Gia Long Tomb


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Gia Long Tomb

Gia Long Tomb is a bit further away from Hue downtown area. Visitor can travel by boat along the Perfume River about 18km and land at the wharf of the tomb. Situated at Huong Tho Commune, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue Province. It is about 14km South of Hue.

Gia Long Tomb

How Gia Long’s Tomb Special?

The tomb does not only host King Gia Long but also contains a large group of tombs for the King’s family and relatives. People built those tombs over 17th and 19th century and recognized as one of UNESCO World Heritages.

Speaking of the tomb of the King and the Queen alone, people constructed over an amount of time which saw the encounter along with leave of three distinct kings. Tomb of Gia Long is the most remote tomb compared with some other emperors tombs, but it’s the most scenic and impressive with respect to natural picture.

Landscape at Gia Long Tomb

There’s absolutely no complicated building nor extravagant palaces. The hills surround this tomb complex The steles for King and Queen are share the same size. The straightforward, but elegant steles are said to signify and love and loyalty of the King and the Queen in peace and war.

On top of the steles are coal-black roof. The simple yet elegant steles are to symbolize and love and loyalty of the King and the Queen in war and peace.

What to see at Gia Long’s Tomb?

Though being the very remote tomb in comparison with those of others spirits, Gia Long Tomb is the most scenic and to natural landscape of endless mountains, pine forests and paths among grass and wild flowers. There is no complex building or extravagant palace, but a complicated fenced by 42 mountains and walnut hill, named after the biggest mountain of the complicated: Dai Thien Tho.

Tomb of King Gia Long

There are three main parts in Gia Long tomb. At the middle stand the graves of the King and Queen. It fllowed the Honour courtroom. And up on the hill top is Buu Thanh, comprising symbol of happiness and longevity. On the right of the complicated is Minh Thanh Temple, where hornoured the King and his spouse.

Previously, here’s the place to display artifacts linked to the king’s military existence. On the left is a stele pavilion, with two parallel lava black roof for a couple. Those simple, but elegant stles are said to symbolize the love and loyalty of them during peace and war.

Nevertheless, because of war and time, only the left stele stays.

How to get there ?

In fact, there are two ways to reach Gia Long Tomb. It is really a remote spot, even for local people. One is travelling by boat along Perfume River, which can be taken at the wharf at city downtown. The boat trip is really worth a try, since it provides a unique chance to capture the scenic landscape of upstream Perfume River. Factually, it takes around 2 hours on boat to get there.

The other method is to go 18km by car or motorbike to Kim Ngoc Wharf (from Thieu Tri Tomb, go along the riverside road for about 3km) and take the boat there. And it’s more convenient if tourists take motorbike tour in Hue as the boat can carry them along to the site.

However, the road is not in very good condition. In case of travelling by car, people have to walk for some kilometers (depends on where the boat lands them).

Gia Long Tomb

Quick tips:

  • Entrance fee: around 4 USD/person
  • Open time: From 7.30 am to 5.00 pm
  • Should not take a boat trip on Perfume on rainy season on October and November for safe

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