Cham Island


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Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham is located in Tan Hiep island commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. In 2009, Cu Lao Cham was recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve (Cu Lao Cham Marine Park). It became an attractive destination for eco-tourism, snorkeling and diving. Cham Island is like a rough gem undiscovered. Let’s explore the Cham island travel experiences below.

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How Cham Island is unique?

Cu Lao Cham is not only famous for the long-standing cultural heritage of the Cham and Vietnamese people. It is also an attractive eco-tourism site, with a cool year-round climate, flora and fauna and seafood very diverse. Especially resources nests here are very rich. Referring to Cu Lao Cham is referring to the coral reefs that have been researched and put into protection list by scientists.

Cham Island consists of 8 islands: Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Kho mother, Hon Kho con, Hon La, Hon Tai and Hon Ong. The population on these islands is about 3,000 people. To get to the island, you need to go by canoe.

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Top things to do in Cham Island

1. Museum of Cu Lao Cham marine

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The first stop when the boat arrives at Cu Lao Cham pier is the Cu Lao Cham marine museum. In here, you can learn the history, traditions, festivals, sea products, etc.

2. Ancient Cham well

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It is also known as Gieng Xom Cam, dating back about 200 years. It is located at the junction of concrete roads of the Cam neighbourhood. The structure of the well has the same characteristics as many other types of Cham wells in Hoi An such as a round tube, a round well shape, a square of the well, at each corner there is a square pillar, the heart of the well is built in the style of “towel ring” ”.

People in Bai Lang village said that Gieng Xom Cam is an abundant source of water for people in the area. A special feature is the water of this well never runs dry, even in the driest season.

3. Hai Tang Pagoda

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Hai Tang Pagoda was built in 1758 at the foot of the mountain to the west of Hon Lao Island. Inside the pagoda, there is a diaphragm, a gold-plated couplet, huge statues and a large bell. This is the place where people and traders come to the Buddha and pray for a blessing on the way to do business.

4. Tan Hiep Market

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Coming to Cu Lao Cham, tourists shouldnot miss Tan Hiep market. Many people call it Cu Lao Cham Market, located right in the dock area. The market sells forest, sea specialities and souvenirs. Guests often buy half-dried cuttlefish here as a gift for friends and relatives. In the market, you can also bargain but often a little bit only because the seller did not say to overcharge.

5: Bai Chong

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Bai Chong is one of the most beautiful beach in Cu Lao Cham. Bai Chong’s nature features fine white sand, clean beaches, smooth green vegetation with natural gaps flowing down from the mountains to create interesting rock formations.

Because many tourists choose Bai Chong beach as a place to relax, tourism here is also highly appreciated and developed. Hostels, restaurants, resting places, fresh water baths, etc. are all built to cater to the needs of your travel need.

6: Bai Huong

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This is not an ideal beach for swimming because there are many boats here. But if you are seafood lover let come here for the fresh one.

7: Bai Xep

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Bai Xep nature brings a wild, rustic beauty. Not as famous as Bai Chong, Bai Lang, Bai Ong, … but Bai Xep beach gives a good impression of the gentle little waves, beat the banks and beautiful coral beaches. Bai Xep is not invested in tourism because this is the main place for tourists to dive to see the coral. Normally, tourists coming to Cu Lao Cham often go to see the coral here first and then visit the beaches for swimming and relax.

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How to go there?

To arrive in Cu Lao Cham, tourists must search for transportation to Da Nang or Hoi An. Then from Da Nang to Hoi An after that from Hoi An to continue moving to Cu Lao Cham.


  • By Planes

Hoi An City is located in Quang Nam. But the airport closest to Hoi An is in Danang. Air tickets to Danang are numerous. Such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar or Vietjet Air flights to serve your trip. From Da Nang airport to Hoi An, you will take about 40 minutes to go with a distance of 30km. You can choose to rent a private car at the airport or taxi with a relatively high price to Hoi An. Or a more economical way is to take bus number 1 from Danang bus station to Hoi An bus station. However, to get the best health and state to move to the next destination, taxi or airport car is still a good choice.

  • By Train

Currently, there are many trains with the route Hanoi – Da Nang or Saigon – Da Nang with prices from 400,000 to 1,200,000 depending on the type of seat. It takes about 14 – 20 hours to travel from Hanoi or Saigon to Da Nang. So if you are not in good health or motion sickness. You should find a suitable and convenient transfer for yourself. And to move from Da Nang station to Hoi An you also have different options. Such as bus, taxi, bus or motorbike.

  • By Coach

When travelling from Hanoi to Da Nang there are many car brands you can choose. Such as Vu Loc, Van Khoi, Kim Lien, Camel Travel, etc with prices ranging from 310,000 to 350,000 VND. For tourists travelling from Saigon to Da Nang city, bus fares range from VND 350,000 to VND 400,000 with many car companies to choose from.

Transportation from Hoi An to Cham island

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There are two types of transportation to Cham island are canoes and wooden boats

1: Canoe

If you want to save more time for your trip. The canoe is the best transportation to Cham island. Because your journey takes only 20 minutes to reach the destination. The price when using a canoe is quite high: 150,000 VND / person but very suitable for those who like thrills, rushing on the sea with high speed. There are many day trips from Cua Dai wharfin the day. You can buy tickets at the point of sale or agents in the old town.

2: Wooden Boat

Wooden boats have cheaper tickets but travel at a slower pace. It’s suitable for those who like to feel floating at sea, watching the landscape. You should arrive at Bach Dang wharf at 7 am or Cua Dai wharf at 8 am to buy tickets. Wooden boat ticket price is 50,000 / person for Vietnamese and 100,000 / person for foreign tourists. If you bring a motorbike, VND 30,000 / vehicle. Afternoon boat departs at Cu Lao Cham wharf at 13 o’clock.

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When is the best time to go to Cham Island?

For areas like Cu Lao Cham, the best time to have a full travel experience is from March to August. At this time, Cu Lao Cham is very quiet, peaceful, suitable for together you and your family schedule to explore this interesting land. In other months, the sea often has storms, big waves. Do that boats are not allowed to go to sea and the islands will be almost isolated, so it is not interesting to visit Cu Lao Cham at that time.

Snorkling in Cham Island

For travellers who want a trip combining Cham Island and Hoi An ancient town. Especially on the lunar full moon days are the wisest choice. At that time, Cu Lao Cham was beautiful in heart and Hoi An shimmering, sparkling in the lanterns and poetic flower festivals. Sure that your holiday in Hoi An will be more memorable ever.

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If you are interested in traditional and folk festivals here. You can arrange a time to Cu Lao Cham on festivals. Such as Fishing Bridge Festival (March – April or April Lunar Calendar), The death anniversary of Yen’s Nest (September, October, March of the Lunar Calendar).

To travel to Cu Lao Cham most convenient, people often take the Cham Island Tour to make it most convenient for going to the Island and participating in all the outdoor fun activities such as Cano moving, snorkeling and watching coral, sightseeing and dining tickets at the Island.

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Recommended accommodation in Hoi An Cham island

Hammock Homestay

  • Address: Tan Hiep, Hoian, Quang Nam Province

Sunday Homestay – Cham Island Homestay

  • Address: Bai Lang, Cu Lao Cham, Quang Nam Province

Gia Thanh Homestay

  • Address: Bai Lang, Cu Lao Cham, Quang Nam Province

Trang Vu Homestay

  • Address: Cham Island, Hoian, Quang Nam Province

Homestay Ngo Khanh

  • Address: Bai Lang, Cu Lao Cham, Quang Nam Province

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What to eat?

  • Steamed Snail Meat is a crispy, sweet and strange mouth. Eating steamed snails is an indispensable cup of ginger fish sauce, the spicy taste of ginger and chilli makes the dish simple and delicious.
  • Grilled Scallops Onions with ivory white meat, delicious, sweet taste, not very tough. When enjoying, visitors will feel the sweetness of scallop, fleshy of roasted peanuts, the aromatic scent from scallions mingled with sweet and sour sauce.
  • Grilled Beef Cakes With a goldfish skin, the white meat of the delicacy of the dish has ecstatic so many visitors, I guarantee that you enjoy
  • The wild vegetable is collected and processed by the people into wild foods but rich in mountain flavours. It can be said that this dish makes a special difference in Cu Lao Cham
  • Half dried cuttlefish: The only squid can make delicious half-dried cuttlefish. People choose the squid just brought from the sea and still fresh, then only exposed once crispy sunshine.

It’s great for

  • Solo traveler, Young people, Family with teen

Boat trip to Cham Island is one of the best day trips in Vietnam offer by Origin Travel. Hope you enjoy trip very much.

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