A Luoi


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A Luoi

When mentioning Hue, people often think of the Citadel of Hue, the mausoleums, temples, Trang Tien Bridge, the poetic Perfume River and Ngu Mountain, the ancient Thien Mu Pagoda, the peaceful Tam Giang Lagoon,… Few people pay attention to the highlands of Hue, a place called A Luoi. People often say that A Luoi is the second Da Lat, the Northwest of Hue,… but if you go, you will see: This is A Luoi, a place with its own unique beauty and unique colors.

1. Where is A Luoi?

A Luoi, a town located in the southwest mountains of Thua Thien Hue province, is a unique destination in the Hue travel itinerary. Located about 70 km from the center of Hue city, in Thua Thien Hue province, A Luoi is a mountainous district in the area of the North Truong Son range, located at an altitude of 600 – 800m above sea level.

The North borders Phong Dien district and Quang Tri province. The East borders Huong Tra, Huong Thuy and Nam Dong districts. The southwest and northwest border the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The South borders Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province.

A Luoi in Thua Thien Hue

2. How is A Luoi unique?

A Luoi is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and unique cultural identity of the local people. A Luoi has a tropical monsoon climate, divided into two main seasons: rainy season and dry season. The weather here is cool and pleasant all year round, and the air is fresh. A Luoi is also home to ethnic minorities. Such as Co Tu, Ta Oi, Van Kieu,… which preserves the traditional cultural features of ethnic minorities in this area.

Not only that, A Luoi also attracts tourists with tours to explore traditional villages, admire the White Water River and enjoy unique cuisine. Besides, this place also attracts tourists with adventure tourism activities such as walking on towering suspension bridges or exploring primeval mountain ranges.

A Luoi also has old forests containing biodiversity and the beauty of the mountains, evoking the wild and majestic vitality of the mountains and forests. The most famous is the forest in A Roang commune, which is only 30 km from A Luoi town and stretches from A Luoi to Giang district of Quang Nam province. This is a primeval old forest consisting of many intact forest ranges with an area of up to 3,000 hectares and many rare flora and fauna.

3. Which is the best season to visit A Luoi?

A Luoi is located in the mountainous district of the same name and borders Laos. This place has an average altitude of 600-800m above sea level so it has a cool climate and fresh air.

Because of the climatic characteristics, the ideal time to start the journey to A Luoi is the summer period from May to August. This is the time when the weather is pleasant with poetic natural scenery, when the Dew drops still spread across the tree branches and grass on both sides of the road. At this time, the clouds were still drifting around, adding to the charm of the scene here.

At this time, don’t forget to open your chest and take a deep breath. This is the best time to enjoy the extremely pure “sun, wind, and cold” of the Central region’s mountains and forests, something that is not easily available in modern cities.

  • The dry season is from May to August, this will be the most ideal time for you to explore A Luoi. At this time, the weather will be mildly sunny, the trees will be green and you can also immerse yourself in the cool streams here.
  • The rainy season is from September to December, this is the time when the Central region often experiences storms, floods and prolonged heavy rain. So you should not go to A Luoi during this time.

Aluoi Homesaty

4. How to get to A Luoi?

From the center of Hue city, you take Dien Bien Phu – Le Ngo Cat – Minh Mang street through Highway AH1, pass Cau Tuan, continue going straight to A Luoi. However, the road has winding passes that challenge the traveler’s steering wheel like the legendary A Co pass – one side is a steep cliff, the other is a deep abyss.

The road is dangerous, but in return, the scenery on the pass is wild and majestic. Along the way, don’t forget to stop at Mo Qua bridge to admire the peaceful small clear stream or occasionally slow down to admire the green of the rolling mountains, the bamboo trees growing close together, rising straight up. blue sky, small stream like a thread in the middle of the valley,…

  • For many young people, traveling by motorbike will help them fully enjoy the scenery of the Central region’s mountains and forests. However, the road to A Luoi will have to go through dangerous winding roads. Therefore, it requires you to be a steady traveler and the vehicle must also have a strong engine to ensure safety during the journey.
  • For families with children and the elderly, you should choose to travel by car to reduce fatigue when traveling long distances and ensure safety.

A luoi Hue

5. Top Sightseeing & Things to do in A Luoi

5.1. Pâr Le Stream

The first place in my journey to explore A Luoi is Pâr Le stream located in Hong Ha commune. Visiting the stream in the summer, we can admire the natural scenery as beautiful as a painting of Pâr Le: clear water stream, large rocks of all shapes and shades, green primeval forests, trees standing precariously on the mountainside,… The special feature of this stream is that even in the rainy season, the water here is not cloudy but still clear.

Sit and admire the beautiful scenery like a fairyland, arrange colorful pebbles on the bank of the stream, walk barefoot to feel the coolness of the water, walk in the forest,…

5.2. Pi Lung suspension bridge

In fact, this is a suspension bridge for people living in Pi Lung, A Roang commune, you can stop by here to visit and check-in. The sturdy suspension bridge is located amidst the green of the forest and mountains, yet it is enough to create a very beautiful “photographic” background. Seen from a distance, the suspension bridge is slender, like a rope connecting the two ends of the bridge.

5.3. A Nor Waterfall

Located about 5km from the center of A Luoi district, in Viet Tien village, Hong Kim commune, A Nor waterfall is a tourist destination that has been exploited but still retains its wild and romantic beauty. This coordinates located deep in Truong Son mountain includes 3 waterfalls, one 8m high, one 60m high, one 120m high.

At the foot of the waterfall is a large, clear blue lake. Some people call A Nor like the lyrical rattan hair of mountain girls. The entrance to the waterfall on both sides is green with trees, wildflowers, and azalea flowers growing on the cliffs. Occasionally you will encounter rocks covered with moss.

You can walk to the waterfall to admire the scenery along the way, sit and listen to the sound of the waterfall, watch the waterfall pouring down from above, splashing white foam, and camp at the waterfall (there are many flat rocks here). , can be outside comfortably), bathing in streams,…

5.4. Pine forest

A Luoi pine forest is located right in the center of A Luoi district (district square area). The special feature of this coordinate is probably the trails located among the immense green of the pine trees.

The best time of day to visit the pine forest is when it is sunny. There’s nothing better than watching the golden sunlight through the pine trees, shining on the ground in different shapes.

You can leisurely walk in the forest, admire the purple myrtle flowers along the path to the forest, sit and drink water at a cafe on the hill, listen to the sound of pine trees ringing in the highlands,…

5.5. A Lin Stream

A Lin is a stream located 10km from A Luoi town, this place is only 500m northeast of the Ho Chi Minh trail. This cool tourist destination in A Luoi has many beautiful beaches with clear blue water, located amidst the wild beauty of Thua Thien forest.

You can go to A Lin at any time of the year, but it is especially suitable on hot summer days. This is a great choice to avoid the uncomfortable heat and enjoy the wild beauty of the mountains. On both sides of the stream there are many large and small rocks and spacious wooden platforms.

You can choose to sit up there to chat, enjoy traditional Hue cuisine or enjoy the specialties of the A Luoi highland.

5.6. Par Le Stream

Pâr Le Stream is located in Hong Ha commune, about 50 km from Hue, and is a popular destination for tourists. Pâr Le Stream is famous for its two large beaches, Cat Toom Bay and Am Bat Bay, with an area of over 100 square meters, allowing visitors to freely play and cool off in the freshwater.

Coming to Pâr Le Stream, especially in the summer, you will enjoy the poetic natural scenery, especially the clear and cool stream. You can bathe, relax and take in the stunning landscape. This place also provides a strong feeling when you try jumping from a height of over 5m into the water on the rocky beach. Even during the rainy season, the water in the stream is still clear without being cloudy.

In addition, around the stream there is a primeval forest creating a beautiful landscape. This is also the place to enjoy the sweet taste of Hue natural forest fruits. Pâr Le Stream is considered a place not to be missed when visiting A Luoi.

5.7. Farmstay Hong Ha

Farmstay Hong Ha is an attractive tourist destination and also one of the interesting virtual living locations in Hue, allowing visitors to explore, experience and take photos at Guol house and nearby areas, as well as enjoy Enjoy fresh air and peace.

Guol house is a traditional house of the highland ethnic community in this locality. This is where villagers gather and have fun, especially during festivals of the year. Currently, Guol house has been firmly built and has become the pride of the ethnic community and a proud destination for tourists to visit.

5.8. A Co Pass

A Co Pass in Hue is a unique and attractive destination for tourists. With its wild natural beauty and breathtaking scenery, A Co Pass is an exciting challenge for those who love journeys of discovery.

Known for its incredible altitude and steepness, A Co Pass offers a challenging and thrilling driving experience. But worth exploring is the beautiful and sweeping view from the top of the pass. Visitors can see lush green mountains, rolling grasslands and winding rivers in the distance.

A Co Pass is a great destination to explore the natural beauty of Hue and experience colorful delta life. Not just a regular road, A Co Pass brings unique and unforgettable experiences to tourists who want to explore the land of Hue.

In addition, if you have time, you can visit other places in A Luoi such as:

  • A Roang hot spring: A Roang commune, away from A Luoi town. This place has open-air mineral water with an average temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, the water has many mineral components that are good for health.
  • Hong Ha Hot Springs: located in Hong Ha commune, along Highway 49 to A Luoi. The stream has an average temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius
  • Caves: Tien Cong, Koong Oc, Koong, Pâr Leech…

A Nor waterfall or Thac A Nor

6. Enjoying specialties when traveling to A Luoi – Hue

Being gifted by nature to the highland people of A Luoi in Thua Thien Hue province with many rich products and rustic dishes has brought to this land many interesting and attractive culinary cultural values. .

6.1. Lam rice (bamboo tube rice):

As a specialty dish of the Ta Oi and Pa Co people used mainly to worship gods and entertain guests, it would be a mistake if you travel to A Luoi and not try this attractive dish.

The way to cook this dish is quite simple, just wash the sticky rice and put it in a bamboo tube, then fill the tube with water, soak it overnight until the rice is soft, then pour out the water, cover the mouth of the tube with a banana leaf and place it on the charcoal stove.

If you want the rice to be delicious, evenly cooked, and fragrant, the cook must rotate the bamboo tube regularly on the charcoal stove until the bamboo tube is soft and the fragrant rice smell fills the kitchen, then you can lift it down. The grilled rice is fragrant, sticky and the rice does not burn. Eating tube rice with grilled foods such as fish and meat is very delicious and suitable for the taste.

6.2. Grilled rats in bamboo tubes:

It is a dish imbued with the culture of A Luoi highland cuisine. Those who have tasted it once will surely find it hard to forget the rich sweetness of the meat mixed with the rich taste of the tree, the aroma of banana leaves and bamboo pipes mixed with the strong scent of the wood stove.

Because it takes a long time to cook, this dish is only made when there are distinguished guests and often appears on major holidays. It is also a special gift for friends on the occasion of Tet.

6.3. Cheo fish pounding tubers:

Pounded fish cheo cheo is a typical dish of the people in A Luoi. The ingredients to make pounded fish cheo must be the tastiest and freshest stream fish. The palanquin, chili, pepper and galangal root must be picked from the forest.

Although the Cheo Ca dish is a normal dish of the people, it is both elaborate and time-consuming to prepare. If you eat it every day, you can use normal fish and a few ingredients. For special occasions, the preparation is more elaborate and the ingredients are more complete.

6.4. Black sticky rice with eggs:

This is the dish that many tourists enjoy and want to taste the most. A delicious egg and sticky rice dish requires the sticky rice to be moist and the egg rolls to be soft and tender. This egg sticky rice dish does not require elaborate cooking but is still a delicious and nutritious dish.

6.5. Beef on the stove

It is a familiar dish of ethnic people here. Kitchen gourd meat is made from A Luoi grass beef, marinated with spices such as: wild pepper, chili, ginger,… and dried with a smoke stove until the meat is evenly cooked and has the required dryness.

A luoi

7. Accommodation when traveling to A Luoi – Hue

A Luoi is a relatively new and pristine destination, the infrastructure here cannot be compared to other crowded tourist destinations. However, when traveling here, visitors can stay at accommodation facilities, most of which are located in the center of A Luoi town, this is to make it convenient for you to move between attractions and enjoy. Utilities at the accommodation, you can refer to some of the following hotels and motels:

  • Do Thanh Hotel. Address: 166 Ho Chi Minh Street, A Luoi Town, A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Coi Nguon Guesthouse. Address: Avau Street, A Luoi Town, A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Truong Son Guesthouse. Address: Ho Chi Minh Road, A Luoi Town, A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Kieu My Guesthouse. Address: 303 Ho Chi Minh Street, A Luoi Town, A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue.
  • Anh Duc Guest House. Address: A Luoi Town, A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue.

8. Some important notes when traveling to A Luoi – Hue

  • A Luoi is a place with quite dangerous roads, so when traveling you must always pay attention to safety. For those traveling by motorbike, you should prepare enough gasoline for the journey, because the road to A Luoi will not have gas stations.
  • A Luoi is still quite wild, so when traveling here, please pay attention to keeping the surrounding environment clean.
  • A Luoi is home to many ethnic minorities. Therefore, they will have different customs and traditions. You should respect those special cultural features and be careful not to become impolite.
  • The weather in A Luoi can be hot during the day, but at night it will be a bit chilly, so you need to prepare a thin jacket to keep your body warm when needed.
  • Bring all necessary personal items, identification documents and don’t forget to bring mosquito repellant cream to apply at night.

If you are too familiar with the bustling, noisy city scene or the blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine… Then you should try “a change of scenery” to explore A Luoi, the highlands of Hue and see how it goes! Once you arrive in A Luoi, you will see that this place has its own unique beauty and unique colors that cannot be found anywhere else.

If you are planning your Ho Chi Minh trail tour to A Luoi – Hue, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator in Vietnam. With a team of experienced, dedicated tour consultants and tour guides who understand this land well, we will take you on a journey to discover A Luoi – Hue with unexpected experiences and unforgettable memories.

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