Dong Ba Market
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Dong Ba Market

Known as the land of the ancient capital and cultural heritage, Hue has many places and landscapes for you to explore. If you have experienced it all and want to find a place to buy souvenirs and enjoy local cuisine before returning. Dong Ba market will be the “correct” suggestion for you.

Dong Ba Hue Market is one of the traditional markets of Hue. Moreover, it is also a famous and iconic market that you must definitely visit once when traveling to Hue. So what is special about this market and what should you eat, drink, and shop here? Let’s explore this interesting market with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Dong Ba Market?

Dong Ba Hue Market is located at No. 2 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam. With a prime location, located in the East of Hue Citadel, right at the foot of Truong Tien Bridge and behind is the romantic Perfume River.

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2. How is Dong Ba market unique?

If you just look from the outside, you will feel that this is just a normal market, built in the heart of the city. But when you go inside, you will see the bustle and vastness of this place. Not only has economic value, Dong Ba market is also related with the development of the city, with Hue experiencing many historical ups and downs and contemporary events.

Not simply a bustling trading market, Dong Ba market is also one of the “historical witnesses” of the country experiencing more than 100 years of many events. To this day, this place still retains the same atmosphere as the first day, being a gathering place for many small businesses with vibrant trading activities, boosting the city’s economy.

3. History of Dong Ba market formation

Dong Ba Market in Thua Thien Hue was built a long time ago. Before 1899, the market was located at Dong Ba gate – the eastern gate near Hue citadel. In 1885, the French colonialists destroyed the market when the capital city of Hue fell. Then, King Dong Khanh rebuilt Dong Ba market in 1877. In 1889, King Thanh Thai decided to move the market close to the Perfume River between Gia Hoi Bridge and Truong Tien Bridge.

In its early days, Dong Ba market was called “Quy Gia Thi” (market of the returnees) – a name intended to mark the return of the Nguyen Dynasty king after returning to Phu Xuan. The name Dong Ba Market appeared from 1877 until now, under the reign of King Dong Khanh. However, actually the market was originally called Dong Hoa market – Dong Ba gate. This is a name imitating the Chinese way of calling.

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4. When is the best time to visit Dong Ba market?

Hue Dong Ba Market is always bustling with people, trading all kinds of goods, from food to utensils, necessities, etc. However, according to experience going to Dong Ba market, you should go at 3pm because the weather is quite pleasant and cool at this time. The flow of people in the market is not too crowded so you can comfortably explore.

In particular, this is also the time when many snack shops start selling. So it will be ideal for you to go around and try all the specialties here.

Dong Ba market opening hours are from 5:00 am to about 7:00 pm. Particularly on New Year holidays, the market will close a little later to serve everyone’s shopping needs.

5. How to get to Dong Ba market?

The address of Dong Ba market is located right in the center of Hue city, so it is not difficult for you to find this market. From your accommodation, you just need to take a taxi, ride a motorbike or even walk if you rent a hotel nearby to Tran Hung Dao street. Next to the Perfume River to see this bustling market.

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6. Design and architecture of Dong Ba market

Dong Ba Market’s design includes a 3-storey building in the center, called the “bell tower” and rows of houses are surrounded by U-shaped. Each floor has its own items, it divides into each area to make it easy for customers to find.Specifically:

  • 3rd floor: This is where you will first enter and immediately see stalls selling fabrics and clothes, especially beautiful fabrics selected to make ao dai. If you are looking for gifts to buy for your grandmothers and mothers, this is not a bad suggestion.
  • 2nd floor: Down to the 2nd floor, you may be dazzled by the exquisite handicrafts. Here you can find poem hats, jewelry such as censer tops, scissors… Phuoc Tich village pottery, utensils made from bamboo,…And many other souvenirs that can be bought as a gift.
  • 1st floor: This is the area for dried seafood in the Central region and many Hue fish sauce specialties. Such as Co Ri fish sauce, seasoning fish sauce,…The sellers here are very hospitable and give thoughtful advice so you can Feel free to ask so we can buy a jar of fish sauce as a gift.

7. Activities and experiences at Dong Ba market

7.1 Virtual life with colorful Dong Ba market

The design of Dong Ba market to this day still has old, nostalgic colors with very traditional lines. Here you will enter a market space like at the end of the 20th century, stalls connecting stalls, rustic but close booths. The market gate with the prominent words Dong Ba Market is the place most young people check-in.

Busy cars passing by, bustling shopping atmosphere, but still carrying a bit of sadness that has become the unique color of Hue. So when you come here, you just need to “act” a charming look, walk gently or contemplate the streets. And you will have a super quality, super impressive photo.

7.2 Buying Dong Ba market specialties as gifts for relatives and friends

When traveling to Hue, what should you buy as a gift for your loved ones? The answer is at Dong Ba market waiting for you to choose. There are many types of dried seafood, fish sauce, sour shrimp, sesame seeds, etc. In addition, there are Hue royal teas with royal flavors, lotus seed tea that is both good for health and nutritious. They are unique flavor of Hue.

In addition, you can also choose essential items such as clothes and fabrics as gifts. Hue is famous for fabrics specialized in making ao dai, emblazoned with traditional Vietnamese motifs. Such as lotus flowers, imperial citadels, pagodas, etc.

Besides, unique handicrafts such as poem hats, sophisticated jewelry, and ceramics are also a perfect choice. In Hue, there is a very famous Phuoc Tich pottery village. Although it cannot be compared with Bat Trang ceramics, this is also one of the famous craft villages in Vietnam for traditional crafts.

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8. Specialties when traveling to Dong Ba market

It’s no wonder Dong Ba market is known as an attractive tourist destination not to be missed when coming to Hue. In addition to selling typical products, this is also a culinary paradise that brings together all Hue specialties at extremely affordable prices. When coming to the market, it is guaranteed that you will be extremely excited and not know what to eat because every dish looks very attractive.

8.1 Specialties at Dong Ba market

  • Hue beef noodle soup: this is the dish that has created the Hue culinary brand that has existed for a long time. Come here to enjoy “genuine” Hue beef noodle soup.
  • Dong Ba market grilled meat vermicelli: White noodles with moderate chewiness served with fragrant grilled meat. Moreover, the vermicelli and meat mixed with Hue’s typical fish sauce makes you remember it forever after eating it once.
  • Dong Ba market tapioca cake: Hue cuisine is famous for its cakes. Various types of tapioca cake, wet cake, Hue dirt cake, ram cake,… are dishes not to be missed when coming to the market. And It will definitely makes you praise their deliciousness.
  • Nam Pho noodle soup: with simple ingredients such as noodle soup, spring rolls, shrimp, crab, all cooked into a smooth mixture. Banh noodle soup has rustic and simple features but attracts many diners.
  • Stir-fried turmeric vermicelli with intestines: The intestines are cleaned and then stir-fried with fragrant turmeric. When eaten, there’s nothing better than a little fatty and rich taste. This is also a famous typical dish that tourists should try when visiting Hue.
  • Hue sweet soup: Hue royal sweet soup has long been famous for its diversity as well as its irresistible sweet and delicious flavor. In addition to lotus sweet soup, banana sweet soup, green bean sweet soup, etc. There is a dish of sweet flour sweet soup wrapped in roasted pork with a strange way of preparation and an attractive mix of sweet and salty flavors.

8.2 Seasonal specialties as gifts for family and relatives at Dong Ba market

Not only is it a culinary paradise, this oldest traditional market in Hue also sells countless items for tourists to buy as gifts at reasonable prices.

  • Hue royal tea: Hue royal tea is especially delicious. This is not only a type of tea to drink to quench thirst, but also has many very good health benefits. There are many types of royal tea, sell at prices ranging from 50,000 – 60,000 VND/bag.
  • Sesame cake: This is a delicious snack that everyone loves to eat. There are two types of Hue sesame: crispy sesame and soft sesame. When eating, you will feel the pleasant, mildly sweet taste, very suitable for serving with royal tea.
  • Types of fish sauce: Fish sauce in Hue is made pure so the flavor is very rich, not too salty but very fragrant. You can try shrimp paste, oyster sauce, sour shrimp paste,…
  • Nem, Tre, Hue spring rolls: Hue spring rolls, tre, spring rolls have a unique flavor with two types: pork spring rolls and beef spring rolls. When eaten, it has a fragrant and rich sweet taste, with a little fried pork belly and garlic, mushrooms, and lingonberries. They wrapped by guava leaves outside and then wrapped in irresistibly delicious banana leaves.

9. Accommodation when traveling to Dong Ba market

Because Dong Ba market is located right in the center of Hue city, you don’t have to worry about where to stay when traveling here. You can refer to some hotels below:

9.1 Resorts:

If you are looking for a perfect tour in Hue, relaxing amid beautiful nature. Moreover, if you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere without any problems, the resorts in Hue will be an irresistible choice.

  • Lang Co Beach Resort.
  • Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa.
  • Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort.
  • Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa.
  • Sun Spa resort & villa.

Above are all names that satisfy your dream vacation. Choose one of the luxury resorts in Hue for a vacation in the tropical paradise of the ancient capital.

9.2 Hotels:

Hotels in Hue are of great interest thanks to their affordable prices, plus beautiful locations – most are located in the central area, or near famous tourist destinations:

  • Golden Star Villa Hue.
  • Cherish Hotel Hue.
  • Thanh Uyen Hue Hotel.
  • Villa Hue.
  • Cherry Hotel Hue.
  • Rosaleen Boutique Hotel.
  • Indochine Palace Hotel.
  • Imperial Hue Hotel.
  • Eldora Hotel.

9.3 Homestays:

For young tourists who travel in the form of discovery, want to save money but still like a great place to stop, go straight to the hostels and homestays in Hue. What’s better than staying at a very affordable price, you still have the opportunity to own a lovely, small but cozy place to rest, right in the center of Hue city.

  • Deja Vu Homestay.
  • Mosaic Garden.
  • April Hostel.
  • EMT Homestay.
  • Branchiee Homestay.

10. Some important notes when traveling to Dong Ba market

To make your visit and discovery to Dong Ba market meaningful and complete, you need to keep in mind when shopping at Dong Ba market in Hue:

  • If you want to buy seafood or fresh food, you should go early in the morning to choose the freshest food.
  • The market is open from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., so you can freely browse and shop.
  • When buying something, you should bargain for half the price and then gradually increase it. The goods here are quite cheap but are often to be overpriced, so please pay attention.
  • Be careful to take care of your phone and wallet, especially during the holidays. Because the market is too crowded during this time.

Dong Ba Market is one of the tourist destinations. It is not to be missed when arriving in the romantic and poetic city of Hue. This is not only where the busiest trading and trading activities take place, but visitors here can also discover the unique culture, cuisine and history of the people of the ancient capital.

To make your upcoming trip to Dong Ba market more meaningful and complete. Origin Vietnam is ready to share other useful information and accompany you on your tour in Hue to explore Dong Ba Market. We are also committed to bringing you the most enjoyable experiences on this trip.

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