Ba Vi National Park
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Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is located on the area Mountains Ba Vi district of Ba Vi, Hanoi and two of Luong Son, Ky Son district, Hoa Binh. It’s about 15km from Son Tay town and from the center of Hanoi 50 km to the west. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Ba Vi has been famous for its diversity of ecosystems and beautiful scenery, cool climate.

The national park is located in a high mountain range from northeast – southwest with the top of Vua 1,296 m high, Tan Vien peak 1,227 m high, Ngoc Hoa peak 1,131 m.

Ba Vi National Park

This area often attracts the most visitors at the end of the year, at this time tourists flock to tourism Ba Vi National Park is often quite crowded for photographer who love to take picture of wildflowers.

How Ba Vi National Park is Unique?

Since the beginning of the 20th century. Ba Vi has been famous for its diversity of ecosystems and beautiful scenery, cool climate. Ba Vi National Park has 1,209 species of plants, including 21 rare and precious plant recorded in the Vietnam Red Book. Such as: Bach Ba, Sen Mat, Pha Ba Mui, White Stripe, Fairy Flower, Beard, Kim route …

The fauna consists of 63 mammal species, 115 bird species, 61 reptile species and 27 amphibian species, with many rare and precious species such as the Civet, Big Cypress, White Pheasant, Earth Dragon, and Butterfly …

IMG 0026113

Legend of Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi. Because it is said to be the place of the reincarnation of Tan Vien Son Tinh, the head of the Four Immortals in Vietnamese consciousness. In order to remember the merits of the Holy Lord Vien Vien. Then the local people built His temple on the top of Tan Vien, and called Thuong Temple.

In addition to the historical values, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Van Lang’s 18th King’s and feel more deeply about the love between Son Tinh and Princess Ngoc Hoa.

It is one of the most famous in the tourism-loving community. Because it has wild, immense forests, the bright yellow of flowers. So every year attracts many people, especially the young people who want to come here to take beautiful pictures.

When is the best time to go to Ba Vi National Park?

The rainy season starts in April and ends in October with an average temperature of 23ºC. But June and July with the highest average temperature of 28.6ºC. The dry season starts in November and ends in March with a temperature of approximately 20ºC. However in January the lowest temperature is only about 15.8ºC. Based on this information, you can arrange the time to Ba vi.

Why is it suitable for your own personal conditions, but also have some suggestions for you when you should travel to Ba Vi? Because like:

  • Summer is from June to August, the weather in Hanoi is quite hot. Come here the temperature is slightly lower depending on the altitude. This is the time that you can temporarily leave the noisy capital center to get to Ba Vi to avoid heat.
  • In mid-November, early December is the time when the wild flowers in Ba Vi flourished. Now is the right time to go to Ba Vi if you want to have these beautiful flowers and photos.

How to go to Ba Vi?

1. Private transfer

From the center of Hanoi you can choose Thang Long Avenue or Route 32 to Ba Vi National Park. If starting from the direction of Thang Long Avenue. You can go to the main road, motorbike, please use the road next to it. After going through Thang Long Avenue, then turn right onto Route 21A to go to the 4-way fall 105 and turn left and continue until there are signs.

Please choose this route if you want to combine to go to Duong Lam ancient village before going to Ba Vi. Another road is the end of Thang Long Avenue, you just go straight to the sign through the road of ethnic villages in Dong Mo. At the end of this road, you turn left and go to the direction when the sign leads to the National Park.

2. By publish transfer

You can use the bus to get to Ba Vi. However, depending on the starting position. You may have to change to 3 bus routes to get there.

From Hanoi, please move to My Dinh Bus Station, where there are 2 bus routes that can be used: line 74 My Dinh – Xuan Khanh and route 71 My Dinh – Son Tay Bus Station. Go to the end of Xuan Khanh or Son Tay Bus Station you go down and transfer to the bus line 110 Son Tay Bus Station – Ba Vi National Park.

This line 110 will stop paying guests at the entrance ticket counter. From here you can rent a motorbike to get to the next point in the garden.

Accommodation in Ba Vi National Park

Because it is quite close to Hanoi, most people often go to Ba Vi National Park during the day, play by sightseeing and then return. If you wish to stay overnight on Ba Vi mountain, you can choose one of the two options below

1. Resort

In Ba Vi National Park there are currently 2 resorts, Ba Vi Resort, in the 400m core and Melia Retreat in the 600m. These are only 2 resorts that you can book accommodation. In these 2 resorts, Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat (can be book online ) more beautiful and luxurious.

2. Camp

In Ba Vi National Park, there are a few areas where you can camp overnight. Such as cactus garden area, Ngoc Hoa cave area and finally 400m core area. All three areas you need to pay to be allowed to set up camp. If you go in summer and dry weather, just need a tent and a sleeping bag that you can completely set up camp overnight comfortable.

Sightseeing & Activities

1. Cactus garden

IMG 0026100

From the main gate up about 1km you will come to this cactus garden. In fact, this is a project with a plan to collect cacti in many places. But now this project is no longer maintained so the cactus garden is almost abandoned and only loved by young people. photos discovered recently.

Next to the cactus garden is the pine hill, which is currently used by a private unit to organize recreational activities for camping. If you need to find a place to organize Vietnam great tours team building activities for children. This may be a place where parents should pay attention.

2. Ngoc Hoa Cave

Located under a cliff, standing near the foot of Ba Vi mountain for thousands of years, due to the slippage of geology. It’s formed an interesting landscape with a large stone arranged neatly, steadily, create a natural creation. For many years, the local people have built and embellished this place to worship Ngoc Hoa Princess.

3. Pine forest

IMG 0026112

Pine forest in Ba Vi is located behind the cactus garden and Ba Vi area, 400m in core area. This is a very interesting place to take photos, set up camping tents. Especially if you set up camp in the evening, you will hear the sound of the very interesting message.

4. The wild flower forest

IMG 0026104

Da Quy flower, also known as wildflowers, wild sunflowers … were brought by the French to Ba Vi mountain since the 30s of the last century. At present, the flowers are naturally distributed among the green patches of Ba Vi National Park, the flowering season starts to bloom around the beginning of November to the middle of December.

5. Ancient French church

IMG 0026105

At an altitude of 600-800m, there are many ruins of great architectural works. In it, the underground palace of a French colonel was still quite intact. Look far away from the mansion like a giant blockhouse rising from the ground about 2m. But inside is a unique architectural complex with lots of rooms, walkways, emergency doors …

At an altitude of about 800m (compared to the sea level), turn right, pass a steep slope and turn the sleeve of the ruins area including a church. The old church in Ba Vi left only the frame with walls covered with green of moss, of the trees.

6. Ngoc Hoa mountain peak

IMG 0026106

This is one of three peaks of Ba Vi mountain, located at an altitude of 1,131m. In order to reach the top of Ngoc Hoa, you will have to park your car and trekking for hours.

7. Tieu Dong Mountain – Bach Xanh Complex

Green leaf tree is a rare species, scientific name is Calocedrus macrolepis belongs to Cupressaceae family, distributed naturally in many provinces and nationwide. Especially in Ba Vi National Park. It’s also preserves a primitive forest located at an altitude of 1000m.

8. Thuong Temple

IMG 0026108

Thuong Temple is also known as the Palace of the Palace of God, which is the place to worship Thanh Tan Vien Son. It’s located at the top of Ba Vi Mountain at an altitude of 1227m. According to the legend and related Ngoc Hoa princess. It’s built during the An Duong Vuong period, and when King Ly Nhan Tong temple was built on a large scale and the worship of Saint Tan Vien spread throughout the delta and Northern of Vietnam.

9. Uncle Ho’s temple

IMG 0026109

The sacred temple worshiping Uncle Ho is located at an altitude of 1,296 meters. It’s the highest peak of Ba Vi range. The story is that, the birth of Uncle Ho wanted his ashes after his death will be placed in three places, including one at Ba Vi mountain. Therefore, the idea of building a Uncle’s temple here according to his will was raised and immediately responded enthusiastically.

The temple has a traditional architectural style with 8 curved blades in four sides. It built on round pillars on the foot of the stone … The temple was built according to a sustainable and solemn structure.

10. Bao Thien Tower

IMG 0026110

The Bao Thien Tower (also known as Bao Thien Pagoda). It built near the temple of President Ho Chi Minh on the top of Ba Vi Mountain and completed in 2010 on the occasion of 1000 years of Thang Long – Hanoi. The tower consists of 13 floors, 26.9m high, the top is a large brass lottery. Around the tower, there are 88 large and small statues and 8 Diamonds, turned to 8 directions. The building was built to serve the beliefs of the local people.

Specialities in Ba Vi National Park

1. Lam rice

If camping, you should buy some rice bran right at the garden gate. This dish of salt and rice is quite convenient to eat with grilled chicken, moreover it is quite easy to bring.

2. Chicken hill

IMG 11064855

The chickens are raised in Ba Vi mountain area, so the meat is strong and fragrant. You can buy chicken which is pre-cleaned before going to the garden or placed in Xa Huong restaurant…

3. Forest pork

IMG 6465476

Wild pork meat is considered a specialty, it is very popular. Because wild boar is firmed by continuous movement, wild boar is absorbed by nutrients from natural food sources. So wild boar Lots of lean but very soft, very low in fat, thick skin. But very brittle, not as hard as pork home. Like chickens, pigs in Ba Vi are also raised based on natural advantages so they are quite good, you should not miss.

4. Milk products

Ba Vi with special privileges of nature from cool water to mild weather, pure climate and hard working of people have created immense green grass fields and healthy dairy herds, providing abundant milk with a delicious taste.

Tour schedule recommended

  • Day 1: Hanoi – Duong Lam – Ba Vi
  • Day 2: Ba Vi – Hanoi

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