Lac Tinh Vien


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Lac Tinh Vien

Lac Tinh Vien was founded by poet Hong Khong in 1889 on a plot of 2,070m2 in the old Duong Xuan village. It’s now 65 Phan Dinh Phung – Hue. Lac Tinh Vien has a beautiful, cool campus. The road leading to the house on both sides is hibiscus, roses, rose laurel, apricot blossom,… planted symmetrically.

How Lac Tinh Vien Is unique?

Under the trees placed small tables and chairs for sightseeing, drinking tea. Going all the way from the entrance gate is the screen. It’s built in a stylized letter, the hexagonal honeycomb structure is regular in Hue, creating ventilation and making the yard less separated.

In Lac Tinh Vien campus, there are 4 houses built adjacent to each other. Especially each house has a unique name, with a special meaning, associated with the actual relationship of the owner.

  • Nhan Hau House: four airy surfaces with no partitions, surrounded by lots of flower beds and ornamental pots, used as a place to receive guests, enjoy the moon and the place to distribute and help the poor.
  • Hy Tran Trai House: located in the center of the garden. In the home decorated many couplets. The main building has 59 iron columns and roofs with paralyzed tiles. On the rafters are sculpted by the delicate hands of talented sculptors, highlighting images. Such as dragons, longevity letters, noble letters, bowls, etc.
  • The House of Van Trai: is a place of work and rest
  • The House of Di Tam Thich The Duong: is the place where students and grandchildren study

All 4 houses have an ancient appearance, from architectural style to items and decorations, arranged in a specific style, giving visitors an impression of elegance, elegance and beauty.

So when we step out of the gate of Lac Tinh Vien, encounter the mundane world. Suddenly people want to turn back to Lac Tinh Vien’s interior step, to find a cultural, lifestyle, conduct of the aristocrats of the ancient Nguyen dynasty remains.

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With the unique beauty of architecture and romantic space. Today Lac Tinh Vien is also a destination that attracts many tourist come to visit. Wishing you have a wonderful time in Hue.