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Cam Thanh Coconut Village

As one of the famous eco-tourism areas of Hoi An, Cam Thanh coconut village is a place visited by many tourists. Coming here, you will enjoy the fresh air of the fresh green coconut forest and moments of sitting on a yacht in a peaceful setting. Let’s explore this beautiful eco-tourism area with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Cam Thanh coconut forest?

Cam Thanh coconut forest is located at Group 2, Can Nhan village, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. About 6 km east of Hoi An ancient city, about 30 km from Da Nang city and about 125 km southeast of Hue city.

Cam Thanh Coconut Village

2. How is Cam Thanh coconut village unique?

Cam Thanh coconut forest tourist area is also famous as Hoi An coconut garden, Hoi An Cam Thanh forest or Hoi An Marble Cam Thanh coconut village. The tourist attraction of this place is the peaceful natural scenery from the lush green coconut forests. With clear water and river cruises with rustic basket boats.

According to local people, Cam Thanh coconut forest existed about 200 years ago. At that time, migrants from the Southwest region brought water coconuts with them and planted them in this area. Especially with water and soil support, the trees gradually grow and develop into a large forest of about 7 acres (7 hectares). Thus, the name Cam Thanh coconut forest also comes from there (although currently the coconut forest has an area of ​​up to 100 hectares).

During the war, the coconut forest was an important revolutionary base that helped the Vietnamese army and people win many heroic battles. Today, take advantage of the natural beauty of the vast coconut forest. This place has been exploited to become a well-known eco-tourism area and is one of the famous tourist destinations in Hoi An.

3. When is the best time to visit the Cam Thanh coconut village?

To have the most ideal visit to the Cam Thanh coconut forest, you can choose 1 of the following 3 time frames:

  • February to April: Hoi An’s weather at this time is cool, dry, no sunshine, very suitable for a trip to the river land.
  • May to July: During this time, Hoi An ancient town, has many interesting ceremonies. Therefore, you can end your tour of Cam Thanh coconut village with a lantern experience. But the climate at this time is quite hot and sunny, so you need to pay attention to this point.
  • August to November: At this time, the climate in the Cam Thanh coconut forest is cool, with little rain. Thus, you can choose the occasion of the full moon, right at the very attractive flower lantern relaxation ceremony.
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4. How to get to Cam Thanh coconut village?

4.1 From Hoi An to Cam Thanh coconut forest

With a starting point from Hoi An city, you have 2 ways to get to Bay Mau forest:

  • Going by river: You will catch a boat at Bach Dang wharf right in Hoi An ancient town. After that, the boat will take you to the coconut forest along the Thu Bon river.
  • Follow the road: starting from Hoi An city, you will go on Tran Nhan Tong street. Then cross Cua Dai bridge and go another half kilometer to reach the coconut forest. With this route, it only takes you about 10 minutes to drive.

4.2 From Da Nang city to Cam Thanh coconut forest

With the starting point being Da Nang city, you can choose 1 of 2 routes to get to the coconut forest:

  • First Route: Starting from Dragon Bridge, you drive to Hoi An Ancient Town following the directions Ngo Quyen – Ngu Hanh Son. After that, you will move from the old town to the coconut forest using 1 of 2 options as above.
  • Second Route: You start from Dragon Bridge, run all the way to Vo Van Kiet street, then turn right onto Vo Nguyen Giap street. Going straight to Lac Long Quan street, turn onto Tran Nhan Tong street. Keep going straight to the foot Cua Dai bridge, go another 500 minutes to reach Cam Thanh coconut village.
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5. Activities and experiences at Cam Thanh coconut forest

Cam Thanh coconut village is famous as the second Mekong River Delta of Vietnam. Many tourists were surprised when they first saw a Western-like place appearing in the middle of Central Vietnam. Which is very characteristic of wind and sea.

Visiting the coconut forest, you will experience folk entertainment activities and extremely lively underwater performances.

5.1 Taking a basket boat excursion and admire the coconut forest

The coconut forest is famous for its simple but extremely safe basket boats. These boats will take you on a cruise on river channels with clear water. On both sides are coconut trees stretching out into the middle of the river, the atmosphere of the excursion is extremely cool and peaceful. The time to sit on a boat and admire the scenery is very suitable for you to take some chill photos as souvenirs.

5.2 Admiring the basket dance performance in the middle of the river

The image of an artist sitting on a basket boat moving the oars, causing the boat and the surrounding water to move, will probably make you remember it forever. The scene may make you think of the image of a skillful boatman alone in the middle of a storm.

Besides, the shouts on the shore combined with the artist’s powerful movements. And the boat’s constant movement on the water create a vibrant atmosphere. You can sign up to sit on that boat and feel the strong shaking of the basket boat.

5.3 Experiencing countless interesting folk games

Bay Mau coconut garden tourist area will help you experience fun and equally attractive folk games. Such as balance bike riding across the river, boat racing, tug of war, blindfolded rice pot beating,…Coming to Cam Thanh coconut forest – a miniature Western region in the middle of Hoi An, you definitely have to experience these games. Although simple, they are guaranteed to be incredibly fun.

5.4 Making handmade souvenirs from coconut leaves

The most abundant coconut forest is coconut leaves. Not only are they used to wrap cakes, make fires, and roof roofs. Coconut leaves were also a material to make small toys for children in the past. Coming to Cam Thanh coconut village, you will experience using coconut leaves to make rings, locusts, hats, and flowers.

The gifts are made from rustic coconut leaves, but are as elaborate and beautiful as other lavish gifts. If you want to give something you made yourself, you can ask the artisans for guidance.

5.5 Enjoying artistic fishing performances

For tourists who are not people from river or coastal areas. Watching a net thrown into the middle of the sea will certainly be very strange. In the coconut forest, you will have the opportunity to sit on boats and directly watch artisans cast fishing nets.

You will be able to watch the moment a large net is thrown into the middle of the river. If you want, you can cast the net directly. You can enjoy this fishing performance at dusk. Thanks to the sunset and the orange-yellow afternoon sunlight, the surrounding space becomes even more poetic. It is very suitable for creating lifelong photos.

5.6 Fishing in the coconut forest

Just like the Mekong Delta, the coconut forest has a lot of fish. You can register to fish and enjoy the relaxing feeling of waiting for the fish to bite, while fishing and enjoying the cool air. Most especially, you will be able to fish on a basket boat, walk by the basket boat while fishing. Even admiring the scenery and enjoying the cool breeze.

5.7 Cycling to Cam Thanh village

After admiring the green coconut forest, rent a bicycle and stroll around Cam Thanh village. The journey will help you immerse yourself in the beautiful, idyllic space of the vast rice fields. And inhale the countryside air with the scent of ripe rice.

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6 Specialties when traveling to Cam Thanh coconut forest

Visiting the Bay Mau coconut garden for fun is not enough, you also have to enjoy delicious meals to complete the tour. If you come here, you can experience the following delicious specialties:

  • Grilled fish: With the characteristics of a river region, Cam Thanh coconut forest produces delicious fresh fish. You can experience dishes from stingrays, mackerel, birds, etc. Among the fish dishes from braised to soup, perhaps grilled fish with a light scent of charcoal is the most delicious and is praised by many tourists.
  • Coconut tea: The coconut forest will definitely have a lot of coconuts. Besides, Nipa coconut sweet soup is one of the famous delicacies in the coconut forest. It is cool and lightly sweet, very suitable for days spent wandering around the coconut forest.
  • Banana flower salad: This is a delicious rustic dish of the Cam Thanh coconut village region. The dish only has sliced ​​banana flowers, shrimp and meat mixed with fish sauce. But after one bite you want to eat a second or third bite.
  • Grilled meat rolled in corn leaves: Chicken marinated with spices is rolled around corn leaves, then grilled under charcoal. This delicious dish is rolled with rice paper, raw vegetables and dipped in special sauce. Grilled chicken is fragrant and sweet because it is marinated with spices and wrapped around very fragrant corn leaves. Eaten with rice paper and vegetables, it is irresistibly delicious.
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7. What to prepare when visiting Cam Thanh coconut village?

To fully enjoy your visit to Cam Thanh coconut forest, you need to prepare a few items to bring with you:

  • Some dry food and water so your sightseeing won’t be interrupted by hunger.
  • A phone or camera to capture beautiful, idyllic images of the Cam Thanh coconut forest.
  • A hat to cover your head as most activities take place outdoors.
  • A small umbrella in your bag or conical hat for rainy days.
  • Medicine to prevent seasickness because the highlight of the tour is the moments of sitting on a basket boat watching the green coconut trees.
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8. Accommodation when traveling to Cam Thanh coconut village

Because Cam Thanh coconut forest is very close to Hoi An ancient town. So when traveling here, Hoi An Ancient Town is your ideal place to stay. You can refer to some hotels below:

8.1 Resorts:

  • La Siesta Hoi An Resort & Spa. Address: 132 Hung Vuong, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Osaka Riverside Villa & Spa. Address: Cam Ha, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.
  • A Little Luxury Hotel & Spa. Address: 86 Tran Hung Dao, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Christina’s Hoi An. Address: Tra Que Vegetable Village, Cam Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

8.2 Hotels:

  • Anh Duong Hoi An Hotel. Address: 02 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
  • Kiman Hoi An Hotel. Address: No. 461 – 463 Hai Ba Trung Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.
  • Little Town Villa. Address: 239 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Melody Boutique Villa. Address: 01 Phan Ngoc Nhan, Cam Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

8.3 Homestays

  • Coconut Garden Homestay. Address: 122 Nguyen Khoa, Cam Nam, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Horizon Homestay Hoi An. Address: 23 Xuan Dieu, Tan An, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • An Hoi Town Homestay. Address: 109 Nguyen Phuc Tan, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

9. Some famous tourist destinations near Cam Thanh coconut forest

If, after visiting the Cam Thanh coconut village, you still want to wander somewhere before returning to the hotel to rest. You have two optimal options to continue having fun, which are:

9.1 Visiting Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An is a famous tourist city in Vietnam. Especially, with nostalgic scenery, this place has a wild and rustic beauty that attracts many tourists from all over. Coming here, you will enjoy the feeling of being immersed in the ancient scenery of Vietnam. With ancient houses, rustic cyclos and shops with countless delicious Quang dishes. Such as Cao Lau, banh Xeo, Hoi An sweet soup, mussel rice,…

9.2 Admiring Cua Dai beach

Cua Dai Beach stands out among nature with white sand dunes and clear blue water. The beach is only about 4 km from Hoi An ancient town. If you come to Cua Dai beach from April to October, the cool Cua Dai beach is very suitable for outdoor parties. Cua Dai beach is beautiful both at dawn and at dawn. You can watch the peaceful sea view or live virtually with some chill photos with the wide ocean.

9.3 Hoi An Bridge Pagoda

Hoi An Bridge Pagoda is located in the ancient town area of ​​Hoi An in Quang Nam province, this place is also called Japanese bridge or Lai Vien Kieu. Covered Bridge was built in the 17th century by a number of Japanese merchants who contributed money together, so it is called Japanese pagoda. According to ancient legend, the Cau Pagoda is a sword stabbed into the back of the monster Namazu to say not to swing its tail and not to have an earthquake.

9.4 Hoi An Market

Located in the heart of the old town, Hoi An market is a bustling culinary paradise. This is a tourist destination that makes it difficult for many tourists to leave once they get lost when visiting Hoi An. Not just a trading place, this place possesses many unique architectural features of ancient Vietnam. Belonging to a busy tourist destination, Hoi An market is a convergence of delicious dishes at surprisingly cheap prices.

Bay Mau coconut forest 4

10. Some important notes when traveling to Cam Thanh coconut forest

Make your trip to the Cam Thanh coconut village meaningful and complete. Please refer to some of the following notes:

  • The ideal time to visit the Cam Thanh coconut village is early in the morning or after 4pm to limit the sun.
  • Preparing an umbrella, jacket or sunscreen when going during sunny days
  • Preparing a waterproof bag for electrical items to ensure safety when traveling on the river.
  • You should only wear low sandals and avoid wearing shoes in the water to avoid getting wet.
  • Avoid bringing a lot of items such as money, jewelry or expensive phones because they can easily fall into the water.
  • You should wear discreet, comfortable, neat clothes to easily move in the coconut forest, avoid wearing high heels or short skirts.
  • Always wear a life jacket and do not play around when boating to ensure your safety.
  • Children must always be accompanied by an adult to ensure safety.
  • Maintaining general hygiene, do not litter indiscriminately.

Traveling to Hoi An, you must definitely visit the Cam Thanh coconut forest. You will see the scenery of an extremely rustic and simple village, along with the warmth and hospitality of the local people here. It is an unforgettable destination in the heart of beautiful Central Vietnam.

If you are planning your vacation to Cam Thanh coconut village in Hoi An. Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – a professional tour operator. With a team of consultants, tour operators and experienced and dedicated local guides. We will take you on a memorable tour in Hoi An to enjoy a lots of fun in Cam Thanh coconut forest with unforgettable experiences.

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