Hanoi West Lake
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Hanoi West Lake

Being one of the most beautiful and famous landmarks of the capital. Hanoi West Lake has a fascinating and exotic charm. Traveling West Lake in Hanoi. Visitors can admire a beautiful romantic corner in the ancient Hanoi paintings. Where associated with many ups and downs of history, save many memories of the people.

Tran Quoc pagoda in Hanoi West Lake

Hanoi West Lake is the largest natural lake in Hanoi, with an area of over 500ha and a circumference of 18km. It is located in the northwest of the capital. Long ago, West Lake is considered one of the beautiful tourist sites in Hanoi.

How Hanoi West Lake is unique?

West Lake has many different names, according to each cultural meaning of each era. These names are derived from legends, folk tales. Some typical legends about the name of  Hanoi West Lake include:

1. Dam Kim Nguu (Golden Buffalo lake)

It is said that, in ancient times, our country has Master Minh Khong to treat the children of King Tong. The king was sick, the king wishes to repay. Zen Master does not ask anything high, only ask for a little black. When bringing the black copper to the South, the teacher has casted into four of the Buddha. In it there is a huge copper bell.

The bell is finished casting for a long time. The bell rang far into China. The golden buffalo in the copper warehouse in China heard. Because “black copper is the mother of gold”, yellow buffalo called mother to call immediately to the South, find the bell.

Because buffalo yellow pants around the bell should form a deep hole. Water gradually flooded into the hole, creating a vast lake, people called Lake Taurus.

2. Dam Xac Cao (Died Fox lake)

This is the oldest name of West Lake. According to legend, the West Long Bien has a small mountain, the mountain has a crystal lake to harass the good people. Seeing that, Long Quan ordered that the water beraised. From here it turns into a deep pool, folk called Dam.

3. Dan Dam

Legend has it that when King Ly Thai To moved the capital to Thang Long, Lake Kim Nguu became a destination for the king to regularly travel. However, many times sailing around the lake, the king meets mist cover to create the scene poetic, fanciful. So the king named the lake is Dam Dam means mist lake.

4. Tay Ho (West Lake)

In 1573, King Le Thanh Tong ascended the throne, because the name of the people Duy Dam should be afraid of lust, people renamed the lake is West.

Hanoi West Lake – romantic heart in the heart of the capital

IMG 2440487

Referring to West Lake, people often think of the romantic beauty of the landscape. Indeed, the West Lake is a multi-colored picture, giving the audience many different levels of emotions. When cheerful, excited in the early sun; pure, fresh; sometimes silver, melancholy, nostalgic of the evil afternoon.

West Lake opens a world free, poetic. Perhaps because of the thousands of years, West Lake has always been an endless source of inspiration for writers, poets, artists… expressing their emotions through many songs and poems.

The West Lake today has changed but still the immense blue water is still the purple color of the surrounding goods, the red color of the pink phoenix blooms every summer, willow willow afternoon moody… Ho West as a romantic heart brings so many feelings to anyone when they arrive.

It is worth a visit Hanoi West Lake

Every morning, a lot of people from the old capital to find the West Lake to exercise and to breathe a breath of fresh air in the chest. The sun rises, the streets around the West Lake bustle up. At the beginning of the road, the bicycles carrying flowers began to gather in the market.

Some people come to Hanoi West Lake to wind, some people come to sip cup of coffee along the road, some people come to enjoy the famous specialties such as shrimp cake, rolls… West Lake is most in the last days. week, sometimes a long stretch of Thanh Nien road.

The scenery is somewhat different, surrounded by the West Lake is the high-rise, luxury hotels, but somewhere the atmosphere, the feeling that West Lake brought still, still passionate, absorbed poetry.

West Lake – a tourist destination can not be ignored

Hanoi West Lake

Hanoi has many attractive tourist attractions. Coming to the Hanoi West Lake, visitors can stroll around the lake, watching the beautiful scenery as a painting painted by the hands of talented nature.

Beside walking around the lake, visitors can also try to duck on the lake. Although this is a fun but slightly “old” butit will help visitors feel the whole atmosphere and West Lake.

Around Hanoi West Lake there are many famous ancient villages, visitors can combine sightseeing such as:

  • Nghi Tam Village: This is the hometown of the church of Thanh Quan district. Nghi Tam village has Kim Lien pagoda is a spiritual space, also a unique architectural space.
  • Nhat Tan village: As one of the famous flower-growing villages not only in Hanoi but also throughout the country. The village also has a temple of ancient Chinese pagoda.
  • Xuan La Village: Thien Nien pagoda is the place where Pham Thi Ngoc Do is worshiped.
  • Quater Village:The village is famous for the silkworm mulberry cultivation, later the lace cultivation.
  • Kiep Pomelo Village:The village has a long tradition of making paper, and the Dong Co Temple is a place of worship for the Ly dynasty.
  • Thuy Khue Village: There are famous pagodas such as Ba Danh Pagoda, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple.

Please refer to “Experience when traveling in Hanoi” for more experience.

In addition to the old village, in the West Lake also has a fascinating attractions such as Phu Tay Ho. Phu Tay Lake is both a relic and a landmark. Tay Ho Lake is located on a large peninsula, stretching in the heart of West Lake. Tay Ho worshiping Lien Hanh Cong – one of the four saints “immortal four” of the Vietnamese belief.

Considered as the “green lung” of Hanoi, West Lake always brings cool breeze, making people’s minds feel strange. Hanoi West Lake tourism will help travelers explore the capital of tourists become more exciting and complete. Thank you for visiting the article. If you need more advice on West Lake tourism in particular and Hanoi tours in general. Please contact directly to Origin Travel via hotline 8482 909 8686. Wishing you have a wonderful tour to Vietnam.

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