The Beauty Of Sightseeing In Thu Bon River


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The Beauty of Sightseeing in Thu Bon River

Hoi An ancient town is located in central Quang Nam province of Vietnam. As we all know, this place was once a major commercial center of Vietnam. It was also a crowded commercial port of Asia. However, through the years many changes have been made. Now this town is no longer a big commercial center of the country. But rather has become a tourist attraction in recent years. When you decide to book Thu Bon river boat trip discovery, you will be able to visit beautiful sites on Thu Bon River.

This is a wonderful river flowing through this ancient city. Besides, discover the culture of the local community in the ancient city of Hoi An is a great experience. It will help you understand more about the long history of the local. Besides you will feel comfortable watching the beautiful scenery of the Thu Bon River.

An overview about Thu Bon river

Thu Bon River in Hoi An

That We visit Hoi an and book tour hoi an is not only because of discovery the ancient beauty of this town, but also because of the sightseeing in Thu Bon river.

Thu Bon River is a tourist destination of Hoi An. The site is famous with a large basin area of 10.3 km2. It is one of the largest inland basins of Vietnam. Thu Bon bears in its beauty the cultural imprint, and historical image of Vietnam. The river has had a long history. But to this day it still continues to flow. And still working hard to make alluvial soil. The Thu Bon river originated from many small streams flowing down from the Ngoc Linh mountain. Since it was formed from it, Thu Bon is always full of life force. The river passes majestic mountains, through the west of Quang Nam, flowing down the Rice paddies. The flow of the river brings freshness, vitality to the trees and land here.

People living on both sides of the Thu Bon River understand the nature of the river. It’s like it also has a personality just like the people. When the river is angry, the water creates raging waves. Other times, the water waves just flow excitedly but never affect the people. When the river is calm, the calmness is reflected in water surface, drifting away peacefully.

What would you get to experience when visiting Thu Bon river?

The Beauty of Sightseeing in Thu Bon River, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Early in the morning, visitors can sit on the boat, and lightly drift along between the vast blue water. As the thin mist gradually dissolve into the green bamboo. Looking up to see the vast, clear blue sky. The people here are friendly and warm. The atmosphere is soothing and gentle to the soul. It can make you feel deeply the beauty of nature and the peacefulness of life. Many tourists who come to The Thu Bon River fall in love with this place. Many artists found their inspiration here. They want to draw the serenity, the beautiful river and express its beauty.

Floating on a rustic wooden boat, tourists will visit Trung Phuoc market. Here you’ll get a chance to see the crowded, busy but still cluttered with the rustic features of the old village market. you can sit down and enjoy a bowl of My Quang.

Those who are passionate about the art of photography will be very excited. This is one of the best tours in Vietnam for photography. The best place to take beautiful pictures on Thu Bon river is the scenery of the two river banks.

What is the best tour for exploring Thu Bon river?

Fishing tour in Hoi An Thu Bon river

The most common way to discover Thu Bon river is to rent a boat. You can start at the Bach Dang or Nguyen Hang port. Rent a port and go along the river to come to Cua Dai beach. You can also choose to go to the upstream and discover the nature there. But to go to the upstream you will have to negotiate with the boat providers.

Another tour is go visit the villages along the river. You can go in the afternoon to feel the freshness. Moc Kim Bong village is the most popular one. The price for this type of tour ranges from 100.000 VND to 150.000 VND, depends on the size of the boat.

We have just found out about an interesting place in Hoi an tour. That is the discovery of the beauty of Thu Bon river. If you want to know more about other Danang Hoi An tour, please mails us direct to

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