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Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Cam Thanh coconut village is about three kilometer from the World Heritage Site of Hoian ancient town. Travel to Hoian, apart from discover the unique of the ancient town, countryside with different villages will bring you to enjoy different beauties and handicrafts.

Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Nowadays, Cam Thanh Coconut Village becomes a popular tourist attraction in Hoian to touch ecotourism at Bay Mau Palm forest and peaceful countryside with passing through rice fields.

Especially, while you travelling to Hoian at Cam Thanh village, you can imagine like you are discovering Mekong Delta area in South Vietnam. This is the famous destination for riverlife and coconut province of My Tho and Ben Tre.

How Cam Thanh coconut village is unique?

Travelling to Cam Thanh village at Bay Mau palm forest, you will feel as travelling to Mekong delta. You can row a basket boat through the small rivers, canals and ditches and passing through two sides of coconut. Visiting this palm forest you can experiment as fishermen and join in some water games activities. When you reach here late afternoon, you can combine to visit the palm forest and enjoy the sunset over the river. One of the amazing feeling when you visit Hoian. Especially you can have a wooden boat to have a fishing net to get the great experience.

Yes, from Hoian ancient town, you can travel by road to Cam Thanh Ecological Village. With 3km from Hoian, you can rent a bicycle or motorbike and discover this beautiful village. The best recommendation is cycling to the village because you can stop on the way to see local daily life. Discover more of life and people as well as easy to shoot nice photo. The road leading to the village of Cam Thanh with straight lines, coconut roofed houses nestled gracefully next to the high-rise houses, etc.

And when visiting this peaceful countryside, you will have chance to get back the history of Vietnam War. It was a fierce battlefield. In the war years, Cam Thanh people of Quang Nam were known as the land of steel to again the enemy to find the independent for the country.

Using boats, basket boat in coconut forest you will be assured of safety by being equipped with life jackets. You consult the price of boat rental, basket boat as per your experience to go to the Seven Mau Coconut Forest.

Cam Thanh Coconut Village, ORIGIN VIETNAM

How to travel to Cam Thanh Coconut village?

According to experience, you can go here by 2 ways as follows:

By water way:

The fastest river way is to go to Hoi An market, you take a boat trip along the river from Bach Danang pier to reach Bay Mau coconut forest.

By Road:

You start from Tran Phu street and then turn to Nguyen Duy street. After that you turn right to go to Tran Nhan Tong street and go ahead to Bay Mau Coconut Forest Seven acres.

Cam Thanh Coconut Village, ORIGIN VIETNAM

What to see in Cam Thanh ecological village?

1. Bay Mau coconut forest

Cam Thanh village refers to as Bay Mau coconut forest has been rising for 200 years. The number of coconut, which was brought by southwestern immigrants. And they completely matched the favorable soil and water conditions of the central area in Cam Thanh village. Beginning with a few hectares, and then the coconut bushes have naturally grown right into a forest with a complete space of over 100 hectares.

From generations to generations, the coconut forest is the home to numerous aquatic species. It has protected Cam Thanh villagers from waves from the sea and safeguarded the world biosphere reserve Cham Islands. When you first visit Cam Thanh village and especially at Bay Mau forest, the impression is at this forest with hundreds of hectares of palms or called coconut. The forest stretched near Cua Dai to Cam Thanh village which is called as Mekong Delta of South Vietnam in Hoian.

To discover its beauties, you can make a basket boat or called Thung Chai to reach closely in Bay Mau forest. You row through the tranquil river and enjoy the ecotourism site to reach a big river where you can spend more time on bigger wooden boat to have fishing net or enjoy the sunset over the river.

Cam Thanh Coconut Village, ORIGIN VIETNAM

2. Handicraft careers in Cam Thanh village

Also travel to Cam Thanh village, you should not miss handicraft careers by local people. This place offers many handicraft careers to experience. First must talk about is bamboo workshop. Thanks to the passion of a local man and then he introduces unique bamboo products. By skillful hands, bamboo tree can make into special products such as bicycle, table, chair, spoon, chopstick, etc for daily life.

Additional to, famous for coconut, local people make products from coconut leaves to make to thatched roof for houses, restaurants, homestay, etc.

Factually, coming here you can the process of making a thatched roof with the most skillful which remains for many years.

3. Buffalo riding

Why should not try a different experience? Infact, buffalo riding is an exciting experience in Cam Thanh village. You can ride a buffalo through peaceful countryside to enjoy its beauties and meet local people on fields.

4. Be a local farmer

Let make an interesting experience at this village by being a local farmer. You can step your foot into the field, be a local farmer and grow rice, catch fish on field. It will be a memorial time while you visit Cam Thanh village. It can be said that for all visitors, especially foreign tourists, it is very interesting to have a chance to visit Cam Thanh eco village, to do farming, pick vegetables, catch fish, plow and even ride buffalo in the field.

Although you have a short time, you can combine all these activities in Hoi An tour one day to discover Cam Thanh village. The village is becoming famous for a homestay. So don’t surprise when you travel to village, you can see many villa, guesthouse and homestay, etc. Yes the village bring you to the authentic life in Hoian.

What to eat in Cam Thanh Coconut village?

Hoian is famous from ancient times with delicious dishes. Such as: Quang noodles, fish ball noodles, Nam O fish salad, cake xeo, beat…

Therefore, travel to Cam Thanh you will enjoy the specialities dishes in Hoi An. There are many restaurants, food is very delicious, attractive with reasonable price.

Coming to Cam Thanh village and Bay Mau Coconut Forest after having fun, sightseeing, eating and drinking, the rest of the beautiful moments here is indispensable

Cam Thanh Coconut Village, ORIGIN VIETNAM

When is the best time to go to Cam Thanh village?

Hoi An has four distinct seasons. In order to have the convenience of sightseeing, entertainment and activities in the coconut forest, we encourage you to travel coconut forest at the following times to avoid hot and cold weather:

Cam Thanh Coconut Village, ORIGIN VIETNAM

January to June: At this time the weather in Cam Thanh is cool, slightly chilly like in Dalat. Very suitable for any exploration and tourism activities in the river region.

July to September: This is summer season so it is very hot. The climate can be more than 35 degree. So to enjoy its beauties, the best time to visit is in morning or late afternoon when the weather is cool and not very sunny.

October to December: During this time the weather is cool in Cam Thanh coconut village, sometimes with rain, but not much. At the end of October to November it can be have heavy rain and sometimes has flood.

December is cool and sometime cold and ideal to travel at any time of the day.

Cam Thanh Coconut Village, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Coming to Cam Thanh Coconut Forest after having fun, sightseeing, eating and drinking, the rest of the beautiful moments here is indispensable.

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