An Bang Tomb


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An Bang Tomb City

An Bang Tomb City or the “City of Ghosts” An Bang has become a tourist attraction in the central city of Hue.

Location: City of Ghosts in Hue in Vietnam is located in the village of An Bang, Phu Vang district of Thua Thien Hue province. Follow the 49 B provincial road travelers will see the place called: Ghost City in Hue” with hundreds of colossal, colored tombs of all shapes, etc. An Bang is a quiet village near Thuan An Beach, about twenty kilometers east of Hue City. Therefore, the local people call it City of Ghosts.

How An Bang Tomb City is Unique?

An Bang Tomb City

In a bizarre variation of keeping up with the Joneses, the villagers compete to build increasingly lavish and elaborate tombs for their ancestors. And, even sometimes for family members who have not yet died. The cemetery, with its brilliantly colored structures built on white sand. It stretches along the side of the road for 3 kilometers length. Some of the mausoleums could be a mistaken for mansions.

Regal stone lions abound and glittering mosaic dragons adorn the roof-ridges. Some 90 percent of the villagers have overseas relatives. They send money home and much of these money are only to build tombs. Some grave markers write information on the building costs plus the names and dates.

Typical figures are between twenty-five and fifty thousand US dollars. Although, the homes of the villagers remain humble, the dead are resting in luxury place. Several researchers of Hue civilization suggest the idea to flip An Bang cemetery to a tourist site several decades ago. Notably is Nguyen Huu Thong, director of the Institute for Vietnamese Culture and Art in Hue city.

According to Thong, An Bang Tomb City is worthy of being a Hue tourist site due to its own uniqueness in culture and architecture.

Ghost city of Hue

Factually, tombs in An Bang Tomb City have in various styles: Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Vietnamese, Chinese and Western & hellip. Notably, many tombs in An Bang are the duplicates of Nguyen Kings graves and Hue Royal Citadel. Many distinctive Traditional crafts in Vietnam restored thanks to this City of Ghosts. For instance, making dragons, phoenixes by bits of glazed terra cotta and potteries on walls, etc.

And the notion became reality when our Vietnam tours operators organized a tour into An Bang village and Tam Giang lagoon.

History and its peculiarity

History of the town of ghosts in Hue began in the early 1990 when An Bang was a small fishing village. However, in 1990, when the State started to allow Vietnamese people residing in the US to send money to assist their families in Vietnam. The village has changed rapidly. Life improves and individuals here also don’t forget to modify, to fix the ancient tombs of the ancestors. Therefore, in 1991, we suddenly started to see the appearance of the larger and rather magnificent tombs. Even, many graves are also lit with toilets.

In accordance with the elders of the village, majority of the tombs in the town of ghosts in Hue took the design of the mausoleum of King Khai Dinh. Then, they give or take in accordance with the personal preferences of every owner. There are very different patterns. According to Mr Dang Van Tam being 79 years old, the town of ghosts has a region of over 40 hecta. This village has a total of 44 lineages with almost 500 years history.

It is worth a visit An Bang Tomb City

The tombs here constructed with the descendants contribution. Mr. Tam said Mr. Ho Thiet, 80 years old, who specializes in the rituals of the villagers, educated: the village of An Binh has about 3, 000 tombs. The normal cost of every tomb is about 30, 000 USD. The Truong lineage’s graves are the most costly and larger in this town of ghosts in Hue: A grave costs 50, 000 USD.

These graves in Hue have it all types of Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Islam. Which were assembled from the money of overseas kids to express one’s filial piety to ancestors. Because of the dearth of neighborhood planning, there are many tombs covering a thousand sq meters for every. And in a short time, the sand dunes have been covered from the graves.

Infact, the graves surround the home of the inhabitants now. The town of the ghosts no longer has the border between the living and the dead. Even, the colossal tombs are made before departure.

Many people live to endure before they die

In this “realm of the earth”, it is normal for someone living in front of a piece of land to build a grave for themselves. In An Bang there is a custom, that is after a person died, if within 50 days can not build tombs, it must be after 3 years can build teh tomb. Therefore, the family built their own tombs for themselves and for others in the family before die.

The tombs extend, spreading even the roads along the village. The richness of the tomb seems to be more of a concern than the problems of the living. Mr Nga – a senior here shared with us: “Many of the mausoleum here is lighted up at night”. And the story of building a tomb several billion is quite normal.

Not only building a few billion, the house also spacious with some grave matches. “Seeing that we don’t believe in his story, he leads us to his home to see by our eyes ” When we arrived, we were amazed at the richness of the people here. The house is about 400 m square, all the columns are made of solid stone, the whole ceiling is covered with natural wood.

According to Mr Nga, the total cost of this house is about 4 billion dong. But the house is also about to be inhabited by people who will go abroad. “At the end of the year, we must also gave people money for them to live in, because my family also went abroad.”

The fishing here is just a story of the past

As a result of this richness, according to the people here, the village youth mostly do not have to work, and in the afternoon to focus on drinking alcohol. And the people here have a comfortable life, no worries. The fishing is probably the past, the boats, the ships are now lagging behind the white beach next to the magnificent tombs.

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