Dong Ba Market


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Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market is the most famous market in Hue. If you come to Hue without visiting local delicacies in this market, it is a waste. In this article, we will share with you useful tips to explore Dong Ba market.

The “golden” time to go to Dong Ba market

In order to have the most diverse experience at Dong Ba Hue market. You should start your journey at around 3pm for the following reasons:

  • Travel to Hue in the summer is very hot. Therefore, most tours or self-discovery schedule often prioritize destinations. Such as Hue mausoleums and temples departing in the morning. Also, the experience of going to Dong Ba market in the afternoon will help you not to waste a precious holiday.
  • Hue people are extremely sophisticated in each way of living. So it is difficult to avoid those who do business in the trade. It will not be a good experience if you have difficulty raising, placing or bargaining for your favorite items in the morning.
  • Thinking different from the many tourist markets that meet every day. All the stalls in the Dong Ba market are open from early morning to late evening. However, the famous food shops only really sell & busy in the late afternoon.

Thus, starting at 3:00 pm with the abundant stalls to enjoy and shop as much as you like. Then end with the fascinating Hue specialties at this Dong Ba market, such as Is it a valuable experience?

How to discover Dong Ba market?

The area of Dong Ba market is nearly 15,600m². It’s stretching from Gia Hoi bridge to Truong Tien bridgewith thousands of stalls serving trading needs. If not oriented, you are easy to lose and miss many interesting options.

Dong Ba Market consists of a 3-storey building in the center. It’s called the “bell tower” and surrounded by rows of rows forming several bustling U-shaped belts selling the whole bell tower.

A suggestion that seems a bit strange. But very realistic, is to start the Hue specialty shopping route by going straight to the bell tower. Then up to the 3rd floor and starting from here.

You will explore the fabric and clothes stalls first. That you can choose the fabric that suits Hue for a long dress for yourself or as a gift for holiday Hue memorable.

Coming down to the 2nd and 1st floor. Where you will see a lots of handicrafts as souvenirs of Hue tourism. From the poem hat of Phu Cam hat village, the scissors cut covered with the green steel water of Hien Luong forging village. Especially the delicate items of Ke Mon jewelry village. A little extra feat is the Phuoc Tich pottery village with braised earth, super medicine, lime pot, jar, cup, bowl of all colors.

In addition, there are bamboo items of Bau La, Da Le and Phu Thu villages with baskets baskets, heels, beds, cots. Here we also come across the famous casting products. Such as censer, copper bells sold in Ngo Mon.

The first floor is also the place for dried seafood of the Central region and dozens of kinds of Hue specialty fish sauce. The seller is so hospitable and thoughtful. That almost nobody can finish the Hue tourwithout bringing back at least a few fish sauce.(Mainly for Vietnamese tourist)

What to eat in Dong Ba market?

When the sun is out, step out of the bell tower and into Dong Ba market food stalls around the market. This is the most interesting point of this route. You can enjoy all kinds of Hue dishes without having to worry about your wallet. They are turmeric vermicelli, Sia rice paper, Kim Long grilled vermicelli, spring rolls of Phu Hoa, Vy Da, Nam Pho soup, Van Cu noodles.

And although you have enjoyed in many places. But you have to make a switch that, pleasure cakes, shrimp pie, nam cake, wet cake, condensed bean tea, mixed tea, roasted meat tea… sold in Dong Ba market are right. It’s the best and most delicious.

Many people believe that, just visiting Dong Ba Hue market. You can fully experience the scent of Hue and bring home the most special gifts in one afternoon. Therefore, Origin Vietnam recommends that you do not miss this shopping in Hue interesting destination, whether your journey is less or more time in Hue.