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Dong Ho Picture Village Travel

Dong Ho pictures are definitely no stranger to the Vietnamese people thanks to the beauty of folk culture. Dong Ho village offers the tourists with a land rich in national cultural identity from the folk paintings. You can say one of the special tours in Hanoi is Dong Ho picture village tour.

Dong Ho picture artist

Located in Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. Dong Ho picture village is a place to bring Vietnamese folk culture a rare beauty from a Vietnamese countryside. Previously, buying Dong Ho paintings is a habit, a cultural beauty of the residents of the North Delta. Today, Dong Ho village brings visitors with a unique culture of Bac Ninh.

How to go to Dong Ho picture village is unique?

Dong Ho Picture

From Hanoi, follow the road 5 toward Hai Phong, go to Co Bi, then turn left. Take another section and turn right onto the dyke of Duong River. An interesting road begins here, the distance over the other 20km will pass very fast.

On the dyke of the Duong River, on the left is a riverbank with banana gardens, strawberry fields, green corn fields … furthermore, the Duong River goes to poetry! On the right, in the dike, are the gardens, ponds, and villages with typical architecture of the northern village.

The characteristic features of this road are the two sides with many cultural relics, pagodas. Such as But Thap Pagoda, the temple of the poet Le Van Thinh, Tu Vy Thanh Hoang. Most prominent is the Mausoleum and Temple Kinh Duong Vuong – the Vietnamese ancestors. You will not be compensated when you stand on the land of the history of the ancient lineage!

It is worth a visit Dong Ho Picture Village Travel

Before coming to Dong Ho picture village. You should visit But Thap Pagoda and Dau Pagoda. Particularly, Dau Pagoda is located in the heart of the most historical and rich cultural relics of the Kinh Bac homeland. It is the oldest Buddhist center of our country, including Luy Lau ancient citadel, temples and Si Grave Tomb.

Do not be surprised, as this place (Kinh Bac). It is the capital and the political, economic, cultural center of Jiaozhi County, with many temples, palaces, garages, and yards. The streets of the busy market of the city Luy Lau … is the evidence of a period that lasted dozens of centuries BC and after the Vietnamese.

Features of Dong Ho picture village

Children find out about Dong Ho picture

Unlike the Bat Trang pottery village, there is a well-known market, showcases and a place for tourists to visit. Dong Ho Picture Village is a place for visitors to visit each household painting.

When you arrive in Dong Ho, you will go to some of the famous artisans to see the paintings and learn the process of producing a picture of Dong Ho. You can also make a simple picture under the guidance of the owner and buy it as a souvenir.

Papers make Dong Ho picture

Dong Ho Painting is an art of painting, the ingenuity, patience and delicate aesthetics of artisans to paint. The main paper to make the famous Dong Ho painting is a smooth paper. Especially the most impressive artisans have special printing technique and the ability to create the natural painting. Dong Ho paintings are familiar images, life activities, habits of life …

Perhaps you already know the painting of a wedding of mice. The special colors of Dong Ho paintings leave an impression on those who love this traditional art. The subtle color scheme, light colors mixed with the highlight color to create the picture is both splendid and rustic.

At first glance, a simple, rustic feeling from the pictures of Dong Ho will make visitors wonder. However, these are pictures depicting scenes and images. That is important in life and bring meaning, bring many life values and deep human aspirations.

Dong Ho painting today is not only used to decorate the house on the occasion of Tet but also attractive to foreign tourists. The uniqueness of Dong Ho and how to make special paintings has made many visitors fascinated. Dong Ho picture village visitors not only enjoy beautiful paintings but also learn how to make paintings like artisans.

Dong Ho picture

In the past, Dong Ho paintings hang only on traditional Tet holiday. So when you step in, you will feel like the scene of the traditional New Year. All scenes of ancient life were engraved in the pictures of Dong Ho which is extremely lively. It is not natural that Dong Ho painting still exists today, so few people come to Dong Ho to leave with some colorful folk paintings.

Dong Ho Picture village tour is one of the best of Hanoi tours. Dong Ho painting is a beauty of art culture in the North Delta. So that the village of Dong Ho needs to be preserved, there must be people to “keep the fire”, promote the beauty of the most famous traditional village in our country. If your concern for more information about tours in Hanoi, you can visit Also, you may be interested in all things need to know before traveling to Hanoi.

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