My Son Sanctuary


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My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is a relic of ancient temple towers leftover from ancient Cham culture. Thanks to the architectural and cultural values, this place was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1999. After Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary is the second world cultural heritage of Quang Nam province.

image of My Son Sanctuary

How My Son Sanctuary is unique?

My Son Sanctuary is a complex of Cham Pa temple. My Son is captivating in various cultural values as an example of evolution and change in culture. And it is as an evidence of an Asian civilization which is now extinct.

My Son Sanctuary is a group of more than 70 structures and mainly temples and towers. It was built by Cham Kings to commemorate important events during their reign. And every time they have a new king, they build a new temple. Each temple reflects a typical architecture which gives a historical stage of the Champa kingdoms. My Son sanctuary is really a vivid proof reflecting Cham-style architecture, influenced by India style.

Tra Kieu is 20 km to the west, 45 km to Hoi An to the west, 68 km to Danang from the southwest, and to Hue from the ancient capital of 145 km to the south. This area is located in a valley with a diameter of about 2 km, surrounded by hills and mountains. This was once the place of sacrifice, as well as the tomb area of the kings and princes of the ancient Champa dynasties.

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Top things to do in My Son Sanctuary

Although it is a cultural monument preserved by the State, My Son Sanctuary is still open to welcome tourists coming here to visit. This is the chance to admire and learn about the unique culture of the ancient Cham people. Highlights of the monument are the ancient Champa architecture such as stele, Siva statue, mascots, dancers as well as the temple system with unique architectural style.

In order to fully explore this entire relic area, you need to understand the overall and the map of the holy area. The overall My Son Holy Land consists of two hills, facing each other in two directions: east and west. In the middle, is a small stream, the branches diverge in the directions and accidentally become natural boundaries divided. This place is a cluster of small temple towers named after the Latin letters A, B, C, D…

The first place to visit is the hill A area. From here, visitors can observe the entire area. This is an area where the towers are in the process of being restored, mainly the roofless towers, statues and ancient stelae, which attract a lot of interested people to learn.

Crossing to Zone B, visitors will be able to visit 1 main tower and 3 auxiliary towers located on the western hill.

The last area is Zone C of the towers and monuments in the south. This is the most typical area of My Son, with many temples, inscriptions, monuments, reliefs and various sculptures.

Each cluster of monuments is surrounded by brick walls. The centre is the main tower, and around there will be auxiliary towers or auxiliary works with smaller and lower dimensions. At each main tower will have two doors leading to the east and west, each door has a staircase leading to an arched with intricately sculpted patterns.

Each tower has a separate function, and worship the gods according to the beliefs of the Cham Pa people. The main temple symbolizes Mount Meru, and the auxiliary temples worship the gods of heaven and earth.

At the centre of the My Son Sanctuary is the main tower called Kalan. This is the tallest tower with a height of up to 24 meters, the square bottom of the tower with each side 10 meters long. Inside the tower is a huge set of Linga – Yoni, but now only the Yoni stone pedestal is left.

To build the relics of My Son Sanctuary, the ancient Cham people mainly used fired bricks. The bricks are neatly trimmed and skillfully stacked without using any adhesive. The miracle is that it can survive for centuries without being weathered, only partially cracked. Only then can you see signs of moss

In the relic also preserves a treasure of ancient Champa culture. There is the system of stone statues sculpting the gods as well as carved patterns in the beliefs of the Champa people. The Cham construction, sculpture and carvings techniques have truly reached their peak, meticulously decorated, lifelike, showing respect to the gods. Besides, they believing that children, people living in nature and the universe always have a close harmony.

After visiting the monuments in My Son sanctuary. Visitors can experience the culture of the ancient Champa through the performances of artisans here, such as the trumpet or Cham dance. Especially, the enchanting Siva dance will make visitors feel lost in a mysterious land in the mountains.

Performed on all days of the week (except for non-performance days as having a business trip with a notice), according to specific rates:

  • 1: 9h15
  • 2: 10h45
  • 3: 14h00
  • 4: 15:30.

The performing arts at the foot of the Tower are as follows: Morning: 10:00 – Afternoon: 14h45. It will be great to visit My Son Sanctuary on the occasion of Kate festival taking place in July each year according to the Cham calendar. This is one of the biggest traditional festivals of the Cham people, held to commemorate the gods and ancestors who have blessed and maintained peace, good luck, good rain and wind.

My Son Sanctuary

How to go there?

My Son Sanctuary is located about 40 kilometers west of Hoi An, and about 70 kilometers southwest of Danang city. It’s in the territory of Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province,

There are many different ways to travel to My Son. Specifically:

– You can go by motorbike or bus, car from other regions along the North-South route. There are stops through Quang Nam, from there along 610 route of Duy Xuyen district to find the way to Duy Phu commune.

– Aircraft are convenient and fastest means. You can choose a flight to land at Chu Lai or Da Nang airport. There are many airlines like Vietjet air, Vietnam airline, Jetstar Pacific makes your choice easier.

– Traveling by train is also the choice of many travelers for its convenience. Quang Nam has two stations,Tam Ki Station and Tra Kieu Station. If you want to stop for a while in Da Nang, you can choose Da Nang Station. Guests need to follow the train schedule to book a ticket to suit the My Son trip from Da Nang here also.

When is the best time to visit My Son Sanctuary?

If you want to visit My Son completely, the most ideal time is from January to August. In the remaining months, due to the rainy season, the weather here greatly affects the trip of the tourists.

My Son Sanctuary can be visited all days of the week including holidays, opening hours here from 6:00 am – 5:00 pm. Except for cases where night performances are provided for groups booked or anniversaries Remembrance special. So leave visitors must go on during the day and not to stay at night.

Recommended accommodation close to My Son Sanctuary

My Son Heritage Resort & Spa

  • Address: My Son, Duy Phu, Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam

Hotel Royal Hoian

  • Address: 38 Dao Duy Tu, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Terra Cotta Homestay & Hostel

  • Address: Group 24,Nam Dieu, Pham Phan, Hoian

Riverside Pottery Village

  • Address: 422 Hung Vuong, Thanh Ha, Hoian, Quang Nam

What to eat in My Son?

Regarding the cuisine, tourists coming to Quang Nam in general and My Son Sanctuary in particular can choose specialties here such as Quang noodle, Cao Lau… On the way, you can enjoy the dishes of Cau Mong veal, chicken noodles or Phu Chiem noodles nearby.

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