Trang Tien Bridge - Perfume River


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Perfume River

Huong River or Perfume River is a romantic and poetic one which crosses Hue Old Capital City. It flows between the city of Hue and divides the city into two parts: North and South Perfume River.

Boat trip on Perfume River

How Perfume River is unique?

Once visiting Hue city, it’ll be a miss when not making a dragon cruise trip upstream or downstream the river. A sizeable number of individuals still live in ships on the Perfume River and the waterways of Hue like Dong Ba and Hen islet. Despite the government efforts to resolve them everywhere. And thanks for this arrangement, it looks nicer than for tourism now.

It is possible to combine them, if only briefly, by simply taking a boat trip. And have a puttering about in front of the citadel on a misty Hue morning, watching the slow bustle of river life.

Perfume River

A day’s angling on the Perfume River is a fantastic way to soak up some of the air of Hue City. And do a bit gentle sightseeing away from the roads. The boat trip takes you to Thien Mu Pagoda, Hon Chen Temple and the many rewarding mausoleums. Typically they are Tu Duc and Minh Mang Mausoleum.

Nevertheless, if you wish to visit some of the others or invest more time researching, it is often possible to take a bike on the boat. And then ride bicycle back to Hue city. However, please double check this when you book the trip.

It is worth a visit Perfume River

Most Hue travel agents and hotels offer river tours on Perfume River. It starts at $3 per person for share group boat only, for example, but no guide. For better enjoyment it is recommended you take a private boat with a guide to get deeply information of Perfume River. Depend on the site the dragon boat lead to the cost is from 10 USD/boat to 25 USD/boat

However, all entrance fees are additional. The entrance fee may work out expensive at 5 USD/per person per mausoleum. Or hone your bargaining skills in the Toa Kham boat dock beside the Trang Tien Bridge to have a boat trip.

Thien Mu pagoda

The main termination is the Thien Mu Pagoda that takes about 25 minutes to attain. From there, the boat can go to Minh Mang Tomb that takes about two hours. There are unlikely views all the way wherein as you land on the river. You rest on your seat and feel the cool breeze blowing alongside the boat. And you can look out to the different water buffaloes on the riverbank.

An extra romantic scene may be to embark inside the late mid-day to view two bank river on a dragon boat. While sipping champagne at sunset, Perfume River will give you an enjoyment of the sun down through the mountain differentlt. It is also a speciality of Hue when see the sunset over the river nowhere can have the purple color. This scene you can see on the summer time.

In the evening, you can take a dragon boat round way the Truong Tien and Phu Xuan bridges to enjoy Hue folk song. In addition, you can book a Royal Dinner on boat to get back the past of King & Queen experience. It will be an memory for your time in Hue city which dragon boat trip brings to you.

It’s good for

  • Family with teen, couple, solo traveller
  • Best time to do: Afternoon & evening

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