Thanh Ha Pottery Village


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Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Located on Thu Bon river bank, Thanh Ha pottery village with over 500 years of establishment and development has made a name for a land. Hoi An is beautiful and attracts tourists not only by the old town. But also by the old traditional villages. With talented hands and enthusiastic hearts of enthusiastic artisans here are day and night plying the soul for the land.

Thanh Ha pottery is beautiful because it is the soul of the people and the land here, waiting for you to visit and discover.

Thanh Ha pottery village

How Thanh Ha pottery village unique?

It’s famous as Bat Trang ceramic village in Hanoi. The pottery village has a long historic heritage attached to it. The tradition dated back to the time when the Nguyen dynasty in Hue invited craftsmen from the Thanh Ha pottery village to style a few decorative as well as useful articles for the palace. This one event accumulated them adequate fame to last them all life. Henceforth, the village started a Mandrain system of grading craftsmen based on their talent. The most gifted held the position.

History of Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery village is characterized by a long tradition in the 16th century. Previously, pottery village was formed in Thanh Chiem village and then transferred to Thanh Ha ward, Hoi An city. Along with the history ups and downs in Hoi An port city.

The craft village also had glorious periods in the XVII – XVII century, which was famous as a “National property” that was promoted by the king so that the good word was rumored.

DSC 1354

Map of Thanh Ha Pottery Village

How the time has gone through here. There are also periods when it seems that the pottery profession here is forgotten. But with the mind and love of the craft, the craft village artists are determined to once again make a living beauty as well as the soul of a traditional craft village. I wonder what Thanh Ha village will be like if pottery is no longer available? It’s hard to answer. But visitors travel to Hoi An don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Thanh Ha pottery is resurrecting and constantly changing itself. At present, the village has become a destination to attract domestic and international tourists, especially since Hoi An ancient town was recognized as a “World Cultural Heritage”.

Visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An

Discover Thanh Ha village visitors not only immersed in a rustic, peaceful village. But also spoiled for choice of souvenirs items or the experience of making their own products Unique ceramic. Thanh Ha pottery is especially made of brown clay, solid and flexible and has high adhesion. Therefore, when going along Hoi An old town. You will see the main color is brown, yellow, dark red … It is the earth color, wood color and also the color of the roof tile made from the pottery village.

Thanh Ha village

Come here, you will also witness the process of creating beautiful ceramic products of talented and skillful craftsmen. Through many stages, the blocks are shaped by hand on the turntable. After that, they bring their products to the sun or cook firewood for quick drying. Finally, these items are put into the kiln. A pottery made by such elaborate and sophisticated. The workers of Thanh Ha are not only skillful and creative.

But they are also people who love the job, love the countryside, cherish, chew and send souls to each land. People can not only observe the steps directly to create a ceramic product through the artistic talents of the artists in the village. But also to create their own products bearing fish markings multiply.

According to long-time artisans in Thanh Ha, the process to make a true ceramic product of Thanh Ha requires a feat and enthusiasm, as well as a talent for the workers to blow the most quintessential soul into the land. From the stage of choosing soil and making soil to the mold on the claw board, the hand kneaded as the whole mind focused on each rotation of the turntable, then when the final product was released, there were many stages.

It’s more sophisticated, more sophisticated and sophisticated. When the finished product continues to experience the sunshine, the ink will be patterned and then put into the kiln. The burning stage is the most important, the fire, the fire and the time must be accurate if not all the ceramic will be damaged, how much effort will become rubble.


When visiting Thanh Ha village, don’t forget to visit Thanh Ha Terracotta Park. It’s the biggest ceramic park in Vietnam. This is like a “Unique” ceramic museum across the country with many markets, exhibitions, museums displaying unique ceramic products. The most special is probably the miniature world, the place where the architectural works of Vietnam and the world wonders of ceramic are reproduced.

Along with the tourism development of the ancient town of Hoi An, the products of Thanh Ha Quang Nam pottery village have been closer to the visitors. And from there, tourists come to Thanh Ha village to visit, shop and immerse themselves in the world of pottery.

Visitors leave Thanh Ha without shopping for themselves a beautiful small pottery as souvenirs bring back as gifts for friends and relatives, it is a waste of travel.


Ticket prices for Thanh Ha pottery village

  • VND 15,000 / person / time.
  • Each ticket is valid for 24 hours.
  • Exemption from the fee for the group of 8 or more guests, contact the speakers at the ticketing place.
  • Fares include: Watching art of pottery-making, discovering pottery artifacts of Mieu Nam Dieu monuments, Dinh Xuan My relics, talents to sharpen pottery and blow children, Receive 1 ceramic product.

Travel to Thanh Ha pottery village, while watching and holding the ceramic products refined. Come here you can feel all the beauty and value of each product. Up to now, Thanh Ha has remained faithful to the traditional craft ceramic production method as a way of retaining the most beautiful and true things of terracotta products, such as the earthly beauty that is pleasing to people.

Thanh Ha Hoi An pottery village is not merely a tourist village. But also a living museum, which holds unique and precious materials about a traditional beauty of Hoi An – Vietnam.

It’s great for

  • Family with teen, couple, handicraft explore

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