Top Things To Do in Halong Bay Other Than Cruise


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Top Things To Do in Halong Bay Other Than Cruise

Vietnam culture varies from cuisines to tourism destinations. Among them Ha Long is arguably the most well-known location. So what can you do when in Ha Long? The Top Things To Do in Halong Bay Other Than Cruise below will introduce you to some fascinating places to go in Ha Long Bay.

Vietnam is not only well-known for glorious historical tradition but also for tourist attractions. Vietnamese people are always proud of those beauties, especially the world heritages. Follow the information below to explore interesting places to go in Ha Long Bay, one of the world nature heritage of UNESCO.

1. Bai Tu Long Bay – one of the indispensable place

Places to go in Ha Long Bay

The North-Earth of Vietnam consists of the territorial water of Ha Long City, Cam Pha City, and Van Don island province. It borders with Ha Long Bay towards to the West. Bai Tu Long is a part of the world-famous Ha Long Bay. It includes hundreds of different islands, making up the one the inhabitants are living on.

According to the statistics, the island system here has a harmonious combination of high islands and low ones. All of them always go up and down on the water. This gave them an extremely imposing figure. But they are also really romantic. If you come there, you will be carried away by the untouched and wild traits of the nature.

2. Thien Cung Cave (The Heaven Palace)

Thien Cung Cave (The Heaven Palace)

This is the most spacious and splendid destination in Ha Long Bay. Also, there are a great number of rocky islands with varieties of special shapes. Thien Cung Grotto is 10.000 m2 in wide. It also has a complicated structure, a wide range of odd stalactites and gemstones. The landscape in Thien Cung Grotto makes you think of the labyrinth in the fairy tale.

3. Tuan Chau island

Tuan Chau Island - Halong

If you travel to Vietnam, you should not miss Tuan Chau island. Tuan Chau tourism destination is about 2 km from the center of Ha Long City. Its area is 220 ha. And it is constructed by sloping hills. Interestingly, you will experience the beauty of grand and luxurious villas. As well as unique flower gardens and ornamental tree design models.

On the other hand, it presents an exciting chance for all of you to enjoy the phenomenal food culture. You can enjoy both oriental and occident cuisine on the streets. Coming to the central area, you will be totally stunned by the seal performance club that was built modernly and originally.

4. Yen Tu

Yen Tu Mountain

The next marvelous places to go in Ha Long Bay is Yen Tu tourist attraction. It includes the diversities of the pagoda, temple, hermitage, statue, and ancient tree. In addition, the natural landscapes are scattered from Do incline to the top of the mountain. The forest mountains in Yen Tu has been well-known as a spectacular site for a long time.

5. Bai Tho mountain

Top of Bai Tho Mountain

Bai Tho mountain is located in the center of Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. This remains maintains important historical cultural values. There are many poems of the past kings curved on the rocks. When tourists go on an inspection tour, they will definitely fall in love with Bai Tho mountains beauty. The mountain looks like a place in the fairyland.

People even made poems to praise the breathtaking view here. And that is why it is called Bai Tho mountain. It has another name which is Truyen Dang. This place had inspired many poets to make immortalized poems.

The limestone Bai Tho mountain is 106m high next to Ha Long Bay. Seeing from Halong bay cruise day trip afar, it resembles a humongous castle with three towels on a solid wall.

6. Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

This destination always bring visitors astonished feelings when they have a holiday in Vietnam. The dwellers here mainly depend on catching fish and crabs to make their livings. In spite of their hard lives, they are always extraordinarily cheerful and warm. What is more important, when you come here, you will explore and experience an inhabitant’s life. It will an extremely amazing experience to try here.

If you want to fully enjoy go fabulous places to go in Ha Long Bay. It is really essential for you to check Vietnam tour packages at Origin Vietnam. This will provide you with the most convenient service to have the most enjoyable journey.

Hopefully, this piece of information about Ha Long Bay is indeed useful to you. And you can enjoy your tours in Halong Bay with your friends and family members. For more advice and information, don’t hesitate to contact Origin Vietnam team.

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