Suoi Tien Quang Nam


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Suoi Tien Quang Nam

How  Suoi Tien – Fairy Stream is unique?

The name of Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream) is from the legend. Accordingly, this place used to have thirteen fairies from the sky that often came to play chess with the woodcutter. Because they were so passionate, they forgot the way back. And thirteen white beards of fairies radiate from the top to the foot of the mountain to form thirteen white waterfalls. That is why this ecotourism site is named Fairy stream or called Suoi Tien.

According to the legends, in the previous time, the Fairy Stream was hidden in tall trees and intertwined vines. These wires were woven together. Even, some places have the vines to tie rings around the stream. Finally, this place has never taken the light of the sun and the moon all year round.

Often on the moonlight nights, these fairies came here sat on the circles or the stones to play chess together.

Then one day a woodcutter, who also liked to play chess, came across to see the Fairies are playing chess besides the waterfall with the white water flowing down into a clear blue pond. After seeing the chess game finish, this man stood up, burrowed into the forest to collect firewood. However, when he looked back, he found that his tools had rotted already. And his hair also turned into white  and on his forehead wrote a sentence “one day admiring Fairy”. And then this place was named the Fairy Pond and the stream also named Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream).

Suoi Tien Quang Nam, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Is it worth to visit?

Yes, Suoi Tien has 14 waterfalls and its height from the first fall to the 14th fall around 400m. Each waterfall has its own beauty. Especially, on moonlight days of summer, it brings tourists a great moment to enjoy the moon and waterfall with blue sky. It can be as the paradise which everyone wishes. And Ao Tien Pond on the 3rd waterfall is the ideal place to enjoy the moon.

The journey to reach these 14 waterfall has two routes. The first route is to follow the stream. And another is more dangerous than is to follow the two paths along the stream.

Suoi Tien Quang Nam, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Overcoming obstacles on roads tour in Hoi An, tourists should once come here. Visit Tien stream to discover the mysterious beauty, to fully enjoy the natural masterpiece bestowed on the region.

Travel to Suoi Tien, tourist can enjoy both the romantic natural scenery and the cool water to refresh yourself after a hard working day or noisy at city. Tourists can also combine to visit a history place of famous Ba Thao Young women’s battalion volunteer Relic to learn more of Vietnam history against America and the journey to find independence of Vietnamese.

How to go to Suoi Tien – Fairy Stream ?

Travel from Quang Nam, you follow 1A National Way, and continue on the north to reach Huong An town junction road and then continue on 611 Road. And then from here to the west about 10km to reach the stream, It is great relaxing time on hot days.

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