Bach Ma National Park
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Bach Ma National Park

If you love majestic and majestic nature, you should come to Bach Ma National Park. In order to admire the “paradise on earth” with rich primeval forests and spectacular streams and waterfalls.

Considered a common home for many species of flora and fauna. Bach Ma National Park is an eco-tourism area with a rich flora and fauna that attracts a large number of tourists to visit and relax. Let’s explore this unique national park with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Bach Ma National Park?

Bach Ma National Park is located in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam. About 44 km southeast of Hue city and about 65 km northwest of Da Nang city. Bach Ma National Park is part of the Truong Son Bac range. It has many mountain ranges with peaks over 1,000m high running horizontally from West to East in Central Vietnam.

Ngu Ho Bach Ma National Park

2. How is Bach Ma National Park unique?

Bach Ma Hue National Park is a rich primeval forest nestled on the Truong Son strip and connects across Vietnam. From the Vietnam – Laos border towards the East Sea. This is one of the famous tourist destinations that many people choose for trekking journeys and discovering amazing nature.

Bach Ma National Forest has a total area of ​​nearly 37,500 hectares. It is a large primeval forest, with 2,373 plant species and 1,715 diverse animal species. These include many rare species, listed in Vietnam’s red book.

Bach Ma National Park was discovered and exploited by a French engineer named M. Girard in 1932, and this place has become a famous resort since 1945.

This place has a diverse flora and fauna with hundreds of rare species, some of which are at risk of extinction. With natural landscapes and cool climate, Bach Ma National Park is a tourist destination that attracts many tourists to visit and explore every year.

3. When is the best time to visit Bach Ma National Park?

The weather in Bach Ma National Park is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. According to many people’s travel experience in Bach Ma Hue National Park, the ideal time to travel here is the dry season. From December to April every year, at this time the climate of Bach Ma National Park is quite cool, dry, little rain, convenient to move, participate in outdoor activities such as trekking, swimming,…Not only that, during this time is when the trees are luxuriant and thousands of flowers bloom. It makes the natural scenery here become beautiful and unique.

The rainy season lasts from August to December, at this time the climate of Bach Ma National Park in Hue is also cool. But there are often showers, which can affect your travel. However, depending on your preferences and suitable time arrangement, you can choose to travel to Bach Ma at any time of the year. You just need to monitor the weather forecast before departure.

Bach Ma National Park, Hue tourist attraction

4. How to get to Bach Ma National Park?

To get to Bach Ma National Park, it is most reasonable to depart from the city center of Da Nang or Hue. If you don’t live in these two provinces, it’s okay. You can still take a bus, train or plane to get to these two places and then rent a motorbike to go to Bach Ma which is the most reasonable. Below are some detailed ways to get to Bach Ma National Park for your reference.

4.1 Road from Hue to Bach Ma National Park

From Hue city center, you go towards Da Nang on National Highway 1A. After arriving at Phu Loc commune, you will see a blue sign on the right hand side pointing the way to Bach Ma. Then turn according to the instructions, run straight a bit more and you will reach your destination.

However, you need to note that when you arrive at Phu Loc commune, you will see a sign stating the street name is Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery. That’s the road going up to the Zen Monastery, not to Bach Ma, so remember not to go down that road.

4.2 Road from Da Nang to Bach Ma National Park

If traveling from Da Nang, you will travel about 60 km along National Highway 1A to the North, through Hai Van Pass. Coming to Cau Hai market, you continue about 1km, then turn left onto Tran Dinh Tuc street to reach the gate of Bach Ma National Park.

4.3 Moving in Bach Ma National Park

Once you reach the gate of Bach Ma National Park, you need to buy a ticket at the gate to go inside. From the gate to the top is about 19 km, you can rent a motorbike or rent a 12-seat tourist car at the gate area of ​​the garden to move up to the top of Bach Ma mountain.

  • Method 1: Walking on the road to Bach Ma Mountain is quite steep and winding, so if you are healthy and are a conqueror, you can choose this way. However, it will take quite a while.
  • Method 2: Rent a motorbike or car to take you to the top of the mountain. This is a suitable choice for large groups. If there are few people traveling, you can combine it with another car. Round-trip car rental price is 900,000 VND/car.
Visitor observe beautiful scenery of Bach Ma National Park

5. Exploring the beauty of Bach Ma National Park

Besides romantic trails through the forest, Bach Ma Hue National Park also owns many famous places. Such as Vong Hai Dai, Do Quyen waterfall, Five Lakes, ancient French villas and dwarf villages,…In one day of sightseeing, you can explore all of these famous destinations with the following suggested itinerary:

5.1 Vong Hai Dai – super hot check-in coordinates

Going through the winding road around the mountain, you will reach Vong Hai Dai – the tallest structure in Bach Ma National Park built by the French in the past. This is the ideal place for you to admire the majestic natural panorama. With mountains and forests hidden in the clouds and the blue beauty of Lang Co Bay and Truoi Lake.

5.2 Five Lakes – enjoy swimming in the clear water

After checking in at Vong Hai Dai, you will continue about 5 km to Ngu Ho. This is where there are 5 cool, clear blue lakes connected to each other. And it is a popular resting and bathing spot for many people.

5.3 Majestic Do Quyen Waterfall, embracing beautiful views

The next destination on the journey is Do Quyen waterfall, about 2 – 3 km from the Ngu Ho area. Coming here, you can sit and rest on the cliff, watching the white waterfall pouring from a height of about 300m. Or trying your hand at climbing down to the foot of the waterfall with nearly 700 steps.

5.4 Ancient French villa

Bach Ma National Park was once chosen as a place to build resorts for French officers and the upper class in Hue. Currently, this place still has ancient villas with beautiful European architecture that you can visit and admire.

5.5 Unique dwarf – Hobbit village tourist area

Dwarf village is a tourist and picnic area located at the foot of Bach Ma mountain. This is also one of the famous check-in locations in the national park that you can visit.

5.6 Truoi Lake & Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

The next two destinations that many people choose after exploring the national park are Truoi Lake and Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery. Coming to Truoi Lake located at the foot of the mountain, you can rent a boat to enjoy the cool breeze and admire the charming scenery. The boat will also take you to Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery to make a pilgrimage, worship Buddha, practice meditation and feel the pure space.

Villa in Bach Ma national park

6. Activities and experiences in Bach Ma National Park

In addition to the experiences just mentioned, Bach Ma National Park also impresses with many attractive and typical activities. Such as trekking, camping, cycling through the forest,…

6.1 Enjoying the cool, refreshing air on top of Bach Ma mountain

After conquering Bach Ma peak, visitors will enjoy the fresh, cool, refreshing air here. That is also the reason why many tourists love this place. They can temporarily put aside the noise and hustle and bustle of city life to immerse themselves in the peaceful, pleasant moments of nature on the top of Bach Ma mountain.

6.2 Exploring the rich flora and fauna that exist on Bach Ma Mountain

In addition to beautiful nature, Bach Ma Mountain Hue also has a very diverse flora and fauna. The mountain is located in Bach Ma National Park where there are forests, waterfalls and streams with more than 1,406 species of plants and 931 species of animals. Among them, there are many rare animals and plants that need to be preserved such as saola, red-shanked douc langur, pomu, agarwood,…

6.4 Trekking in the primeval forest

Bach Ma National Park has many trekking routes through the forest. Such as: route to Hai Vong Dai, Five Lakes – Do Quyen Waterfall, Singing Stone Park route, Black Stork forest – Tri Sao waterfall,…In the old forest, you can cross many bridges, streams and mountain waterfalls, helping to bring you many wonderful experiences.

6.5 Admiring with birds

Bach Ma National Park possesses an extremely rich flora and fauna ecosystem. In particular, under the ancient trees and behind the flower branches, you will hear the chirping and chirping sounds of many birds. If you are lucky, you will be able to admire many rare bird species. Such as: hornbill, star pheasant, long-billed babbler, sandpiper, white-crested blue pheasant,…

6.6 Camping

Camping under the forest canopy in the fresh air and listening to the sound of pine trees will bring you many wonderful feelings. You can bring your own tent or book a rental service at Bach Ma National Park.

6.7 Cycling to Bach Ma peak is challenging

Tourists who love sports can participate in cycling to the top of the mountain through a steep pass covered with green trees. This is a challenging journey but will bring participants many unforgettable memories.


  • The Biking Tour to Conquer Bach Ma Peak is only one-way to the top of the mountain. Cars will carry people and vehicles on the journey down the mountain to ensure safety.
  • You need to contact Bach Ma National Park and book mountain biking 5-7 days in advance to receive approval before doing so.
Picnic foods

7. Meals at Bach Ma National Park

Because it is an eco-tourism area, food and beverage services here have not been focused on development. You should prepare carefully for this step by preparing a mini gas stove and food to be ready to cook when you reach the top of the mountain. This promises to be an interesting experience for your trip to Bach Ma National Park.

If you don’t want to have to carry a lot of stuff, you can order meals at homestays or hotels at the foot of the mountain to bring with you. This method will be faster by bringing all the cooking utensils and food with you.

In the case of a resort-style trip, after exploring the National Park, you can return to the hotel where you stay to enjoy meals there.

Trekking Bach Ma National Park

8. Accommodation when traveling to Bach Ma National Park

When traveling to Bach Ma National Park, you will have many choices of homestays, motels, and hotels depending on your needs and budget. You can stay at home at the foot of the mountain, villas on top of the mountain or resorts around Lang Co beach. All of which are convenient for traveling to Bach Ma National Park. Here are some beautiful homestays and hotels that are ideal locations for virtual living believers.

Bach Ma National Park

8.1 Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa

Located along the peaceful lagoon in the heart of Hue, this 5-star resort features luxurious overwater villas, an outdoor swimming pool and health spa services.

8.2 Banyan Tree Lang Co

Located on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. This is a large complex hotel in royal style with typical national traditions.

8.3 Angsana resort Lang Co

This is a modern resort with a unique design, with 2 restaurants, 1 golf bar as well as a swimming pool to serve you.

In addition, you can refer to villas, villas or homestays in the Bach Ma National Park area. Such as: Camping in the middle of the forest, relaxing at Do Quyen villa, Kim Giao villa, Phong Lan villa or motel , homestays at the foot of the mountain are accommodation options for tourists.

9. Some notes when traveling to Bach Ma National Park

To make your trip to Bach Ma National Park meaningful and complete. You should refer to some of the notes below:

  • You should prioritize wearing light, long-sleeved clothes, sunscreen, glasses, hats. Even thin jackets and foot-hugging sneakers to comfortably make the trekking journey.
  • You need to bring some basic medicines and medical equipment. Such as: flu medicine, insect repellent, bandages, antiseptics, etc.
  • In addition, preparing a fully charged camera and phone is necessary. You need to keep in mind to take lots of beautiful photos.
  • Bring drinks, fruit, food and a tent if you intend to camp here.
  • Tourists should be careful not to litter when traveling to Bach Ma Hue National Park. Which will affect the ecosystem. Comply with National Park regulations.

Bach Ma Hue National Park – a vast primeval forest with charming natural scenery, majestic waterfalls and many interesting activities. They will help you have a more memorable trip than ever. If you want to find a peaceful, fresh place, Bach Ma National Park is the ideal place.

Are you wondering where to choose for your upcoming vacation? Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – a professional tour operator, we will accompany you on your tours in Hue to explore Bach Ma National Park with the most interesting experiences. We are always here to help you immerse yourself in nature. And you can forget the fatigue and pressure of daily life at Bach Ma National Park.

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