Best Time To Visit Hue


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Best Time To Visit Hue

To These beautiful months, January and May are also good for visiting Hue, however, in both of these months. Even though the rains occur more often, the temperature and moisture are still at a comfortable for visiting. Based in the central of Vietnam, Hue is among the oldest cities and used to be the capital of Vietnam.

When is the Best Time To Visit Hue?

Hue is well known for its Vietnamese traditional culture and historical heritage. Additionally, Hue’s cuisine is among the best in Vietnam. There’re also many distinctive traditional performances in Hue. The province located in the central of Vietnam. So the weather is hot with high moisture in some months throughout a year, making tourists feel uncomfortable and sweaty.

Tu Duc Tomb in Hue

For them who want to visit Hue, at any time during the dry season will be the optimum time to visit Hue. But the rainy season in Hue is not recommended.

Travel to hue from Feb to April

This is the best time to visit Hue. These months are the spring season in Hue, when the weather is ideal for all activities. The average temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius, making it considerably much more comfortable to go outside and explore the city. The amount of rain in Hue is also at its least in these months. So you will not be afraid that rains will ruin their vacation.

Imperial City

Those are the optimum time for tourists to visit many historical sites like Imperial City, Minh Mang tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda and enjoy traditional performances like Hue’s Royal Court music. In addition to These beautiful months.

How about January and May?

This is also good time for visiting Hue. However, in both of these months. Even though the rains occur more often, the temperature and moisture are still at a comfortable level for tourists.

June and July. It is still possible to visit Hue in these months, but it is not extremely recommended. Since they’re summertime of the year, the weather is the hottest with an average temperature of 30 degrees, making it more uncomfortable for tourists.Nevertheless, tourists will enjoy the dark blue sky in exchange for the hot weather.

August to December – rainy season.

Tourists can possibly visit Hue in this season, but not recommended. You can check the Hue tours reviews.

First, Hue is relatively crowded in August since it’s high season for domestic travel. Second of all, it is also the rainy season from Sept until December, therefore, the rains occur frequently and may last several hours.

Therefore, your vacation might be ruined in these months. That are recommended for well planned Vietnam tour itinerary and quality services.