Minh Mang Tomb


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Minh Mang Tomb

Location: Tomb of Minh Mang is situated 12.6km form Hue, on Cam Ke bracket, near Bang Lang fork, on the west bank of the Perfume River.

How Minh Mang Tomb special?

Minh Mang Tomb


Minh Mang’s tomb is a traditional architectural complexof 40 structures (palaces, temples, pavilions, etc.). It designed on a symmetric axis running out of Dai Hong gate into the foot of La Thanh behind the Emperor’s tomb. Firstly, the construction of the tomb started on Sept 1840. However, in January 1841, Minh Mang King was ill and passed away while the tomb was still building. Then, Emperor Thieu Tri, his heir to the throne, continued to carry on this task according to his own father’s plans.

People murdered the corpse of Emperor Minh Mang in Buu Thanh on August 20th, 1841. Finally, the construction entirely completed in 1843. In fact, the structures distributed into three main parallel axis of that Than Dao course is the center.

Tomb of Minh Mang

Dai Hong Mon:

It’s the main gate to go into the tomb. And, the gate presents three paths with twenty-four heaving roofs covered with beautiful ornaments. The gate opened just once to attract The Emperor’s coffin into the tomb, and has tightly closed since then. Visitors must use the two side gates Ta Hong Mon and Huu Hong Mon .

Bi Dinh:

Behind Dai Hong Mon is the Honor Courtyard with both rows of mandarins, elephant and horse statues. Bi Dinh is located on Mount Phung Than. Moreover, Interior is the stele Thanh Duc Than Cong, with an inscription of the Emperor’s biography. And his son Thieu Tri values composed it.

The temple region:

The Salutation Court is split into four measures – The Hien Duc Mon leads to the worship place. At the centre is Sung An Temple encompassed by Ta, Huu Phoi Dien right in front and Ta, Huu Tung Phong in the back. People worshipped The Emperor and Queen Ta Thien Nhan in Sung An Temple. Then, Hoang Trach Mon leads to the Bright Pavilion, built on Tam Tai Mount.

It’s a square foot Pavilion with two floors and eight roofs. On each side of Minh Lau, two obelisks stand on the hills. At the rear of Minh Lau are two flower gardens designed as the personality Longevity.

Hue Tomb of Minh Mang

The tomb (Buu Thanh)

Tan Nguyet (New Moon) crescent Lake embraces the round Buu Thanh. There are three bridges on Tan Nguyet Lake. Thereforce, visitors have to scale 33 Thanh stone measures to reach the sepulcher of the Emperor. In addition to, almost 60 word boxes of carved poems from The Stele Pavilion, Hien Duc gate, Sung An Temple. And Minh Pavilion will also be remarkable and constitute an anthology of chosen poems of Vietnam’s ancient 19th century.

Also, visiting Minh Mang’s tomb is one of the amazeness in Hue complex with greatness and symmetry of architectural constructions. In conclusion, Minh Mang’s tomb is one of the must-see attractions tour in Hue Imperial City for its special construction harmony with nature. It is as a relaxing place, not as a tomb.

Image Tomb of Minh Mang

How to get to Minh Mang Tomb?

  • Travel on Dien Bien Phu street – go ahead Minh Mang street and then National Highway 49
  • By car/taxi: About 12.6 km from city centre (28 minutes)
  • By boat: Start from boat landing in Hue city centre and ride along Perfume River. It takes about 2 hours on boat to reach Minh Mang tomb

Quick tips:

  • Visit all years round. However, on flood time from end of October to mid-November yearly shouldn’t travel by boat for safe
  • Entrance fee: 4.5 US dollar/ per person

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