Canh Duong Beach


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Canh Duong Beach

For those who are passionate about the beach, Canh Duong beach will be a good choice when traveling to Hue. Come here, you will have the opportunity to experience new and interesting things and be immersed in a beautiful pristine beach. Although the beach is quite far from the city center, it still attracts many visitors for its wild and pure seawater.

It is ideally to have the combination of Canh Duong Beach, Bach Ma National Park, Lang Co Beach, Elephant stream or Hai Van Pass in your journey to Hue Vietnam.

How Canh Duong beach is unique?

Come here, you will be immersed in a fresh atmosphere, dispel the fatigue in life, relax the soul. Canh Duong Thua Thien Hue Beach is not only famous for its rustic natural beauty but also a place for unique photos. You can shoot the super nice decoration with stone roads, swings. How cute for you to freely check-in!

With the advantage of a wide beach, Canh Duong beach is suitable for small parties. Also it is great for overnight camping on the beach with friends creating great memories for the whole trip. Visitors come here to mingle with nature and participate in sports, entertainment activities. Such as soccer, volleyball, pool, BBQ… rent bicycles to explore Canh Duong village, buy seafood in the early morning. The quality of Canh Duong Hue beach service is quite good and cheap tent rental service.

On the beach there are many restaurants, children’s play area, public restrooms equipped with full amenities. The campsite rental is available with safe, modern equipment. For those who want to experience the feeling of life among the nature, camping and overnight by the tents, watching the stars and the beautiful sea at night is very ideally.

To be able to fully participate in exploring this beautiful beach, visitors can rent a small boat to the sea to see fishermen and squid fishermen at the sea.

How to go to Canh Duong beach?

Canh Duong Beach is located in Canh Duong Village, Loc Vinh Commune, Hue City. This place is known as the beach that still retains pristine nature, close to nature. It’s very suitable for young people who want to explore on the summer time. About 50km from Hue and Da Nang city center, it is easy to reach here. Mean that you will have to travel about 1 hour driving only.

You can take a taxi or rent a motorbike to go to Canh Duong beach. The route is not too difficult, even for first-time visitors. If you travel from Hue, you should keep running along Highway 1A heading from Hue – Da Nang through the “animal quarantine checkpoint & Chan May port” more 100m and then turn left.

For those who go from Da Nang to Hue, turn right for more than 3km and you will see the beach right away.

When you wish to save money for the trip, you can choose the local bus Hue – Da Nang or vice versa. The route costs around 30,000 VND / person to move to the road to Chan May port.

And then from here you can take a taxi or motorbike to reach Canh Duong Beach. This is the budget way, however, it takes you a stopover and need to find information clearly to avoid stop at wrong stop.

Enjoy unique dishes in Hue Canh Duong Beach

The beautiful pristine beach here will help you stay away from the noise and bustle to unleash fun and relaxation. Travel to Canh Duong beach in Hue, visitors not only experience a completely new, close to nature and immerse themselves in sports and entertainment activities. But also enjoy the unique dishes here.

The delicious, rustic dishes are elaborately processed and still retain the typical sea flavor. Tourists are attracted by the fresh seafood and affordable prices. Such as steamed crabs, grilled squid, fish, shrimp, … Here you will be hard to resist before these attractive dishes.

It is worth a visit Canh Duong Beach

One specialty that cannot fail to mention when traveling to Canh Duong beach is the salted crabs with special flavors. In addition to seafood dishes, you can also enjoy the black sesame rice paper, and the lice shrimp mix. It has own pungent taste made by the local people here.

Canh Duong Beach has become one of the extremely ideal destinations for anyone who wants to enjoy sea travel. Come here, you will be immersed in nature with extremely attractive beaches. It’s very suitable for student group tour to Vietnam.

Where to stay in Canh Duong Beach?

It becomes famous to tourists, therefore, there are some luxury resorts with private beach where bring you the comfortable relaxing.

  1. Laguna Lang Co Park home is as an apartment where you can relax with family and self-cooked dishes by yourself
  2. Angsana Lang Co resort also belongs to Bayan Tree where has private beach and restaurant for your relaxing and swimming. It also has other activities of boating through chanel, kayak on beach, etc.
  3. Bayan Tree resort which the most luxury here with bungalow beside the mountains where brings you the touch nature feeling.

With public Canh Duong beach also has guesthouses for you to overnight and enjoy the beach night life. Also Canh Duong beach camping is a good ideal for who love beach adventure holiday in Vietnam.

Why not make plan and pleasure yourself on nice beach from now? Because Canh Duong Beach has become one of the extremely ideal destinations for anyone who wants to enjoy sea travel. Come here, you will be immersed in nature with extremely attractive beaches. It’s very suitable for student group tour to Vietnam.

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