especially lotus and flower making, which appeared 300 years ago. In recent years, Thanh Tien paper flower village has affirmed its position, when present in Hue Festival, Hue craft village festival, Ao Dai festival… and many cultural events other.

Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village History

Flower making has appeared in Thanh Tien village over 400 years ago. Over the centuries, Thanh Tien paper flower village continues to keep spiritual beauty on the family altar of every families.

The flowers cover all four seasons of the year

Everyone can become an artist. But every year they only work as artists in December. The flowers made by them are fresh throughout the year, covering all four spring and autumn and winter seasons.

Take advantage of available materials

The people of Thanh Tien take advantage of the available materials in their area such as the hedgehog, the bamboo tree to create the spiky flowers, bamboo flowers (also known as chopsticks) and dye the colors.

The creation of artisans through many generations makes paper flowers

Stuck, bamboo flowers are only used for worship, gradually developing paper making. Today’s Thanh Tien confetti is the result of the creation of everlasting paper flowers.

Thanh Tien paper flowers simulate natural flowers

With rich imagination and skillful hands, art, the people here have simulated natural flowers. Such as convolvulus (flower horn), single chrysanthemum, dual chrysanthemum, seasoning fish sauce, flowers walled, kneeling and then lotus.

It’s no less than the real flower

A lotus bundle consists of flowers, leaves, buds standing a few meters away from many tourists in the distance, thinking that they are real flowers. Thanh Tien paper lotus, a typical symbol of Vietnamese culture. It’s been present in Europe , America, Oceania… Currently, the flower village still has about 10 households still retaining traditional hand-made paper making techniques

To make a flower, all stages are done manually. Workers have to spend a lot of time and need meticulousness with skillful hands to create a flower.

If you pay a private tours Hue Vietnam to Thanh Tien Village, you will both have a chance to observe the traditions of paper flower craftsmanship, and discover various distinct facets of Hue culture, and local belief in a lovely and engaging place.