Hanoi Cathedral
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Hanoi Cathedral

In the list of 7 famous churches of the capital, Hanoi Cathedral with ancient and majestic architecture is not only a place of worshipping of Catholics but also a difficult destination to ignore for any travellers. Visiting the church, visitors will be free to explore, check-in virtual life and participate in many unforgettable experiences.

To better understand the history, beauty as well as interesting activities here, let’s follow Origin Travel to find out!

Hanoi Cathedral

How Ha Noi Cathedral is unique?

Designed in the style of medieval European Gothic architecture, the Cathedral looks like the Notre-Dame de Paris of France in general. However, there is an interference between the East, Christian culture and a part of Buddhism.

Hanoi Cathedral was built of earthenware and mulch paper, about 65 m high, 21 m wide, two bell towers 31.5 m high, four surrounding corners are four tall stone pillars. On the top of the Church is a stone cross, linking it is a system of 5 bells hanging on two towers. Below are a clock and a holy statue.

Looking outside, you will see the cathedral has a dome that arches towards the sky, with many windows. However, it still not as detailed and meticulous as churches in Europe. Some decorative details in the sanctuary have been changed by Vietnamese folklore, such as carving, painted with gold lacquer, looking unique and sophisticated. The old layers of lime tinged with moss add to the ancient and serene look of the Cathedral. Contrary to that appearance, the internal architecture still retains the inherent modernity.

Top things to do in Hanoi Cathedral?

If you are travelling to Hanoi for the first time, besides familiar places, you must visit the Cathedral at least once. Although it is not a bustling place to play, there are also many interesting things waiting for your life.

Inside Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

1. Attend the ceremony at Hanoi Cathedral

Non-Catholics curious about the rituals of a Catholic ceremony should arrive on time to attend a religious ceremony here. Mass ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, resurrections, … are carried out in a very solemn manner that surely you will not be surprised when witnessing. Note, you must dress neatly, politely, keep orderly. Besides, you do not say words that imply offensive religion or point to the saints!

2. Witness the Christmas atmosphere at Hanoi Cathedral

Because it is one of the famous churches in Hanoi. Every Christmas (December 24, 25), the great church is invested in brilliantly decorated, becoming the ideal Christmas place for many people, especially young people. Here, you will be joined with the crowd, admire the caves, pine trees, colourful electric lights and welcome a warm, memorable holiday season.

3. Explore tourist attractions near Hanoi Cathedral

Located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi – the centre of Ha Thanh, there will be no shortage of places to combine sightseeing. After visiting the church you can move to Hoan Kiem lake, walk around the streets, learn about traditional craft villages, explore the old town night market – where many fun activities are taking place. Street food will surely delight you.

In particular, it is impossible to ignore the pedestrian street – the famous weekend amusement park is only a few hundred meters walk from Hanoi Cathedral. Here often take place cultural performances, interesting outdoor entertainment games. Especially on anniversaries, holidays, New Year or the events are held, the city is more crowded and noisy.

4. Cyclo explore the city

From Hanoi Cathedral you can choose a cyclo then walk around Hanoi’s streets and enjoy the scenery of the seasons by Sword Lake.

IMG 26103

When is the best time to visit Hanoi Cathedral?

Hanoi’s climate is also divided into four distinct seasons, each with its beauty. So you can travel here at any time of the year. However, according to the travel experiences of Hanoi, the city is most famous during the flower seasons and especially in the autumn of Hanoi.

Flowering season: Hanoi is inundated with flowers all year round such as cherry blossom (January), ban flower (February), milk flower (March), lotus (summer), milk flower (September – October). , chrysanthemum mi (October – December) …

Autumn – early winter: Hanoi in autumn to early winter is the most beautiful time in the city. If coming in December, you can witness Christmas at Hanoi Cathedral. The weather at this time is less hot, mild sun, in the cold, more scent of flowers and milk spreads throughout the streets.

Besides, you should pay attention to church opening times. Usually, the church will be open from 8 am – 11 am and from 14 am – 20h (from Monday to Saturday), from 7 am – 11h30 and from 15h – 21h (Sunday).

In case you want to attend the ceremony you must come early. Monday to Friday is 5:30 and 18h15, Saturday is 6 pm. Sunday will take place in more time frames, 5 am, 7 am, 9 am, 11 am (French ceremony), 16h (children’s holiday), 18h and 20h (adult ceremony).

How to get there?

To get to the Cathedral, apart from private means such as motorbikes, taxis, … you can only walk. Because it is located in the old town on the no-bus route, there is no bus passing through this place.

Instead, take a bus to the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake (bus number 09, 14, 36) and then walk a bit more to the church. Take the bus 1 to Trieu Quoc Dat street. Then take the car number 02 to Trang Thi, then walk on Phu Doan street to Au Trieu, you will see the church.

Recommended accommodation

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What to eat?

Going to church without enjoying “lemon tea and shoot the breeze” is indeed a shortcoming. Do not know ever since the church has become a familiar place for night meetings of Ha Thanh youth. It’s just teacups that add slices of fresh lemon and a sunflower plate, but it makes a brand for this area.

But not only lemon tea, but there are also many delicious dishes around the church. Such as mixed rice paper, grilled spring rolls, rib porridge, horned vermicelli … very delicious. But the price is only tens of thousands/dish. It spoiled for you to sip and slash all kinds of anything. If you like to visit Hanoi Cathedral in your Hanoi tour list, you can contact Origin Vietnam. Our (+84)82 909 8686 switch gear is ready to serve all customers.

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