Which Best Sightseeing Places In Hanoi Should You Go In A Day?


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Which best sightseeing places in Hanoi should you go in a day?

Hanoi is poetic, beautiful, the ideal tourist destination for travelers. There are endless places to discover in this city. This article will introduce a journey to visit best sightseeing places in Hanoi.

Hanoi is quite beautiful. The capital of Vietnam is a destination that almost everyone wants to visit once in life to feel the magic, charm that it brings. However, which best Hanoi sightseeing tour should you go in a day? This is a question for many people. As the numerous touristic sites in this city may make tourists feel confused. Because of this, we have researched and consulted a number of Vietnam travel experts for a perfect schedule. With this you can go to Hanoi and explore some of the most amazing places in just a day.

1: Temple of Literature (Quoc Tu Giam)

The first best sightseeing places in Hanoi - Temple of Literature

If you are on a Vietnam travel tour, you could not ignore this place. Temple of Literature (Quoc Tu Giam) is a beautiful tourist destination in Hanoi, and one with the highest cultural value. The temple is located in the south of Thang Long royal citadel. It has an area of ​​55.027m2, divided into 5 separate areas by each zone.

The first area from the main temple is the Great Gate. On the two right hand side of the Great Gate are two small doors. The one on the left is called Thanh Duc (which means “becoming a virtuous person”). While the one on the right is called Dat Tai (become a talented person).

Next, Dai Trung Mon Gate was built in 3-storey architecture on the high brick. With tile roof, in the middle of which hang a small sign of the three words Dai Trung Mon.

The second area is Khue Van Cac – an architectural representation of Vietnamese literature and education. Khue Van Cau was built in 1805 with wooden architecture taking the image of Shining star.

In order to portray the image of the star, the four sides of the Khue Van Vien shaped four circular windows. And their beams radiating from the sides of the sun.

The third area consists of large square-shaped wells of Thien Quang. This creates a harmony for the whole Temple of Literature relic and the two rows of doctoral gravestones.

Each row has 41 gravestones. Each stone is put on a turtle statue. This symbolizes immortality. These 82 stone steles symbolize the people who have ever achieved the title doctor in Quoc Tu Giam. They are the most valuable artifacts. They symbolize the fondness of the Vietnamese people for their talent through 82 examinations.

2: Long Bien Bridge

The second best sightseeing places in Hanoi - Long Bien Bridge
Long Bien Bridge playes an important role in both architecture and history of Hanoi. This bridge has contributed a great deal to Vietnam’s independence efforts. The building symbolizes the country’s military and technical strength.

The bridge was built under the hands of talented French architects Henri Daydé and Auguste Pillé. Long Bien Bridge was an important infrastructure during French colonial times and during the American War. Guests can walk along the historic bridge and enjoy stunning views.

Completed in 1902, Long Bien Bridge was the first steel bridge to cross the Red River in Hanoi. The work is considered one of the most magnificent architectural works in the East. This bridge was the inspiration for many poets and musicians. In the American War, this symbol was used in many patriotic songs and poems.

3: Museum of Ethnology

Which best sightseeing places in Hanoi should you go in a day?, ORIGIN VIETNAM

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was established in 1981 in Hanoi with an area of ​​3.27 ha. This work was a masterpiece by architect Ha Duc Linh and female architect Veronique Dollfus (French). The museum is a miniature picture of the history and culture of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. It showcases a variety of cultural features. These exhibits are displayed in various categories such as clothing, jewelry, weapons, musical instruments, religious beliefs and many other spiritual activities.

The museum is divided into three main galleries: the Dong Dong Building, the outdoor display area and the Southeast Asia Exhibition Hall. What makes this museum one of the best sightseeing places in Hanoi is by the presentation of the workds. And also the content showed is very scientific and logical. Tourists will feel easy to grasp the color of each nation’s culture.

Attending best sightseeing places in Hanoi for one day has a lot of options. This is one of the pretty interesting schedule that we have summarized from the actual trips for you to read the reference. Hopefully with this schedule, you will have the most enjoyable Vietnam vacation. You can contact Origin Vietnam to know more about the other sightseeing places in Hanoi.

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