Ngo Mon Gate


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Ngo Mon Gate

Ngo Mon gate is the southern main gate of Hue Imperial City. Currently, it is one of the architectural monuments of the Nguyen Dynasty in the complex of Hue ancient capital.

Ngo Mon Gate – which means “Meridian gate” – towards the South is the largest of the four major gates of Hue Imperial Citadel. Only reserved for the king to travel or use when receiving envoys.

How Meridian gate is unique?

Formerly in this position was Nam Khac Dai. It’s built early in Gia Long period. On this station, there is Can Nguyen Palace, the two sides have two gates: Ta Doan Mon and Huu Doan Mon. By Minh Mang 14 (1833) when the Nguyen Dynasty reorganized the whole architectural ground of the Imperial City, Nam Khac Dai was completely dissolved to make room for the Ngo Mon Gate.

In terms of etymology, Ngo Mon means a gate facing the Ngo. This direction, according to the concept of geomancy of the East is the South. The direction of Ngo Mon and the whole of Hue Imperial Cityin fact, the direction of the island (the northwest – the southeast).

It’s still considered as the direction of Ngo (the south). According to the southward Translation, the direction for the King to “let people listen to the world, to guide children”. Also translated: towards the light to hear people and rule treat people wisely.


Ngo Mon has two main parts: Radio – gate and Ngu Phung floor.

Part radio – gate

Has a perpendicular U-shape, the bottom is 57.77 m long , the side is 27.6 m long. The station was built of stone bricks combined with bearing beams made of brass. The tower is nearly 5 m high, occupying an area of more than 1560 m² (including the inside of the U). The body of the monument has 5 paths. The middle entrance is Ngo Mon Gate. It’s only for the king to go.

The two sides are Ta Gia Mon and Huu Giap Mon, for literature and martial arts along with the Ngu Dao group. The two outermost paths are located in the U-shaped wings, namely Ta Dich Mon and Huu Dich Mon, for soldiers and elephants and servants.

Five Phoenix Pavillion

The pentagon floor is the upper part of the tower and located above the tower. In addition to the body of the tower, the floor is also honored by a 1.15 m high platform. That also runs throughout the U-shaped body. The floor has two floors, the frame structure is entirely made of ironwood with even 100 columns. The roof of the lower floor is connected, running around to cover the corridor.

The upper roof is divided into 9 sets, with many decorative birds in the roof and the banks. It’s make the building look very gentle and elegant. Sets the center of the floor roof Five Phoenix Roofing tile lapis yellow, the remaining eight lapis blue tiled.


Ngo Mon gate is also the place to witness many important historical events. Especially on 30th of August 1945 , at the door Ngo Mon, King Bao Dai. The last king of Vietnam, read the abdication manifesto and handed the government over to the provisional government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

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