Ride a cyclo through Hue City


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Ride a cyclo through Hue City

Ride a cyclo tour is the authentic way to discover the hidden charm of Hue and the places hidden from tourists. It’s a very popular transport in Hue city called the cyclo (three wheels). Factually, cyclos are in virtually.

All roads in Hue, notably the banks of the river and hotels surrounding within the city where gather numerous of travelers.

Cyclo in Hue City

The interior city area isn’t very big, divided into south and north banks of the Perfume River. While the south bank of Perfume River is the administrative area, schools, and hotels. And the north bank is the trading zone and Imperial Citadel. Start the Hue cyclo excursion through the Perfume River on Trang Tien Bridge to get deeply enjoyment the city beauties.

Then head your cyclo riding to the famous Dong Ba Market. From here, you follow the branch of the Perfume River to the area around the Citadel. At this place where the locals have lived for several generations in their old fashion homes.

Ride a cyclo through Hue City

While sitting on the cyclo, all the activities on the street, in the stores and in the houses, just happen around you. And you may seem like you’re a part of it. Yes, from outside the Citadel of Hue, you can see the external part of the Imperial Citadel from a distance. After that, you follow the beautiful bridge crossing the moat to one of its main gates.

The traffic in the gate is very busy. Therefore, it’ll be fun to be on the cyclo in the center of that traffic. And there are a lot of green trees along streets. They help to shade local houses, houses with typical style doors, fences and gardens. As a result, Hue city is well known as a green city. In addition, cyclo runs slowly as the bike which give you the views of city life and scenes. From cyclo, you can see the activities of the families and the insides of the houses.

Like some other cities in Vietnam, Hue people like to do all their work and rest in the streets in front of their homes. Therefore, you may see all of these intriguing things from the cyclo. Furthermore, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and tranquil flowing river make your mind relaxed.

Ride a cyclo through Hue City

The cyclo moves at a very reasonable pace, and everything appears right in front of your eyes as in a picture. While strolling along the side of Tinh Tam Lake that is very well known as the best place in Hue for lotus cultivation. Of course, you definitely can feel the peace and greenness of the most famous lake in Hue. In addition, going toward the Imperial Citadel, you can see more trading activity in the many local stores along the street. These are places where one can see lots of trading activities. Going around by the cyclo is suitable that you could actively stop to take pictures. Even, you can stop at the coffee shop to sat sipping some drinks.

Often serving tourists, the cyclo riders have a broad understanding. Like the nature of Hue, individuals is kind, they frequently leave a good impression on tourists. They could tell stories of the past and present. They introduce destinations within the city. Furthermore, they show the places to purchase presents and local products at a cheaper price.

A lot of them can speak a foreign language fluently, largely English and French. After the cyclo ride, walking to the Imperial Citadel from the Noon Gate will provide great balance. And you will have experienced classic and lively Hue in addition to the historical and famous Imperial Citadel. You can do Hue day trip from Danang very quite easy nowadays.

Happiness of tourists when riding cyclo visit Hue city

How to book a cyclo?

  • At the hotel or at streets in city center main surround hotels and Toa Kham boat landing
  • Fee: around 5 USD/1 – 2 hours with rider
  • For booking this tour you may contact Origin Vietnam.