Cu Chi Tunnel


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Cu Chi Tunnels

Not only a famous military work of Vietnam and the world is a national-level historical monument. Cu Chi Tunnels are also an attractive destination for tourists. If you want to explore this place, please take a note of the Cu Chi Tunnels travel experience below!

Cu Chi Tunnels

How Cu Chi Tunnels is unique?

Located about 70 km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City to the Northwest, Cu Chi Tunnels are the place to shrink the transformation and creativity battle of the Cu Chi army and people during the long, fierce resistance for 30 years fight against invading enemies, gain independence and freedom for the Fatherland. With its stature, Cu Chi tunnels have entered the history of the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people as a legend of the 20th century and become a famous place in the world.

This is a unique and unique wonder against the enemy with about 250 km of tunnels spreading like a spider web in the ground, with works linked to the tunnels such as Trenches, mounds, fighting nests, and food stalls. , sleeping, meetings, activities, military medicine, food is a hidden storage, wells, Hoang Cam kitchen …

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Top things to do in Cu Chi Tunnels

Travel activities have many itineraries available and are closely followed by the guide throughout the journey. For the most part, visitors are exploring underground tunnels and terrestrial entertainment venues.

With the games on the ground, you will first be taken a tour later for visitors to get acquainted and introduce to those who love, then you will be able to participate in the games.

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There are many activities here: bicycle rental for walking, swimming, camping, eating … and boating, canoeing, duck (swan). Most of the games you have to buy more tickets. And remember to enjoy the cool air on the Saigon River. Some games that you can not ignore such as:

War simulation game. Travelling to Cu Chi Tunnels, this is an activity not to be missed. Visitors will be involved in disassembling guns, mock battles with paint guns and shooting sports defense guns.

Camping and picnic by the river. This is a hobby that many people enjoy, especially families or groups of friends. Before going, you should also prepare a camping tent and necessary supplies.

This is the most interesting thing that tourists want to experience when travelling to Cu Chi Tunnels. This place has the same structure as the tree root hotel in the Doremon series. This place is also rated as one of the 10 most attractive underground works in the World.

It is worth a visit Cu Chi Tunnels

There is little drinking water in the cellar and there is no toilet, so bring water with you. If you forget your glasses, flashlights … you have to go to the ground and prepare from the beginning when you go up, you will not be able to return in the middle of the trip.

The number of doors is not much, only the main aisle and secret doors. Secret paths are difficult to go and are only for those with adventurous blood.

The main aisles are also relatively wide. In the past, this was a trench leading to the cellar or the place where the wounded soldiers were stretched, the food supply was provided, but later it was expanded – reinforced. Entering the inner base, you will find many large rooms and valuable cultural heritage.

Ambulance room, classrooms, meeting rooms, Hoang Cam Kitchen, with a tank in the headquarters … and many things worth taking pictures.

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When is the best time to visit Cu Chi Tunnels?

Although the resort is active year-round, you should still avoid the rainy season. Surely no one wants to have a wet and inconvenient tunnel trip. The sunny season from December to May is the most ideal time.

How to get there?

From Hanoi, visitors can reach Cu Chi Tunnels by motorbike or plane. With your motorbike, follow National Highway 1A to Phat Thiet, Long Khanh, then follow Nguyen Chi Thanh Avenue in Binh Duong to get here. This route will take more time than other routes but with motorbikes, it is easier to go!

As for the plane, visitors can take flights from Hanoi to Tan Son Nhat airport, the fare ranges from 1000 to 1500. And from Tan Son Nhat airport, you can rent a taxi, bus to travel Cu Chi Tunnel.

For tourists from Saigon, you follow NH15 northwest and stop at the tourist area. Particularly for tourists in the West who want to come to Cu Chi, you can follow Provincial Highway 6, then go to Provincial Highway 15 and enter the tourist area.

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What to eat?

Xuan Dao silk beef

This is one of the specialities of Saigon, tender beef, thoroughly seasoned and grilled on a charcoal stove, so it is very delicious and unique, the taste is not like any beef you have ever been eaten. The shop is located a few hundred meters from An Suong overpass, very spacious and has open space.

Minh Quy’s pig spring rolls rice noodle

This is a long-standing restaurant in Saigon, 7km from An Suong overpass, then turn right to go to Minh Quy pig noodle shop. This shop is very crowded and only sells until 9 am to close. So, if you want to enjoy this dish you have to come very early.

Hoc Mon sweet soup: When passing Hoc Mon town, do not forget to visit Canh Dong Hoang shop to enjoy the special sweet soup of this land.

Steamed cassava, baked sweet potatoes and rice cakes: Specialty of the Cu Chi tunnels. After a while exploring the tunnels, you can visit the Hoang Cam kitchen and enjoy these hot dishes.

Recommended accommodation

  • Les Hameaux de l’Orient Hotel
  • Pika Homestay
  • Hung Phuoc hotel
  • Khai Hoan Hotel
  • Cu Ci Boutique Farmstay
  • Golden Central Hotel

Above are some experiences to visit Cu Chi Tunnels that Origin Vietnam has synthesized. Hopefully, with these sharings, you will have a convenient journey and explore the “underground city” of Cu Chi in the most complete way!

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Not only a famous military work of Vietnam and the world is a national-level historical monument. Cu Chi Tunnels are also an attractive destination for

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