Thanh Tan Hot Springs


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Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Thanh Tan hot springs area, Hue is a wonderful retreat for you and your family to forget the tiredness of daily life behind you. If you want to travel together to restore your health, then you must come here.

Pocket immediately Thanh Tan hot springs travel experience that Origin Vietnam shared below to have a fun and perfect trip.

Alba Thanh Tan Hue Mineral Spring is an ideal place for you to relax with a full range of services. Such as resorts, restaurants, spa & massage, adventure game areas, mineral springs … Especially, also Invested in producing high-class Alba natural mineral water which is currently distributed in restaurants and 5-star hotels across the country.

How to go to Thanh Tan hot springs?

Thanh Tan hot springs is about 30km from Hue city center. You can follow the following route: from Hue Center, follow the road back to National Highway 1A about 20km to the North, at An Lo Bridge at the crossroad, turn left to 12km, go straight ahead to the Resort Alba Mineral Spring Thanh Tan Hue.

How Thanh Tan hot springs is special?

Thanh Tan hot springs resort is like a big park with green, clean and extremely clean design with a diversified and rich game system. If you need a little quietness, you can soak in the hot mineral springs. Afterwards, relax with massage and spa treatments. For those who like strong sports activities, there will be lots of games for you.

1. High wire cable game

High wire is a thrilling sports game balancing on cables. The attraction of this game is that you will have to overcome your own fears to conquer challenges at a height of 6m above the ground on cables.

There will be three stages with easy to difficult levels. It’s suitable for many different ages, with a total length of 587 m, made from 1,463 wooden components, including 32 challenges.

2. Zip-line

Zip-line swing adventure rope, the resort’s most featured game. Feeling of hanging on a cable and then flying from 45.5m high with a total length of 560m from Ma Yen Mountain, through the green forest sucking eyes like a bird spreading wings flying freely and landing. Specially poetic lakeside of hot mineral springs.

3. Hot Spring Area

Hot mineral springs with temperatures up to 68 degrees Celsius at the point of occurrence are then gradually reduced through streams to create a natural gift especially good for health. Soaking in a hot mineral stream will help you provide nutrients and energy to the body to enhance physical and mental health. support to rejuvenate the body.

In addition to being a famous health recovery tourist destination in Hue. This is also a cool, dreamy, quiet space with luxurious garden restaurants. So it is very convenient for relaxation …

Accommodation at Thanh Tan hot springs

If you need to stay overnight here, there is a resort area. Luxury and clean rooms with a total of 67 rooms with a view of the courtyard and lotus lake create an elegant feeling.

Activities Thanh Tan mineral springs fees.

There will be Combo packages for adults and children from 160,000 – 760,000 including services: entrance ticket, bathing, zipline, buffet … You can consult directly at the ticket counter and ask for private employees. more specific Hue sightseeing tours questions.

Price list for services and games in Thanh Tan hot springs area:

  • Game: Zip line VND 80,000 / person and High wire – discover VND 120,000 / person
  • High wire – Adventure 210,000 vnd / person
  • Children Combo: VND 160,000 / person (including FIT bath tickets – High wire Children – Discover Voucher Vouchers – VND 25,000 / person with food vouchers – VND 30,000 / person)
  • Zip line Combo VND 180,000 / person (including bath tickets – Fitness Zip line Food Stamp – VND 30,000 / person)
  • Combo High wire VND 310,000 / person (including ticket for bathing in Thanh Tan High wire area – Food Coupon Adventure – VND 50,000 / person)
  • Bath ticket price for Thanh Tan area: VND 100,000 / person, VND 50,000 / person


  • Thanh Tan Alba Mineral Spring does not allow bring food into
  • You need to bring swimwear, because there is also a rental service and a sale of swimwear but monotonous and sketchy.

Above are some of the experiences of Thanh Tan hot mineral springs tourism. This is truly an ideal Vietnam nature tours destination for those who seek peace holiday in Hue. Wish you have a trip full of fun and interesting experiences.

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