Chuon Lagoon


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Chuon Lagoon

How to overcomethe worries and noisy in life to get theexperience along the dreamy land of Hue?Chuon Lagoon (Đầm Chuồn) is an unique highlight of the lyrical landscape of Hue. Escape Hue city with the famous mausoleums and The Citadel. Chuon Lagoon belongs to Tam Giang lagoon offers the ecotourism to get the peaceful atmosphere and countryside outside Hue city.

Yes, travel to Chuon Lagoon, tourists are not only drop into peace, but also admire the unique beauty of nature bestowed.

Where is the Chuon Lagoon?

Away approximately more than 12 km from Hue city center, It belongsa large part of the pure, peaceful Tam Giang lagoon system. Infact, it is one of the destinations of many tourists whenever traveling to Hue. Giang lagoon covers from Quang Dien to Lang Co with area 52km. While Chuon Lagoon on Tam Giang lagoon and is close Thuan An Beach.

It is easy to find the way to reach Chuon Lagoon. It takes about 20 minutes on motorbike from the center of Hue city.Travel to here,visitors can easily come here to admire this unique beauty and pass through the countryside villages to reach An Truyen village.

How to go to Chuon Lagoon?

The road to Chuon Lagoon Hue is not too difficult, visitors just need to go along Highway 49 towardsand then turn right along To Huu street.

After that along village road to reach An Truyen village. Factually, you willgo a further section through villages, through the fields to be able to set foot to admire the poetic scenery dream, fanciful.

Another way you can travel to Thuan An Beach 14km from Hue city centre. And then from Thuan An beach pier, you will make a local boat trip to reach Chuon Lagoon.

Tourists can rent a car or motorbike to come here. But if you want more convenient for travel and admire the unique views of Hue ancient capital, you should travel by motorbike. With a reasonable rental price from 100,000 to 120,000 VND / day.

How Chuon Lagoon is unique?

A boat trip on the lagoon will make you around the lagoon to experience how is beautiful it is. And you can learn about how local people raise seafood of shrimp, fish, crab, etc on the natural lagoon with the height of water around 1m to 2m maximum.

The scenery and human life here seem to exceed too far from normal concepts and standards of beauty. Especially the scene becomes more magical at the sunrise and the sunset, where many famous photographers and artists come to hunt for unique photos. Yes, many photographers both amateur and professional travel here and “harvest” fantastic photos.

Fortunately, Dam Chuon Lagoon still preserves others particular interesting things for anyone to discover as original. This would an ideal authentic spot for photo lovers to capture the moment of simple life. A plus point here is the row of floating restaurants in the middle of the lagoon where everyone can enjoy fresh seafood.

It is worth a visit Chuon Lagoon

In addition, there is a free ferry to get there and enjoy the unique food. And it brings the impression for the long and curved bamboo bridges. It’s a great ideal for experience the interesting feeling of walking on the bridge to the restaurant.

Come here, you do not have to worry about where to sleep. Because you will experience the free accommodation in the “Cho house” built right on the river by local people. Cho house is a small place for overnight and care seafood on the lagoon of local fisherman.

What to eat in Chuon Lagoon? Chuon Lagoon Restaurant

To travel Hue Chuon Lagoon that you have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of fresh seafood, sweet indeed is a major shortcoming for the whole trip. Especially, the time is from April to July, visitors will experience and see the bustling atmosphere of the people here when they harvest seafood.

Here are famous fishes of brackish water, freshwater fish and marine origin fish such as bee, whale, rabbit fish, grouper, etc. Especially, the famous dish is Banh Khoai Ca Kinh (rice pancake made from a fish live in the Chuon lagoon). The seafood here has a delicious sweet flavor different from elsewhere because living in brackish water environment.

Although it is not sparkling, opulent like other tourist area, Chuon Lagoon is really a favorite destination for many foreign visitors and Vietnamese people.

For more information

  • The most suitable time for visiting Chuon Lagoon is from April to July.
  • You should use suntan cream because you may be sun burnt due to exposing to the sunlight on your way.
  • Chuon Lagoon is the place of many aquatic creatures, therefore, please do not drop litters on the lagoon to protect its ecosystem as well as the livelihood of local people here.

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