Dong Khanh Tomb


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Dong Khanh Tomb

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage on 11-12-1993. Dong Khanh Tomb is a relic in the relics complex of Hue ancient capital. It’s located in Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city.

How Dong Khanh Tomb is Unique?

In general, the tomb of Dong Khanh was built in a transitional period of history. So the East Asian architecture should be somewhat embryonic and faint to transition to modern architecture. It can be seen that the very isolated existence of the two mausoleums and impregnated areas further clarifies this.

In the impregnated area, in general, the buildings are still old: the architecture of the palace resembles the snail in the main hall and the dependent houses, still the splendid rows of golden lacquered lacquer pillars with decorative projects following as four secret animals & four precious trees.

It is noteworthy that Ngung Hy Palace, which is considered to be the most reserved place of the art of gilding lacquer painting. It’s also well known in Vietnam.

The mausoleum artist was placed between the choice and reception of imperial architecture. Especially folk architecture and newly introduced architecture. To a certain extent, they succeeded in experimenting with the new, bringing the element of ethnicity into the court. That making Dong Khanh tomb more in harmony with the rural landscape in that region.

How to go to Dong Khanh tomb?

Tu Duc Mausoleum goes more than 100m, look to the left, you will see a sign that you have arrived at the tomb of King Dong Khanh. (The board is a bit fuzzy and the text is hard to read, but you will easily recognize where this is)

Quick tips:

  • Visit all years round. However, on flood time from end of October to mid-November yearly.
  • Entrance fee: 3.5 US dollar/ per person

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