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Quan Thanh Temple

Quan Thanh Temple also known as Tran Vu Quan, Tran Bac – one of the ancient Thang Long Quaternary land. This sacred temple worship Huyen Thien Tran Vu. Who helped Vietnamese attack the invaders many times. Over the past ten centuries with the changes of time. Quan Thanh Temple still retains the ancient beauty of a sacred temple and historical mark. So far, the temple is one of the most attractive destinations of the capital.

The article about Quan Thanh Temple in Hanoi will give you a glimpse of one of the four ancient towns of Thang Long.

Quan Thanh Temple

How Quan Thanh temple is unique?

The temple is located at the intersection of Thanh Nien and Quan Thanh. It’s close to the North Gate of Hanoi and adjacent to the West Lake and Tran Quoc Pagoda. So if you visit Quan Thanh Temple you will have the opportunity to view more beautiful tourist sites in Hanoi .

It is not known exactly when the temple was built. However, according to many documents, the temple was built by King Ly Thai To in 1010. It is said that Ly Cong Uan. After moving from Hoa Lu to Thang Long, and gave birth to a prince.

Since then, the king ordered the construction of Tran Vu Temple (the ancient name of Quan Thanh Temple) to receive the Huyen Thien Temple.

Quan Thanh Temple became the North of the land of the period and together with Bach Ma Temple, Voi Phuc Temple and Kim Lien Temple form the four towns of Thang Long.

Through many dynasties as well as many events of the country. The temple has also been remodeled, changing more or less. However, until today, the temple is still considered one of the sacred shrines with historical landmarks of Hanoi ancient.

Quan Thanh Temple

The architecture of Quan Thanh Temple

The temple has spent 10 centuries with many ups and downs of history. So that the architecture of the temple is not the same. However, the temple is one of Hanoi’s beautiful tourist attractions with impressive architecture.

In the early period of the temple was built Quan Thanh temple was built in the style of Buddhism with the influence of Confucianism, Taoism (in the Buddhist era was the most influential religion but besides that also Confucianism and Taoism.

However, over time, many architectural remodeling temple has many changes. The remaining architectural features of today’s Quan Thanh Temple have many features of the Nguyen Dynasty.

IMG 000201486

Quan Thanh temple space is divided into several classes. This is a fairly common layout in feudal spaces – influenced by Buddhist architecture and Eastern architecture in general. After the gate of the three-door temple court and three classes, including money, imperialism and harem.

The entire space is decorated with a lot of unique details, such as statues, carvings, motifs… The wooden details in the temple space are quite impressive with very fine carvings. .

The most impressive in the architecture of Quan Thanh Temple is the Huyen Thien Tran Vu bronze statue. The statue was built during the reign of King Le Hy Tong. Statue of Tran Vu is a fine artwork of the ancient Vietnamese.

Next to it is a bronze bell on the inside of the temple three meters high and weighs 1 ton. The ring of Tran Vu temple has been associated with the life of the local people in Ha Noi.

IMG 000201487

In addition, a special feature in the architecture of Quan Thanh Temple is the statue of the Indian god Rahu on the gate. However, many ancient temples in Hanoi have this vestiges. This may be the interference of the culture – religion – belief of Vietnam at that time.

According to the shared travel experience of Hanoi, Quan Thanh temple today is still a sacred spiritual cultural center of Hanoians. Many people come to Quan Thanh Temple as a peace of mind. Beside that, the distant travelers also came to the temple to pray for good things for life.

If traveling in Hanoi, Quan Thanh Temple is one of the destinations that you should not miss. Please contact Origin Travel for advice and booking.

We wish you a best trips to Vietnam with beautiful experiences!

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