Phu Ninh Lake
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Phu Ninh Lake

Phu Ninh Lake is a charming landscape painting, attracting tourists with its peaceful space, majestic forests, blue lake and a complex of 32 large and small islands. If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Nam, you definitely should not miss this place. Let’s explore this beautiful lake with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Phu Ninh Lake?

Phu Ninh Lake is located in two districts, Nui Thanh and Phu Ninh, Quang Nam province, Vietnam. About 10 km southwest of Tam Ky city, about 60 km south of Hoi An city and about 88 km southeast of Da Nang city.

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2. How is Phu Ninh lake unique?

In fact, Phu Ninh Lake is an artificial lake with an area of ​​more than 23,000 hectares – currently the second largest artificial lake in Vietnam. This place has an island complex consisting of 30 islands of different sizes. Therefore, Phu Ninh Lake is also known as the “green pearl” of Quang Nam.

Currently, Phu Ninh Lake has been developed into an eco-tourism area with a variety of extremely attractive sightseeing, entertainment, recreation, relaxation and event services.

3. Tickets to visit Phu Ninh Lake

With an entrance ticket to the tourist area of ​​only 70,000 VND/adult and 40,000 VND/child 1m – 1.4m, you can freely experience:

  • Visiting Phu Ninh lake archipelago by wooden boat, speedboat or jet ski.
  • Relaxing in luxury bungalows.
  • Camping in the middle of nature.
  • Taking the kids to an entertainment paradise at the children’s play area.
  • Trekking to explore primeval forests.
  • Hot mineral bath relaxes and heals the body.
  • Experiencing thrilling games.

Note: Each game or experience activity above has different ticket prices, please contact Origin Vietnam for more detailed information.

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4. What is the best time to visit Phu Ninh Lake?

Phu Ninh Lake has its own unique beauty in each season, so you can visit the lake at any time of the year. However, if you want to come here to organize outdoor fun activities, boating, swimming in the lake, etc., you should choose to go in the dry season (early February – late September). In particular, the annual peak tourist season for Phu Ninh Lake will fall from early April to August.

Otherwise, if you want to save more, you can choose the time from September of the previous year to March of the following year. The weather at this time is still favorable for experiential activities, moreover, costs for most tourism services have “cooled down”.

5. How to get to Phu Ninh Lake?

From remote areas, you can take a flight to Chu Lai airport in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province or Da Nang international airport.

  • If you land at Chu Lai airport, you just need to take a taxi or rent a car to travel to Phu Ninh Lake. From the airport, you follow Vo Chi Cong Street and then go to National Highway 1A. Continue moving along National Road 1A to the Northwest until you reach the intersection with provincial road DT614, then turn left onto road DT614. From here, you just need to follow road DT614 southwest for about 9 km to reach Phu Ninh lake.
  • If you fly to Danang international airport, you will follow the following route. From Da Nang city center, follow the direction of Hoa Cam overpass to Truong Chinh street. Continue following National Highway 14B to Da Nang – City Expressway. Quang Ngai – DT614. Once you arrive in Quang Nam province, the area near Tam Ky city, follow the directions to Tam Ngoc commune, then move about 4.5 km more to reach the destination you want to go to.

There are vehicles that can move to Phu Ninh lake that you can refer to

  • Bus: Tourists take the bus from Tam Ky – Da Nang, then get off at station 474 Phan Chu Trinh and then catch a motorbike taxi or rent a taxi to get here.
  • Car: If you rent a self-driving car, tourists travel in the direction of National Highway 1A to reach Tam Ky city. Then, follow the directions to Tam Ngoc commune. From here, just go straight another 4.5 km to reach Phu Ninh lake resort. In addition, you can contact the eco-tourism area directly to arrange a car pick-up and drop-off right at Da Nang airport.
  • Motorbike: Traveling by motorbike will be suitable for those who want to experience traveling to Phu Ninh lake and explore the Da Nang – Quang Nam road. With a route of about 70 km, you also move in the direction of National Highway 1A to Tam Ngoc commune, Tam Ky city, Quang Ninh province to reach Phu Ninh Tam Ky lake.
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6. Activities and experiences at Phu Ninh Lake

After traveling nearly 70 km, you will be able to participate in many interesting activities at Phu Ninh Lake eco-tourism area such as: hot mineral bathing, camping, Zipline skiing, visiting the system of 32 large and small islands. ..

6.1 Hot mineral bath at Phu Ninh lake

The point that makes Phu Ninh Lake much different from other ecotourism areas is the hot mineral bath service. This mineral water mine has been exploited since the French colonial period, pumped from a depth of more than 200m below ground, the temperature is up to 70oC. It contains high mineral content and many trace elements that are beneficial for health. You can freely soak their feet and enjoy a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

6.2 Visiting the rich island system of Phu Ninh lake

In addition to being called the “green pearl” of the Central region, Phu Ninh Lake is also known as miniature Ha Long with a population of 30 large and small islands. Such as: Turtle Island, Mr. Monkey, Su Island,… Each island is planted with many green trees, creating a majestic natural scene.

In addition, the flora and fauna system here is very rich, many species are even listed in the Red Book. Therefore, when coming here, don’t forget to sit on a boat or experience kayaking to freely watch the clouds, sky, river and water become one!

6.3 Experiencing Phu Ninh Lake cable car and interesting games

On the other hand, if you love adventure games, you can experience the longest Zipline route in Vietnam with a length of 750m. This Zipline was built in 2018 and connects from Da Den hill to Island 61. What could be more interesting than traveling in the air and seeing the entire “green pearl” right in your sight?

In addition, this place also has a play area for children as well as services to pull fish to welcome the sunrise, ride a swan boat, participate in a Jet Ski water motorbike or pull a banana float which are equally attractive.

6.4 Camping at Phu Ninh lake

Although this ecotourism area has a room system, when traveling to Phu Ninh Lake, you should not miss the camping experience here. Around the lake there are many empty lots, covered with green trees. This will be the ideal place for visitors to have a campfire, grill meat and chat with friends.

If you are still wondering about renting a tent or preparing food and drinks, don’t worry. The resort has all of the above services and is ready to provide you with the most complete experience.

7. Enjoying specialties when traveling to Phu Ninh Lake

Phu Ninh Lake eco-tourism area has a restaurant area with a rich menu, including many Hoi An – Quang Nam specialties. Some typical dishes here include:

  • Grilled chicken
  • Phu Ninh wine
  • Phu Ninh snail rolls
  • Freshwater fish salad
  • Vegetables are grown in ecological zones
  • Fish dishes caught right at the lake

All seafood at the restaurant is caught directly from the lake to ensure freshness. Thanks to the natural freshwater source of Phu Ninh Lake, when enjoying fish dishes, you will clearly feel the sweetness and firm meat of naturally raised fish. Specialties at Phu Ninh Lake will definitely satisfy even the most demanding diners.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Phu Ninh Lake

When traveling here, you don’t have to worry about where to stay. Because there is a resort here for tourists who want to stay overnight and enjoy high-class amenities. If you want to spend the night in a wild, open space, camping is a great choice.

However, if tourists just want to travel and enjoy all the services at Phu Ninh Lake during the day and return to Tam Ky or Hoi An city to continue the next journey. Then hotels in Tam Ky city are the most suitable choice.

8.1 Resorts:

  • Tam Thanh Natural Beach Resort. Address: Thanh Nien Street, Tam Tien, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Ban Thach Riverside Hotel & Resort. Address: 10, Bach Dang, Tan Thanh Ward, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Tam Thanh Beach Resort & Spa. Address: Ha Thanh 1 Village, Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.

8.2 Hotels:

  • Anh Huy Hotel. Address: 20 Phan Chu Trinh, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam.
  • Viet Thanh Hotel. Address: 39 Duy Tan, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam.
  • Trang Chau Hotel. Address: 77 Phan Boi Chau, Tan Thanh Ward, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam.
  • Muong Thanh Grand Quang Nam Hotel. Address: No. 351A, Hung Vuong, An Xuan Ward, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.

9. Some important notes when traveling to Phu Ninh Lake

To make your trip to Phu Ninh Lake fun and complete, you should refer to the necessary notes below:

  • Using sneakers or soft footwear.
  • You should use insect spray if you plan to visit the forest.
  • Do not leave valuables on canoes, restaurants, or public areas to avoid mishandling or theft.
  • Do not tease wild animals. You should wear a life jacket and follow the instructions of the resort staff when visiting the lake by boat.
  • Limiting the use of fire or use fire in places away from forest systems and strong winds. After using fire tools, use water to extinguish the fire immediately.

Phu Ninh Lake is considered an effective medicine to heal the soul. Just setting foot here will make all your sadness disappear. Hopefully the above sharing about Phu Ninh Lake by Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator, has helped you gain more useful experiences to prepare for your adventure tour in Vietnam to explore this exciting mountainous region.

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