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Hanoi Discovery

A journey for the Hanoi discovery has attracted many tourists’ attention because you can enjoy the best things in Hanoi that you can imagine, one of which is the amazing food culture.

According to the South China Morning Post, going along any route in Hanoi, you will find motorcycles, cars, bicycles moving continuously. But don’t worry about the traffic problem in this city. Because you will easily find sidewalk coffee stalls or colorful and extremely attractive cafes with mysterious Vietnamese dishes. In the street stall, there are people who have just cooked, served their guests to enjoy the street food or drinks.

These foods are displayed on the bowls, colorful dishes, which exemplify the cuisine here. A long list of dishes in Hanoi is enough for you to spend two weeks on the Hanoi culinary tours. Let’s go on Hanoi discovery to find out the Hanoi living way.

Hanoi discovery breakfast

Egg coffee

Hanoi discovery should begin with Pho. Pho is the world famous dish ofVietnam. And in Hanoiit is also a favorite dish. In Hanoi, there are usually two types of pho that are served with beef or chicken noodle soup. A delicious bowl of pho, including noodles, has sauce cooked from the bone or chicken. Then is sprinkled little fragrant herbs then brought to serve customers. After finishing breakfast, you can enjoy egg coffee as a mid-meal. As you know Vietnam is one of the three largest coffee exporters in the world. Finding a good coffee shop in Hanoi is relatively easy. But to enjoy the special drinks made from coffee, you can try egg coffee.

This is a mixture of fresh sweet egg and the cool aroma of coffee. You can drink it as a dark coffee or use with little ice.

Lunch: Rice with low price

Eat lunch at at 72 Ma May

The rice stalls usually reserved for the labor force in the city. There are many dishes cooked styled and prepared daily. There are many popular restaurants but we introduce a New Day at 72 Ma May. If you want to see the chefs cook and set up, go to the side. Note the dish should be called by your taste and you will soon be served. You can eat sour with rice and add a cup of vegetable juice to drink. It is certainly great and a special trait of Hanoi food culture.


Bun Cha Huong Lien at 36 Le Van Huu

We should have first dinner with the Bun cha. Perhaps the bun cha is not the most famous dish of Hanoi on the map of the world cuisine. However, President Barack Obama had enjoyed this traditional food of Hanoi. That was during a visit to Vietnam in 2016 at Bun Cha Huong Lien at 36 Le Van Huu. And recently, after the suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, Obama posted a photo of two diners at a restaurant to commemorate the chef on his Twitter page. A meal consisting of pork (minced pork; chopped pork or grilled chopped pork) served in a bowl of mixed sauce.

It also consists of fish sauce, vinegar, and sugar. And served with some green papaya and carrots, bringing the flavor of the dish. Also what is indispensable are vermicelli and raw vegetables. This dish with a variety of spices is typical of northern Vietnam, especially Hanoi.

We have just explored an important part of Hanoi food. And you can see that the beauty of Hanoi and special feature of this city are in local delicious foods. So when you go on Hanoi tours, don’t just settle for visiting the top attractions. Spend time to explore the rich and unique food culture in this city as well. Imagine coming here and discover the living ways of local people while enjoying great foods. That will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s book tours in Hanoi right now! Origin Vietnam organised trips for you in order that you can have the best Hanoi discovery So contact us for more advice and information.

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