Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Mass Schedule
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Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Mass Schedule

Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Mass Schedule – Over 100 years of establishment and development. Hanoi cathedral is always a destination to attract many tourists when coming to Hanoi capital thousand years of civilization. So how is the opening hours of Hanoi cathedral specific?

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Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

Where is the cathedral of Hanoi?

Hanoi Cathedral or St. Joseph Cathedral is located at 40 Nha Chung, near Hoan Kiem Lake, one of the most beautiful and early Catholic buildings in Hanoi.

The cathedral was built by Bishop Puginier. Who commanded the construction of the cathedral, bearing bold features of the medieval Gothic architecture that flourished in the 12th century.

With unique architecture, Hanoi Cathedral is a place to attract a lot of Hanoi people and tourists to visit, admire. In particular, at Christmas, the church became a popular pilgrimage place for Catholics and religious pilgrims.

Besides, the couple often choose the Cathedral of Hanoi as their wedding photography.

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When is the Hanoi Cathedral open?

Hanoi Cathedral is open to visitors for free. But opening hours may vary by day and are usually closed at lunch break. Normally, the opening time of the church on weekdays is 5:30 and 18:15, and the 7th is 18h.

For Sunday, including the French ceremony at 5h, 7h, 11h; Children’s Festival 16h and the ceremony for young people is 18h, 20h. In addition, the cathedral of Hanoi also organized the procession of holypatron saint or St. Joseph of the Archdiocese of Hanoi on March 19 every year.

Therefore, according to experience travel to Hanoi, visitors can go to church at any time of the year but the most appropriate time is autumn. This season, cool climate will help visitors feel comfortable and have many beautiful pictures.

Opening hours:

  • Sunday: from 7:00 to 11:30 am, from 15h00 to 21h00.
  • From Monday to Saturday: 8am to 11am, from 14h00 to 20h00.

Hours of praying

  • From Monday to Friday: 5:30 and 18:15
  • Saturday: 18h00
  • Sunday: 5h00, 07h00, 09h00, 11h00 (French), 16h00 (children’s festival), 18h00, 20h00 (adults ceremony).

Unique architecture of Hanoi Cathedral

Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

One of the architectural features of the cathedral in Hanoi is designed in the Gothic style and simulated from the church of Notre Dame de Paris. Thus, the church has the interference of the East with the West, between Buddhism and Christianity.

Hanoi Cathedral has a width of 20.5 m, length 64.5 m and two bell towers 31.5 m high divided into 3 parts. In it, the two towering bell tower soaring up and in the middle is the lower block triangular with stone cross marks the point.

The center of the square in front of the church is the St Mary of the Metal Hall, surrounded by flower baskets, palanquins and a rocky cave behind it to enhance the landscape.

When viewed from outside, the cathedral of Hanoi brings majestic and ancient beauty with old mossy lime on the wall that has soaked the color of time. However, when you step inside, visitors will be able to observe the magnificent and modern architecture.

The Hanoi Cathedral is divided into three sections from the entrance including the reception hall with over posts for choirs and musicians; Space for lay people and sanctuary to celebrate Mass.

Visitors can only visit the church on a one-day tours in Hanoi by the side gate, where most of the windows are colored with stained glass depicting religious themes bearing European architecture. There are many decorative objects, motifs along the aisles, on the altar and in the traditional Vietnamese style.

In addition, the sanctuary of the Hanoi Cathedral is decorated with traditional folk art. And carved with elaborate gold lacquer patterns. In particular, in the heart of the church. There are three tombs of three cardinals above the sanctuary.

IMG 26109

This includes the tomb of Cardinal Trinh Nhu Khue between the two sides. Also two tombs of Cardinal Trinh Van Can and Cardinal Pham Dinh Tung. In addition, the two bell towers of the church have a bell set consisting of a large bells, four small bells worth 20,000 French francs and are connected to the clock to alert, alarm clock.

In general, the Hanoi cathedral, although bold Gothic European architecture, but still harmonious combination with the traditional Vietnamese show through terracotta roof tile and interior decoration.

Come to Hanoi Cathedral – one of the beautiful tourist in Hanoi, visitors will be immersed in the space of architecture is extremely beautiful, fanciful and full of light.

In particular, there is a chance to admire the statue of St. Joseph higher than 2m and made of terracotta in the main hall. Besides, if you wander around Nha Chung Street in the early winter or walk the streets of the night. You will feel like you are lost in the classic European sky and luxury.

Not only is the famous religious tourist site, Hanoi cathedral is very suitable for taking pictures; Especially at Vietnam unique tours for Christmas with decorated pine trees and hang many colorful lights. And if you have to go to Hanoi Cathedral can notignore the specialties. Such as lemon tea, wind chill, pillow cake, grilled nem, porridge …

If you are planning to go to Hanoi Cathedral. Do not forget to check out the Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Mass Schedule as well as share useful to have the most complete and memorable tours in Hanoi Vietnam from Origin Travel.

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